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I’m off from work on holiday right now so have finally had a chance to log onto WoW. It’s been awhile. Interestingly I found I didn’t want to go on and play any of my 100s or even any of my almost 100s. The character I was itching to play was my little level 14 hunter Beanie 2.0. I’ve never done much with hunters. Started a few (Beanie 1.0 being one of them) but never got too far. I have always been too scared to play them in case I wanted to go into a dungeon and accidentally failed to control my pet (I know me – in a panic I would never be able to turn off Growl). So instead I’ve been a safe little Pally, then a brave Shaman, then an almost awesome Mage (of course my tendency to over blink led to some fairly epic fails), then a solid Druid and latterly a would-be Healer Priest. The Hunter, like Warrior, Rogue, Death Knight & Monk (have I forgotten any? .. oh yes Warlocks) was a class I had no urge to play in any serious way.

But for some reason I’m now levelling a hunter.  She’s a Beast Master – although just received a Polearm in the mail telling me I will need it if I’m ever Survival. I don’t think I want to be Survival though. I want to be as one with the beasts. That said now that I have my companion Top Cat I have no urge to tame any other animal. I’m already too attached (sigh).

Obviously there’s been a patch since I was last playing (probably several but one big one that I’m aware of). Since logging on I’ve noticed I can’t hide her cloak. This bothers me more than it should. A quick search on the internet reveals I have to go to a transmogrifier to hide it. Hmm ok.  I also notice I don’t have much in my wardrobe. I’m assuming this is because she’s my first proper hunter and only 14? I will need to log onto one of my other more established characters to see if they have more outfit options. I also think I’m missing a spell since there’s a gap on my action bar. Survival Shot was it? I now have Dire Beast and Cobra Shot (although I think I may have always had the latter but it wasn’t on my action bar  – oh it’s all so confusing).

Are you  picking up a theme here? Yes I’m pretty clueless. Clueless about my hunter and clueless about all the changes. I cannot pretend to have read a patch note (well I could pretend but not sure why I’d want to venture down that dark path).  I’m not really one for staying up to date on WoW news these days. If I can squeeze any WoW time in I just want to play. I want to pick up a quest, skim read it, go & do said quest, turn it in, see my little bar fill up & then once in a blessed while see the screen go all bright and level up. Whoohoo. That’s all I want. In fact I think that’s all I’ve ever wanted from WoW. Oh and also immersion. Total and utter immersion. I want to lose myself utterly in this world while the real one around me seems to be slowly transforming into something from The Walking Dead. I am too scared these days to have the day time news on while daughter is in the room –  I don’t want to have to explain why people are getting stabbed, why drivers are plowing into people deliberately and why there are mass shootings. But I have to explain because this is the world she lives in. It’s a scary world. But when I really think about it I know it always has been.

So I lose myself in WoW while still feeling feel like the eternal Wow noob. In regard to Legion I know it’s coming and I’ve pre-purchased it but that’s about it – I haven’t even tried the beta and I’ve not read any spoilers. I have been in a WoW vacuum for many months. And so it was genuinely nice today to log on and do some questing while discovering some of the smaller things that have already changed  (like mail – yes my baby hunter is already in mail. Shiny but cold I imagine.)

So what did I do in my magic hour? Well I’m a human hunter helping out the night elves so I went and rescued Grimclaw.  I had to sneak up on some bears while they were busy eating fish to pluck out their hair (or is it fur? – you know, the stuff that keeps them warm, unlike my hunter’s mail).  I was then sent out to kill 50 murlocs by detonating myself – that was dark. I’ve now gone up to some ruins to …not sure …collect sparkly ornaments and kill horde? I’m skim reading remember. I’m still enjoying the hunter- the satisfying twang of my bow followed by Top Cat’s ferocious “Yes Ma’am” to my Kill Command. I’ve decided Beanie is a not going to be a dungeon girl. No – she’s going to mosey her way up to 100 and beyond by running errands and generally being helpful to all and sundry. Along the way something called Legion will descend and I suspect Azeroth will change. But I’m spoiler free so have no idea in what way nor whether I will like it.  I’m playing this game like I’m living my life –  scared about the wider world, trying to make my piece of it as nice as possible and on the whole pretty clueless most of the time.

