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It’s WoW Ironman time

I have decided to give this a go. I was very inspired to read about this version of Ironman (& of course I was in total awe at everything Tome of the Ancient achieved on her fantastic Ironsally mission in 2011- which you can see here ).

The new version of Ironman includes the usual requirements- no gear (just greys/whites), no talents, no professions – but has the additional requirement of no deaths. None at all. The minute you die it’s over & you have to start again. Goodness. I think I’ve been known to die just walking from my starting spot to Marshall McBride to pick up the quest A Threat from Within …I am that fragile.

I decided to be further hardcore by randomly selecting my gender, class & race. That part isn’t a requirement  – but in for a penny, in for a pound & all that. It turns out my wannabe Ironman is to be a male human priest. I was quite happy with this really – I have Power Word Shield & heals – easy journey to 90 ahead. Yes? Right?

I’ve named my hardcore priest Runn – as he will be running quite a bit I suspect. So far so good – he’s level 15. But goodness- it’s changing my gameplay. I’ve never been so nervous facing off against gnolls, kobolds & murlocs.  I’m being very cautious at every stage – shielding before I go in to fight something 3 levels below me- that sort of thing. Ridiculous really. I’m also currently rather scared to leave Loch Modan. I’m managing quite well against the bears & spiders there and Runn & the dwarves are getting on famously – couldn’t I hang out here until 90? I suspect not. However, the priest interviewed on Wow Insider said her strategy was to quest in areas a couple of levels below her – so I’m at least going to follow that.

What I have enjoyed so far is the peace and tranquility of just doing questing – no thought of battlegrounds or, now I’m 15, dungeons. And it feels very old school in a way – it reminds me of when I first started WoW & the entire world was new to me. I played it very much as a soloer – it was all about the questing. And I knew very little about gear, professions & talents. Of course the situation now is that gear, professions & talents are simply excluded from me – but what it means in effect is I am free just to enjoy the world itself & really spend time with each quest area (translation – I hanging on for dear life to areas where I can still get a drop of experience rather than going off to any area slightly more risky).

It’s good. It’s fun. It reminds me of what I first loved about the game. Let’s hope it stays this all the way to 90!