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Bye Bye Blaugust

Well I did it. 31 posts. Blaugust 2016 (my first ever Blaugust) all done and dusted. It’s been a fun month. At times it’s been hard getting on here to write a post (ok I lie – at times it’s been hard breaking away from WoW to write a post) but it has been worth it (for me anyway, readers may disagree of course). It’s been a wonderful way to chart the month of August on WoW – so much has happened. From starting off with Beanie my low level hunter almost resenting the fact Legion was going to get in the way of my levelling journey, to ending the month a Legion fangirl (sort of – too middle aged a woman to fully embrace this title) posting on Facebook about how excited she is (cue some lovingly sarcastic comments from some family  members but lots of positive likes too- half of my family are tattooed to an inch of their life with characters from Marvel (Dad), a rubiks cube, a dancing M&M and other random things (brother), tiny elephants, flowers and owls (sister and step mum) so none of them can really judge – we all have our passions). Anyway I’m now getting well and truly into Legion, loving the new content so far (although only seen a bit of it), and massively grateful to the expansions along the way that let me level to 100 characters I thought were doomed to live in Draenor or Pandaria forever (bless). Even Seashell the mage was able to blitz from 96 to 100 just before launch. I did feel a pang of nostalgia when I saw the invasions had ended. Felt like the end of an era (if an era counts as 2 and a half weeks in August). But excited now about the journey from 100-110 (almost 101 as we speak – yes the new transmogged snail form is working well). Continuing to explore Aszuna but keep getting sidetracked by jewelcrafting (loved cutting my gem in one of the quests- very satisfying). To summarise: been a great month for me as a blogger and a WoW player. Cheers to Blaugust, Belghast and Blizzard. It’s been fun.



Singalong Time …Legion Eve is Here …

Let’s all sing the following to the tune of Jingle Bells…

Legion Eve is here

And we say no to bed

As we pour a drink

Shake our crazy heads

Put our Twitter on

Post a thing or two

Then log into dear old WoW

And get to 102


Illidan’s back

Varian’s dead

Jaina has the huff

Sylvanas has

To lead the Horde

And she hasn’t even got a tusk


Khadgar says

We have to fight

And win another day

And all I know is

Legion’s here

And it’s better than Christmas Day!

The Medivh Files

With Medivh featuring prominently in the Warcraft movie, hosting a fantabulous Hearthstone party at disco central Karazhan and with Karazhan also reappearing in Legion – well it’s time to reveal a few unknown facts about the world’s favourite Guardian.

Fact 1: Although usually rather serious, circumspect and secretive (indeed his name means “keeper of secrets” in the high elven language) Medivh would gossip like a fishwife/husband (yes no un-pc jokes here) with garden slugs and snails. However, he would immediately stamp on them if caught in the act and then claim Sargeras  made him do it.

Fact 2: Would laugh like a drain at any joke involving a three legged cow, a blind cat and a dead fish. Would weep for hours if the joke involved a blind cow, a three legged fish and a dead cat as this was a bitter reminder of the childhood pets he never had but always wanted.

Fact 3: Was not possessed against his will by Sargeras. Sargeras tried to leave several times finding Medivh’s penchant for gossiping with slugs and snails disturbing. Medivh regularly convinced Sargeras to stay by remarking that it was raining outside and wasn’t it a pity Sargeras hadn’t brought an umbrella.

Fact 4: Pretended to be in a coma for 20 years during which time he was trying to figure out the door puzzle from Labyrinth. Still doesn’t get it.

Fact 5: After being killed by Khadgar Medivh was resurrected by his mother’s spirit. This was only to continue their longstanding argument about the correct way to fold a bath towel. Aegwynn insisted on folding from left to right, Medivh insisted on rolling it up in a ball and urinating on it. Sadly this argument was never resolved.

Fact 6: Medivh only invited the orcs to Azeroth for Sunday tea. Was surprised they wanted to stay longer. While in public he continued to be the welcoming host privately he criticised their bad manners to his favourite snail.

Fact 7: Medivh is a big Thrall and Jaina shipper and coined the name Thipper. It never caught on due to its spittle inducing effects which Khadgar found hilarious.