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More World Less Tusks

Despite Warcraft opening in the UK over a week ago, yesterday was my first chance to see the film. I had read some reviews but I still went with an open mind – in fact with a fair  degree of excitement. I really wanted to see Azeroth on the big screen.


Well I liked it a great deal but some of that was out of loyalty to/love for the world, and I do understand where some of the reviews were coming from. I’m not sure what I would have thought if I hadn’t been a WoW player.


  1. It doesn’t over explain anything – it assumes the viewer either knows this world or can catch on quick. Everything romps along at a pelt and it all ends rather abruptly.  I quite liked the fact it doesn’t pander – nothing annoys me more than overdone exposition. But I can see how it could have confused someone with no Warcraft/WoW experience.
  2. There was a lot to cover (& I know there could have been a lot more given the richness of the story and lore). However, I think things could have been slowed down a notch. There was a lot I would have liked more time to enjoy. This includes the world itself. I wanted to see Azeroth on screen – slowly, with nice lingering shots. But no shot lingered and everything moved along at a clip. Apart from tusk shots that is  – clearly they were the money shot. I saw so many I started channelling my inner dentist and fantasising about giving them a good ol’  scrape and polish, fixing the broken one with a nice gold cap and extracting Garona’s (well they clearly served no purpose).
  3. What I did see of the world looked amazing though. And character-wise I really liked Garona, warmed to Khadgar as the film progressed & liked the chemistry between him & Lothar. I did not like the performance of the actor playing the King though – he seemed pretty weak and clueless to me.
  4. I definitely don’t agree that there was no emotion in the film nor that it took itself too seriously (whatever that means). I was tearful several times while watching it (admittedly I am a tad emotional these days). I also laughed a few times too (and not just at the tusks).

On the whole  then I was very happy seeing at least some of the world I love brought to life. It’s made me want to find out a bit more about each of the characters and it’s also made me log on & play WoW yesterday afternoon and today – which is more than I’ve done in months. So for me anyway I’d say it was a qualified success  but it just didn’t show enough of the world. Thankfully though we have the game for that.


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2016 Creative Blogger post

Only just saw on Lair of the Wolf Dragon that I have been nominated by Faeldray for a 2016 Creative Blogger Award post.

Thank you Faeldray for the nomination – these days I don’t blog as much as I should so it’s nice to see my name pop up somewhere:)

I have to:
1. Thank the person that nominated you and share a link back to their blog – Complete:)

2.  Post 5 facts about yourself – See below

3. Nominate 15-20 people for this award

Hmm – I don’t think I know 15-20 people who would do it, have a blog & haven’t already been nominated so I nominate anyone who (a)reads this post (b)has a blog (c)wants to do it (d)leaves a link to their post in the comments below.

4. Let the people you nominated know that you have nominated them – As above

5. Post the rules so everyone will understand what to do – Complete

Ok so the 5 facts-

Fact 1:-

This past year has been life changing for me and my husband. Last year we adopted – we have a beautiful wonderful daughter. She is absolutely amazing & the funniest person I know. I can’t write anything more because it is just so huge that I would never stop writing if I started. We are blessed.

Fact 2:-

I write a lot of poetry on my Sullencraft and Sea Town blog. During the past year it’s definitely been an outlet for me when I’ve not played enough WoW to have anything to blog about but still needed to write.

