It’s My Party

Yes I know I’m late to the party. I’m always late to the party. If I’m even invited. I’ve been so on and off WoW over the last few years that everything has taken a ridiculous amount of time to do but today I actually levelled a character to 120. She has been sitting at 117 for ages. I have a few sitting at 112-114. I just can’t seem to commit enough to get over the hump. But now I’ve done it. ShellyT – a hunter on Argent Dawn EU  – is now 120.

So what to do now? As is my practice I have a list:

  1. Finish all the zones in Kul Tiras – I have so much left to uncover and I’m really enjoying questing there.
  2. Max up my professions – Skinning & Leatherwork. Also max up Cooking & Fishing.
  3. Get more  hunter pets – I only have one!
  4. Sort out flying – the last zone I gained flying in was Pandaria I think (please don’t judge me).
  5. Level up a Void Elf Monk.
  6. Gear up – for what I don’t know as I don’t intend doing raids but I like to see numbers go up.
  7. Complete more Achievements (I’m leaving that deliberately vague).
  8. Maybe collect more transmog outfits and mounts – seems like a cool thing to do
  9. Learn to make money on the auction house
  10. Make my own WoW addon – as a programmer (albeit not a great one) I feel this is something I should be turning my hand to. Although I guess all the great mods have already been made.
  11. Join a guild.
  12. Blog more.

You’ll notice nothing in the list about dungeons and raids. Which is a shame as that’s where the better posts on this blog have come from – from me recounting the chaos and disaster that ensues whenever I venture into one. But I don’t feel up to dealing with the sort of behaviour I used to encounter regularly in such groups. I’m not a good enough player to deal with it and I’m too prone to worrying about it afterwards. So I think everything I do will continue to be solo based unless I join a very supportive guid that does group content for fun and allows people to try things out and fail – a lot! But that’s the joy of WoW – you can team up or go it alone and if the latter you still feel like you’re part of something bigger when you talk to Npcs or when you see other players when you’re out and about questing. In an MMO you’re never truly alone.

2 thoughts on “It’s My Party

  1. Congratz 😁 BfA is lots of fun at max level. Be sure to look into N’zoth assaults and horrific visions and get your legendary cloak. I’m usually on a warrior called Avarael these days so wave if you see me.


    1. Hi Ava. I’ll definitely look into N’zoth assaults and horrific visions. Glad you’ve been enjoying BfA at end game. I’m looking forward to it. I’ll keep an eye out for your warrior.

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