Fact 8: Never intended to turn into a black raven. The spell was meant to transmogrify him into a dancing penguin. However, something went very wrong and the penguin now only appears very occasionally. However, if you spend a lot of time in Karazhan drinking heavily there is a 1% chance to will see the penguin dancing with the horses in the stable. If so you should report this on twitter using the hashtag  #IFoundtheDancingPenguininKarazhan. Blizzard developers need to know.


Healed the Underbog today. Another straightforward dungeon. Starting to get to grips with my monk healing spells & knowing which ones to use in which situation. Also now using Chi Torpedo with abandon. This means I’m likely to roll right off a ledge at some point but sometimes you have to live dangerously. I need to download the add on that shows me in which direction someone is hiding when they are out of range. I always panic when the frame goes grey and I’m not sure where they are (particularly if I can see their health disappearing). It’s amazing how responsible you feel as a healer. I get stressed out at the thought of anyone dying. But really what does it matter? You should be able to just laugh about the mishap, regroup and start again. But that is only true if everyone is friendly, mature and polite. No blame culture etc. But WoW, life, the universe is unfortunately not like that in most cases – a depressing thought for a Saturday morning.

Samsara is now 68. There’s no way she’s going to be 100 before Legion. I just haven’t got it in me to do what I need to do i.e. the invasions. I am officially invasioned out. The Burning Legion can take all six towns for all I care. It seems like a fool’s errand anyway. We clear them out and they come again. Over and over and over. They can’t be reasoned with. They hate order, fairness and justice and want only for hatred and chaos to reign. WoW and the real world = both perfect for them.  They would enjoy the chaos of the pug and LFR and could have a blast on forums & Twitter. No wonder the invasions are so relentless. They are excited to be home.



Bravehealer needed

Tried doing a bit of healing during an invasion on my monk Samsara. I know this isn’t exactly preparation for healing in say LFR at 110. Samsara is only 45 so obviously hasn’t got the fill range of spells available to her. And healing in an invasion is different from healing in a raid. You don’t have the nice raid frames to be able to see at a glance who needs healing – at least not the way my UI is set up (straight out of the box). I tried using Tidy Plates Simple but I can’t seem to configure it right. So instead I ended up using key bindings to set C to target friendly players. This means standing in a crowd I could keep tapping C to “see” (geddit?) who needs healing. Seems to be working well enough although am I right in thinking I can’t heal people from a different realm – the ones with the asterisk by their name? Have spammed a great deal of heals in their direction but nothing seems to be happening?

In terms of rotation Icy Veins says:-

  1. Since Soothing Mist is automatically channeled onto the last target of Effuse, Enveloping Mist, Vivify, or Life Cocoon (until another spell is cast or action performed) I should try not to move too much after casting those spells. Check.
  2. I should use Renewing Mist on cooldown, and maintain maximum Enveloping Mist up time on the target – in a proper group this is usually the tank; in an invasion it’s whoever I see needs healing when tapping C I guess (remembering not to waste stuff on those strangers from another realm)?
  3. Higher damage – use Effuse to supplement the healing.
  4. Higher damage still -use Vivify instead of Effuse to supplement the healing.
  5. Save Chi Burst for when more than two targets are taking damage.

Ok seems straightforward. I’m really tempted to try a 5 man. But first I need to get over the fear of zoning into a dungeon and suddenly forgetting everything I’ve read, in the process losing control over my fingers and thumbs, mouse and mind, everything. It’s that image that stops me just getting in there and having a go. I hate the fact that even now, when so much has changed in my life, I’m still scared to try out some of the stuff I want to do in WoW. I really thought I’d be past that by now.

Fred and Ginger

I like the fact you no longer need tomes and dust to change your talents and specialisation. Instead you can just go off to a zzzz area to change things around. I can imagine this being more awkward in a raid though. Presumably in the past you’d carry enough mats to change whatever you needed to change whenever you needed to change it? But now you’ll have to leave the raid to get to a rest area. Presumably hearthstone out & then get summoned back. Would that work? If so that’s not too bad but obviously will take a bit more time.