Fact 3:-

I suffer with absolutely terrible Restless Legs Syndrome – every night without fail. I cannot sleep at all once it starts. So I’m now on strong tablets but also on a constant search for a more natural solution. Tried everything under the sun including Magnesium, Iron, Vit D, Tonic Water, Bananas, heavy blankets, even sleeping with a bar of Imperial Leather soap tucked into my sock (awkward). Currently going milk free as there is some research to suggest it could be linked to lactose intolerance. Managed to sleep on just 1 tablet last night – legs didn’t start until 4am. Maybe there is hope.

Fact 4:-

I regret not doing Computer Science in school and as a degree (I did Theology which I loved so it’s not that I want to undo that but I do wish I could have had two lives in parallel!) I love learning programming & thought I wanted to make games but over the last few months I’ve come to realise that what I love is software and web application development (with some data analytics too) so I’m now doing a lot of Coursera courses & toying with the idea of doing an OU Computer Science degree. But time is an issue. I am a parent now (see Fact 1). I work full time. I have a tendency to take on too much etc. So I’m in two minds about it all.

Fact 5:-

I used to run a bit – longest distance just a half marathon but it was a big achievement for me. I then switched to rowing & rowed a marathon on a stationary rower. Since then – nothing much in the way of exercise apart from swimming with daughter which is not really swimming & more anxiously bobbing around & making sure she’s ok. I need to do more but I just don’t know where the time will come from. I do sort of miss the days of the gym, plugging in my iPod & losing myself for an hour to a world of podcasts and music & feeling physically stronger as a result. I need to find a way to get that back into my life.


That’s it. 5 facts. Thanks again Faeldray for the nomination. It was a good prompt to get back on here and do some writing:)

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Where is the time?

I’ve resubbed to WoW after a few months off. As usual coming back to Azeroth feels like meeting up again with a very long lost but beloved friend. Walking/flying around the old familiar places & trying out my various characters is strangely comforting. Dealing with out of date addons somewhat less so.

But while I’m back I’m hardly playing. Unlike previously when I had the time but not the inclination, now it’s the former that’s running short. What with work, family & ongoing study (I’m still trying to learn programming & game development) I find there’s little time left for WoW. As it is I get up at crazy o’clock to try to fit in the studying before I go off to work. The knock on to this is that by the time daughter is in bed I’m pretty much exhausted and ready to go to sleep too. I hardly watch TV and I can’t remember the last time I read a fiction book. I’ve had to stop pretty much everything I was doing for Geeks & Geeklets, I’m not playing Hearthstone any more and this blog …well you can see how often this is being updated.

Despite how this reads I’m not complaining. It’s my choice to want to learn programming & game development and I could stop at any time. But surely learning how to make games involves playing some games (or at least one very specific game …yes I’m trying to justify giving at least some weekend time to WoW!) All I know is that now I finally have the urge to play WoW and write about it again I want to find the time to do it. Life seems a little empty without it.

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Holding out for a Hero

I’ve temporarily (I think it’s temporary) put my WoW subscription on hold. I really thought I was back for good this time (apologies for the Take That reference – I thought I was better than that) but I’ve ended up taking on too much stuff. I’m enjoying this stuff and not complaining but I’m finding myself too busy to play. Plus I know I’ll be getting even busier in January when other parts of my life kick into action, and this means my play time will shrink even further. And I can’t – won’t – pay monthly for something I’m hardly playing. I feel guilty enough as it is – not long back I paid for a faction transfer for my mage and a realm transfer for my pally. Of course I was playing a lot then, enjoying the game & all rose tinted spectacles about my life as a WoW player. But things change so quickly (indeed for me they can change in a heartbeat) and now I’m regretting those purchases.  I think I should have known better.

