Not so noble

Thank goodness for these comments here. I have been so lost trying to find the Lost Legion in Stormheim (and yes I appreciate the irony). I tried and failed yesterday morning. Then I took a break to do my Holy Artifact quest (confidence in healing now zero) and came back and got lost again. I’ve had to hearthstone back to Dalaran twice after getting myself so trapped it was the only way of escape. I have really really tried to find this npc.

For some reason though I thought he would have stayed on the wrecked ship, keeping himself warm, waiting for rescue. Or if mobile he would have climbed out of wrecked ship and made his way back to camp.  I did not think he’d have hidden himself in a cave filled with electric dragons and pools of water. Who does that? He’s given me some story of being trapped in a static field but it sounds lame, very lame. I honestly think he’s either a deserter, a spy or an idiot. Maybe all three. It;s possible the the rest of the quest line will reveal what’s really going on but right now if it was up to me I’d leave him in the cave. But I have to rescue him if I want experience – which I do.

Sometimes I wish we could delve deeper into the motives and actions of these npcs because honestly, they’re a frustrating bunch, and usually ungrateful to boot. But I want the experience (or the gold or loot) so off I go to do the quest giver’s bidding without murmur or complaint. I’m not a noble hero at all when you think about it. I’m a mercenary who’s on to a good thing in Azeroth. No wonder I get so excited when yet another catastrophe hits the land. I profit from it, pure and simple.

Yes it seems I’m a sociopathic warmonger with cut throat mercenary tendencies. Goodness. Who’d have thought.



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