Keeping it Simple

I’ve not made fantastic progress with my lock Kilva this week. I find after working (from home) all day I feel too tired to play much WoW. However, I made myself log on about 3 times and I’ve got her up to 38. I’m currently levelling in the Wetlands and strangely enjoying the post Cataclysm experience (I don’t think I’ve levelled in the Wetlands since Cataclysm). I’m also trying to level fishing & cooking as I go along but only level 80 in both and still not fishing up anything I can use to level my cooking which is a tad frustrating.

Typically though just as I’m trying to get back into WoW so Hearthstone goes and does something cool with the ranking system ( it’s now Bronze, Silver Gold etc rather than  25-> Legend) and also released the Demon Hunter prologue (the class becomes playable from April 7th). So I’ve found myself back in Hearthstone trying to rank up with my Resurrection Priest (currently Bronze  4 which I know isn’t not great but I’ll get there).

I’ve also signed up for a free 7 day trial of PSN and started to play some Fallout 4.  I’ve enjoyed what I’ve played but I’m know I’m not going to be any good at it because I can’t shoot (kind of important in an FPS) and I get overwhelmed with big crafting systems  which is how the workbench stuff looks to me. Once again in playing Fallout I am reminded why I play WoW. I’m a PC player, I like a mouse & keyboard and I like the simplicity of the WoW system. It’s the story  of my gaming life since starting to play WoW – I find myself drawn to other games but they only  serve to remind me that I love WoW the most. So I keep coming back, albeit to level painfully slowly (even with 100% XP increase) in the Wetlands.

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