I’m sure I’ll be back though. I will miss it and I’ll return. It always happens. But right now I’m looking for something to fill this WoW shaped hole – albeit a WoW shaped hole I wasn’t filling with WoW itself.  I don’t want to give up playing games altogether of course (perish the thought!). I am still playing Minecraft (for my fledgling YouTube channel) & Hearthstone (because I have dreams of one day being good) but the former can feel rather lonely and the latter gets me so frustrated and tense that I can only play in short sessions (plus all those Reno Jackson decks mean games are taking ages now). I want something else, something I can dip into, something free, something “MMOy”, something fun. I want to be able to play when I feel like it without feeling guilty about the times when I don’t. It could be The Secret World – I have a real hankering to play that game again. It won’t be Wildstar – I have decided I don’t like the “look at the ground & move” combat system. I thought about the Elder Scrolls – I enjoyed the game once, but now when I visualise it I just seem to see a lot of dull brown and yellow areas that all look alike and lack the colour and vibrancy of WoW.

And that’s the problem- when I think of other games I compare them to WoW and nothing seems to offer what WoW offers. There is such a variety of things to do in Azeroth, such a variety of experiences on offer. And over the years I have enjoyed so many of them. But if I don’t play the game enough all this is irrelevant.

I have also thought about forgetting the whole MMO thing & maybe just getting more into Heroes. I’m assuming that’s something I can just dip into when the fancy takes me. I’ve not played it much. I know it’s got lots of features I like (pretty colours, cool heroes, an AI to practice with, real people when I feel brave enough etc). Could be perfect for me. The more I think about it the more I think it might be time to transition from MMO to MOBA.

But then I think of WoW Pet Battles and I feel just a little bit sad.




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Yay More Blinking

 Given that one of my mains is a Mage – she was Frost but now she’s Arcane (she got tired of the little elemental & his needy ways) I thought I’d better have a look at the changes planned for this spec.
According to Blizzard  “Mages are in a very strong place compared to most classes, both thematically and mechanically” with “a lot of distinction among Arcane, Fire, and Frost Mages“. Therefore the changes they are making are more around improving our current gameplay and the quality of our stressed out lives. This includes Summon Refreshment which will automatically provide a stack of food if you’re on your own (ie me) and a table of refreshments when in a party or raid (ie everyone who’s not me). Fair enough I suppose but I’m quite civilised – I like to lay out a nice table even when I’m a billy no mates. Dining etiquette is on a downward slippery slope here.
Specifically on Arcane, Blizzard say that Arcane Mages require “Unparalleled skill … to manipulate the volatile forces of the universe.” – Oh dear, maybe I need to rethink the spec. They go on to say, “These practitioners push their magical knowledge to its very limits—often to the brink of their own exhaustion“. Yes that’s me to a tee. Many a night you’ll find me slumped over the keyboard weeping from the stress and strain of it all. Three buttons! Three buttons! It’s inhuman that’s what it is.
To help us burnt out Arcane mages our Arcane Charges will now be an “actual resource located underneath [the] Mana bar instead of a stacking debuff.”  Excellent. To be honest I never have much of a clue about my buffs or debuffs. I can only look in so many places at once (one place actually – and that’s usually my keyboard). When I do lift my head I like to admire my pretty portrait in the top left hand side of the screen (yes default UI- did you expect anything else?) so this will help me a lot.
Arcane also has a new Mastery  which increases our maximum Mana by a percentage and increases the damage bonus from Arcane Charges. Anything with the word “increases” is good for me, unless it refers to the size of my thighs. According to Blizz this “should make the Mastery feel a bit more interesting by allowing more aggressive Mana usage“. Excellent. In readiness for this I have drafted some awesome snarling & growling emotes. They want aggression I’ll show them aggression (I’ll also have some passive aggressive ones up my sleeve too – just in case the raid needs a change of strategy).
Good news for me with Displacement (instant cast, removes Blink cooldown for 4 seconds). I love blinking I do (obscure shout out to any UK reader who watched Big Brother Season 2 a gazillion years ago). Blinking does get me into trouble though – in real life my boss interprets blinking as dissent (so I now glue my eyelids to my forehead) and in game when I regularly blink into bad stuff at every inopportune moment (once during the Warmaster Blackhorn encounter I of course blinked right off the edge of the airship – it was a proper guild raid though (thank goodness) so everyone was nice about it even though I think I caused a wipe).
And that’s pretty much all the main stuff as far as I can make out. If I’ve missed something important (& I probably have – I skim read anything that included numbers and a”%”)  let me know. Nothing ground breaking as far as I can see but in fairness that’s what they said. I wonder what they have planned for the Restoration Druid though? I am of course a healer in training too. I trust there will be no blinking (now that would be a class change) – I really want to maintain my eyes wide open, bunny in headlights approach to healing. It has served me so well….
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A Tasty Bone

