First Day

I had my first chance to buy and play Shadowlands yesterday and boy did I make the most of it. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed myself so much in WoW for ages. I absolutely loved the opening scenario, hanging out with all the Azeroth big names. And then discovering Oribos and Bastion, a truly beautiful place. I enjoyed getting my head around the beliefs and practices of the Kyrian and the very different visual aesthetic and practices in Maldraxxus. I’m still playing my warlock Salno – currently she’s part way through Maldraxxus and level 55. I’m loving the storyline and the quests. It’s obviously a much more linear experience than recent expansions but I’m enjoying it. But I’m also looking forward to coming back and revisiting the zones once I’ve completed the main storyline – I’m saving my fishing, cooking and pet battling for that. So I’m having fun and can’t wait to have a chance to log back on later today. I’m guessing that’s all you can ask for in an expansion.

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