Pocket WoW

So as you’ll all have heard by now at Pax West it was announced that:-

  • A Wow Companion Phone app is coming out on Tuesday;
  • This will be for order hall missions;
  • We will be able to use it to upgrade our order halls,  manage recruit gear and send our loyal followers off on missions;
  • Oh and see what World Quests are available.

Excellent stuff. Of course (and not to sound too ungrateful) the mobile app I really want is Pet Battles. But if I had that not sure I’d ever move off the sofa to actually log onto WoW!  It would be like Hearthstone with super pet cuteness.  This Pax announcement isn’t about that unfortunately but it is a step in that direction (maybe).

In terms of what we will have on Tuesday – I think it will be great to be able to sort out Order Hall stuff while lounging on the sofa.  Never used the remote armory or guild chat I’ll admit but Order Halls – yes – can see me doing that. The World Quest scheduler though- less certain about it. I’m concerned it’ll end up being too tempting to drop everything to answer its call. Quick Bravetank, this thing is happening RIGHT NOW, better get up, log on and to do it right away.  And while normally I would say that’s just not me in WoW (I’m usually never the one on top of anything that’s happening – far from it, I’m normally in the catch up team, sauntering along and taking my own sweet time), invasions revealed a different side of myself. For a week or two in August I could not rest in one zone if I knew an invasion was happening in another.  And I don’t wont to be (no – I won’t be) like that with World Quests. These will be going on forever (or at least until the next expansion). If one is happening and I’m busy then so be it, it’ll keep, it will have to (even if the loot is all cool and shiny – remember it’s just pixels girl, just pixels). So restraint will need to be the order (hall) of the day (geddit?). I can do restraint. Yes it failed me in August but that was a only a blip. Just a little unprecedented and never to be repeated blip.

I think.


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