I’ve not been a complete slacker during Blizzcon. I wrote something on the opening ceremony for Geeks and Geeklets (which you can see here). By the way I’ve also started doing a Roblox YouTube series there too (nothing to do with WoW of course- although I may end up so good I’ll be able to recreate Azeroth in Roblox. Maybe. So far I’ve made a tree and a door.) In regard to Blizzcon I’ve mostly been catching up on the various panels that I’ve been too tired to watch in real time (I’m old and weary) & catching up on people’s views and opinions on these panels.

It’s fair to say everyone is very excited on what the Systems Panel offered yesterday- particularly on Transmog and Professions. In a nutshell you’ll get a Wardrobe holding all the finery you’ve ever been entitled to (account bound) & there’ll be a questing approach to professions. Personally I’m not wildly excited about the Transmog stuff (although I can see why other people are – it looks amazing). The problem is when it comes to clothes anything approaching good taste and style has always alluded me (in both real and virtual life). I have tried to change. I once dressed poor Seashell in the High Inquisitor Whitemane set. I  thought she looked awesome until someone laughed at me in Stormwind. So now Seashell is wearing a simple Runecloth set that I put together with my tailoring and that’s about as good as it gets. So while I’m happy for everyone else I’m not sure these changes are going to help me look good.  But I look forward to seeing all my old stuff again and creating some wildly mismatched looks that appeal to no one else but me.

As for the Profession changes –  well the questing approach could certainly be interesting. I hope the quests are challenging enough to give us a real sense of achievement when you get the profession reward but not too time consuming that by the time I complete then the reward is old hat (and as Seashell is a tailor it could literally be an old hat). In regard to the “no fighting over nodes” change – well to be honest on my server I never see much of this any more. Maybe it’s the areas I choose to hang out in but I’m usually on my own (was it something I said?) But again I can see how this could be welcome to many.

All of the above seem to be big crowd pleasers – I’ve just never  been part of the crowd. Legion isn’t out any time soon but look you get a Wardrobe and your own nodes. It’s the small things that matter it seems. People are happy now and all loved up for Blizzard when days before they were raging at delays and the lack of news. Seems to me that all Blizzard needs to do is keep throwing the odd tasty bone at its core audience. I don’t think this approach will get the subscribers up to 10M again but maybe that’s something Blizzard no longer need given all their other games? They’ve done enough to keep a large part of their current playerbase feeling happy, well fed and contented. Didn’t take much really.

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And so the Machine beeps on

So WoW subs are only down by 100K. The WoW community on the whole is delighted with the news, taking it as proof that WoW has stabilised. I hear the word stabilise & I think of intensive care and life support – it’s always heartening to know your loved one is stable but deep down you fear they’re never going to tap dance on the kitchen table again. Still, ask any dinosaur, stable is better than extinct.

Reading some comments over on Blizzard Watch there is a view that the remaining 5.5 million subs are the diehard fans who will never leave  WoW –  new content or no new content they are there for the longhaul(or until they too go the way of the “definitely not tap dancing again” dinosaur).

