Going Primal

My warlock Salno reached 50 yesterday, just in time to take part in the pre-expansion activities. I got infected at the Crossroads at which point I immediately turned all primal and started attacking fellow players – yes I’m one of those. I don’t know what got into me. I never PvP – well I did a few times to get the For the Children achievement (about which I’m very proud) but that’s it. But turn me into a zombie and all I want to do is attack and kill. It’s very clear what side I’m going to be on come the inevitable zombie apocalypse.

But after attacking a few people I came to my senses and decided to do the noble thing and explode (although I took a few down with me as I did – one final hurrah). After corpse retrieving I was then able to resume the quest line that took me to Nathanos in Eastern Plaguelands, which of course was a complete nightmare. There were so many infected players attacking all us innocents (who does that? *whistles*). I kept dying in the middle of the fight and running back to get my body and then dying again until finally I saw the cutscene and realised my one pathetic blow to Nathanos had meant I had tagged him. This meant finally (after dying again – twice – the whole thing had restarted so the mayhem had resumed) I received a very cool staff. Worth it.

I’m now in Icecrown completing the questline there. It’s so cool being back in Icecrown. As I mentioned previously Salno had never gone beyond the start of Northrend and had been stuck in Warsong Hold forever. I’ve not been in Icecrown since I took my original three through there – Terema, Luxmii and Seashell – which was aeons ago. It feels really nice to be flying across the bleak snowy landscape, very festive in its own deadly way, so I’m looking forward to finishing the rest of the questline. Although I do need to get a shift on. The 24th Nov is only round the corner and I don’t get much chance to play in the week. So there’s a lot riding on today. Happy Sunday!

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