Squished Fun

I’m taking advantage of the level squish to finally get Salno my Blood Elf Warlock to max level. The intention was to take her to Pandaria to do this but before I knew it, after logging on, I found myself answering Sylvanas’s call to sneak into Stormwind and help Princess Talanji and the Zandalari Empire. So this is what I’m doing and I’m enjoying myself enormously. Once again I find myself still discovering things in the current expansion with less than two weeks to go before the new expansion drops. I’m also really enjoying playing an Affliction lock – it’s always been my favourite Warlock specialisation – although I do need to do a bit more reading to discover exactly how I should be playing her. Salno can’t quite believe her luck – for years she has been stuck in Northrend as I didn’t much like the quests around Warsong Hold and was too lazy to push through them to get her out of there. She’s also had a makeover – she now has fancy blond hair, the bluest eyes and wears the Abjurers Regalia transmog set which I’ve aways liked. In other words I’ve started making a bit of an effort with her! I can even see her being my main in Shadowlands – and in the meantime I’m finally enjoying playing her. I think the squish and the freedom to level anywhere is playing a huge part in that and for me it feels like the game has already had a brand new lease of life.

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