But perhaps some of them are like me – not quite a diehard fan, but not a fair weather fan either. Last year I subbed, unsubbed, then subbed again. I got bored with WoW then re-enthralled with WoW. Even now, during the same play session, I can run out of things to do then suddenly think of something and become overwhelmed with things to do. Generally my view on whether I want to be in Azeroth or not has little to do with the content of the latest expansion (and certainly not the latest raid) and far more to do with my feelings about life in general. In the right frame of mind Azeroth, like life, offers limitless opportunities for fun and stimulation. In a different frame of mind it reveals itself to be the ultimate time waster, a meaningless distraction until my bones turn to dust.

Anyway undoubtedly some people returned to WoW because they are excited about Legion. Whether that expansion will deliver what they want remains to be seen. There is likely another contingent too that will never leave WoW – some habits are too hard to break, some habits mean too much to break. Then there are those like me – here today, gone tomorrow, back again the day after. It’s not that I’m disloyal – I don’t really understand loyalty when it comes to a game. I reserve that for my loved ones (however hard they sometimes make it). It’s just that sometimes I want to do other things. Sometimes the power of its pixels wears rather thin.

Now is not one of those times. Right now I’m part of the 5.5 million. Right now I’m helping it stabilise. I’m helping the machine sound its rhythmic beep.  But nothing lasts forever.


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LFR – the Couch to 5K approach

Recently there’s been a lot of discussion about LFR and raiding (particularly since patch 6.2.3 was announced). The point is often made that LFR is not real raiding, it’s too easy with no mechanics worth talking about, people are in there just to get loot that they don’t really deserve (since it’s all too easy) and people in there don’t try at all/don’t need to try (in fact the little sausages are probably tabbed out watching Netflix). It’s also said that because it’s so watered down & easy it does not either (a)prepare anyone for proper raiding nor (b)encourage people to try out proper raiding. Therefore Blizzard have failed in all their intentions. Shame on you Blizzard.

I want to challenge some of these points. I admit that what I’m saying here is from my own personal perspective and my arguments will not apply to everyone. However, I suspect they will apply to more people than just me and I think it’s a perspective worth exploring.

First: the “too watered down/no real mechanics” argument:-

For me this doesn’t feel true. There are sufficient mechanics in LFR for my abilities.

For example -in Highmaul Kargath has a Chain Hurl ability that will move one tank, one healer & three DPS to the stands. If you don’t know about it & you are the one picked it’s going to be disconcerting to say the least (I’ve not experienced it yet but that kind of thing always throws me – literally in this case) and you need to know what to do (basically just kill things and survive!).  There is also his Berserker Rush ability which can do huge amount of damage if not tanked correctly (according to Wowhead in LFR Kargath should be tanked in, or near, an active Flame Pillar).

Similarly in Blast Furnace  Phase 1 there are Heat Regulators to destroy. While (according to Wowhead) in LFR only 5 bombs are needed to destroy each one you still need to know what to do with the button should it appear on your screen.

And finally Iron Reaver. The guide on Wowhead for the Normal level encounter provides paragraph after paragraph of information on dealing with mechanics that include Barrage (the advice is not to try and out range but instead run to the sides), Pounding (during which you should use raid cooldowns & move in close to the boss to avoid Immolation patches that are being pushed away) & Blitz (which you should avoid by watching Iron Reavers’s feet). In the LFR section it says, “There are no mechanical differences in the Looking For Raid difficulty of this fight. Players should still focus on survivability”. Helpful! So unless things have changed since Wowhead was last updated this means there are mechanics in the LFR version of Iron Reaver- indeed the same mechanics as in Normal, but without any of the proper raid team benefits of good communications and strategy (& I say this sadly as I died in the LFR Iron Reaver encounter- clearly mishandled Barrage, Pounding & Blitz and never noticed her feet).

I accept that Iron Reaver is not typical & that in most cases the mechanics in LFR are more like the first two examples –  nowhere near the level of the normal raiding. But nevertheless there are mechanics. There is stuff to avoid, disperse and use cooldowns on. It is not stand in one place & hurl your spells.  And these mechanics can feel more difficult to deal with because they are being dealt with by a group of random strangers.  Of course your LFR group could be filled with overgeared raiders who can pretty much blitz through everything. But these pros are not in every LFR & arguably while they might speed up each phase of a fight, you are still likely to experience most of the mechanics in each phase & and these – for me anyway – mean I must give the encounter my total attention. Even concentrating so hard I ground my teeth to dust I died in the Iron Reaver encounter and I’ve felt totally frazzled in the others. This may say more about my ability than LFR but I can’t be on my own here (surely –  please say there are others like me!). One reason LFR exists is so that people like me (with less ability than others) have a chance to experience some raid content at a level I/they can deal with. I would say LFR gives me that.

As a side note: this doesn’t mean other people are not coasting on the back of the more experienced/better geared raiders who are running LFR. This probably explains all the raging and arguing. The pros get angry with all the poor abilities/presumed lack of effort on show. They have done this at a harder level – why can’t the rest of us get it? Are we all AFK (no we are not – but some might be). But in any case none of this is specifically an LFR problem – it’s a people problem. People could choose not to coast & people could choose not to get angry. Everyone could choose to  give 100% effort and help/guide where they can. That people don’t is a sad indictment of people. But not necessarily a sad indictment of LFR.

2. Onto the gear argument – people run it just for gear & don’t put any effort in and don’t deserve the gear.  I’ve run Highmaul a number of times in one week just to get more experience with the encounters and to practice healing.  I know I might be atypical here (again) but surely I’m not the only one doing this. I want the practice. And while I know I’m healing LFR & not a Normal Raid, for me there are still numerous challenges – raid boxes to look at and understand, an addon to get used to, mouseovers to practice etc.  So LFR offers more benefits than mere loot  – LFR gives me a place to practice abilities I can’t practice when I quest alone. And while I know there are always 5 mans I don’t feel confident enough for them yet – one mess up on my part could cause a wipe & I’m not ready for that.

3. The final argument – LFR does not prepare anyone for raiding nor does it encourage anyone to raid.  Again for me having completed a few LFRs as a healer I am now curious enough to read up on the normal raid equivalents to find out how the mechanics differ. So eg I read about what you need to do if you are on the Chain Hurl team in the Kargath encounter and I consider what it might be like to be a healer on a Normal Raid dealing with this. If it was a team of like minded folk (i.e. nice, supportive & friendly) and there was time to plan out the approach, agree the strategy & also agree that heads can stay firmly on necks if there is  a wipe, would I be interested in trying? I find myself thinking yes maybe I would like to try this out.  I am interested. I might do it. So Blizzard perhaps chalk me up as a partial success (only partial mind – I still have to be brave enough to do it). Again LFR is (for me) working as intended.

Indeed the only bit of LFR that definitely isn’t working for me is the Tourist Mode idea – ie LFR as a way to let casuals see the end of the story. In LFR  I am normally concentrating so hard at what I’m doing that I do not take in any of the story & barely notice any part of my surroundings. And when there’s a cut scene I escape out of it so that I’m not left behind. I really do think that story completion should happen elsewhere. I take in far more of the story when I’m questing alone.

But back to LFR. Is it real raiding ? Umm no – not if you only class raiding as what you get in a Normal Plus raid.  But who cares? Is this not semantics? Would everyone feel better if it wasn’t called Looking for Raid but was instead something else – Looking for Fun perhaps (although that could be embarrassingly misconstrued!)? Perhaps Looking for Practice which would at least convey the idea that this could be approached as a form of training – not training for being in a raid team per se (since you’re not going to get the raid team communication/strategy side in LFR), but more a type of Proving Grounds for using skills/abilities within a larger group setting (I mean all those people on the screen – takes some getting used to) and  for dealing with mechanics that give a flavour or the type of thing you will get in a raid. LFR could be seen as a way to start flexing muscles that do not get flexed on solo quests or on 5 mans. Perhaps LFR is the raiding equivalent of a Couch to 5K running programme, with Normal Plus raids being the 10K, Half Marathon & Marathon equivalent. It could be said that LFR, like a good Couch to 5K running programme gets you out there doing something different and flexing muscles that haven’t been flexed before (or in years). But like training for a marathon, normal raiding is a whole different ballgame that demands a different level of commitment, dedication and focus.

In summary: I would argue that with the right frame of mind & intention LFR can be an experience that makes someone at least curious enough about proper raiding to think about what it would mean to join a proper raid team. I know this because it has happened to me. Would I be thinking about all this had I not tried LFR? No. And that for me is why LFR is worth doing and worth keeping. It’s got me off the couch.



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Showing the love – updated blogroll

I temporarily removed my blogroll when I restarted blogging a few weeks ago as it was about a year out of date and some very fine bloggers had stopped blogging. However, since an equal number of very fine bloggers have started blogging or have recently come to my blogging attention (& incidentally I’ve now overused the word “blogging” so much it’s lost all meaning) I wanted to update the blogroll and reinstall it to its rightful place in the widget column over there ——->

Here’s a quick overview (although I assume most of you are familiar with most, if not all, of these fine blogs):-

The Ancient Gaming Noob – in depth posts that cover a number of different games including recently an Eve Online post that reminded me of just how much that game blew my mind.

Hardcore Casual – a blog I read to find out about games I’d otherwise never know anything about (so thank you for getting me out of the virtual house)

Bio Break – this blog made me want to play Wildstar (although I’m still resisting) but also covers lots of other games (look at the category menu – don’t I feel inadequate now?!)

Tobold’s Blog – lots to read here – the sort of blog that always distracts me from what I should be doing.

Healing the Masses – – in depth posts that give me some insight into current issues in the wider MMO world. This makes me feel all knowledgeable & stuff (wasted of course on real life friends and relatives  – they ignore me now).

Gamer by Design – interesting blog by someone who has also developed his own game. Another blogger (there are a few on this list)  that makes me feel slightly ashamed of my own rather stream of consciousness approach to writing. These bloggers do research, analytics & graphs. I feel like I’ve over achieved if I check something on Wowhead.

In An Age – writing about Hearthstone and so a definite winner for me (I really should write more Hearthstone posts – I’m sure everyone’s dying to read about my adventures at level 17  – Blizzcon here I don’t come). It was from In An Age that I today found out about the Warsong Commander card nerf (bye bye Patron Warrior – I never knew how to play you).

The Grumpy Druids – rediscovering this now I’m into my druid. There’s also a podcast – how’s that for value?

Atherne’s Adventures –  recently discovered. Covers a few different MMOs from a perspective I like.

Some people will never leave my blogroll.  These include Tome of the Ancient (, The Redridge Chronicles

(  and Sheep the Diamond ( The same goes for Alt:ernative Chat (dilemma of the day – should I or shouldn’t I include the colon?) –   – my hat is well and truly off for the sheer volume & quality of her writing there and at Gamers Decrypted too (

The latter four bloggers were all in my blogroll from the start. I also continue to owe nearly all my visitors to Blessing of Kings (  – so thank you Blessing of Kings:)

Other blogs I like include (GamingSF), (Rambling thoughts about WoW), (Moonshine Mansion – covers Wildstar) and (Cathedral of Tainted Souls – who has also left some really great comments on this blog).

I have kept the link to The Bossy Pally & the Wooden Spoon ( – I think it was the first WoW blog I ever read (back when I was playing Terema the Pally  – now 85 and stranded in Pandaria on a PvP server) and it was definitely the blog that made me want to start my own. Plus it still has the best name & header that I’ve ever seen.

So there you have it. My favourite blogs. I know I’ve probably forgotten someone – please forgive me if it’s you. And if I’m not reading you but should please leave a comment & I’ll drop by for a visit & a cuppa.