In the past when selecting my talents I tended to go for the passive ones. The reason for this was not sheer laziness (although that was sometimes part of it), but more a case of wanting (needing) to keep things simple. But now that classes seem more simplified anyway I’m getting to be a bit braver with my talent choices.

There are limits though. Luxmii my shaman now has Primal Elementalist which grants her elementals Fred and Ginger (their official names) 80% increased damage and the ability to control them. Icy Veins recommends this as the best option because of its burst damage. But I’m not sure if I want to be controlling my elementals. I can barely control my main. I selected the talent the other day & brought them out to play but pretty much just left them get on with it. I’ve decided to trust them to do the right thing in any given situation. Nothing can go wrong with that approach right?

With my Pally my favourite talent is Justicar’s Vengeance which deals Holy damage to the target and heals me for the amount of damage done (double against stunned targets). But it’s been great trying out a range of talent combos, unlike previously where after picking the most passive arrangement possible I stuck with it through thick and thin. For me the new way of changing specialisations and talents has given me a flexibility I really like – although until I had the flexibility I never knew how much I wanted it.

Assistance Required

There are some quests I just can’t do. For example I have a real problem with the one in MoP where you get a chance to play as Sully and have to shoot the monkeys. I just can’t do it. I keep running out of time. Ridiculous. So if I’m ever on an alt and come to that quest I have to call in husband to do it. It’s so embarrassing.

I had to call him in a few weeks ago too when I was playing Beanie the hunter. I had to catch a wisp in Darkshore. Just one wisp. Easy peasy right? No. Not for me. It kept darting away from me. Similar to that quest in Hyjal where you have to rescue the little animals from the fire. So hard. So frustrating. You keep hoping one will realise you’re trying to help and sit still there long enough for you to press the button and catch the little blighter. But no. I’m always a fraction of a second too late. I have the worst reactions in the world.

And there’s one of the starter Death Knight quests too. Right at the end where you have to shoot some stuff down from the sky. I think you’re on a cannon? I can’t remember the details because every time I get to that bit I just get up and walk away from the computer. I cannot do it. If someone is not around to help I am stuck there forever. It’s the main reason I don’t play Death Knights.

I know these are embarrassing quest fails. And I won’t get started on the real life things I can’t do very well. Suffice to say knives, tin openers and bottle openers are usually stored out of my reach and there’s not a door in the house I’ve not walked into. Poor reactions and general clumsiness – both in and out of game. And I’m meant to be a hero in Azeroth? Somehow I suspect I’m more of a liability.




Too Much

Yesterday I tried too hard to fast track Samsara and I made myself sick. Or I might have a virus that has nothing to do with WoW of course. Either way I did not feel well yesterday evening and the thought of all those Legion mobs, red health bars, swarms of players etc made me feel exhausted and queasy. So what do I do this morning – I logged on to do another invasion. On a positive note I do feel a bit better this morning (although my back is in agony from the way I slept and my teeth are aching from grinding them throughout the night – oh for a restful night’s sleep).

But anyway due to yesterday’s WoW collapse Samsara is only level 40. I read Belghast’s post yesterday which says it took 49 invasions to go from level 53 to 100 in full heirlooms. I am only level 40 & only have 3 heirlooms (although can get the Zen Pilgrimmage buff). I’m probably looking at about 60 odd invasions right? I don’t think I have it in me. It’s just too repetitive now. And I know invasions are not designed for fast tracking  alts – they are for gearing your max characters ready for Legion. And with one of my max characters that’s exactly what I’ve not done – I haven’t brought Frip the Druid out to play once. I haven’t tested out how her class plays with all the changes. She’s still blissfully unaware of the invasions and pottering around in her garrison. I forget her item level but it’s not great so if I do play her in Legion she’s going to have a tough time starting out. But I just don’t want to do invasions for the boxes. If I can face them I want to use them to level alts. Samsara specifically now. I only rolled her a few days & now my only objective is to get her to 100. My head aches. And as for poor Beanie the hunter …who’s she again? My priorities have changed so much within the month of August alone. I’m like a child in a sweet shop. And I’ve made myself sick.

Discovered a city …no my mistake

I have no idea how long it would take someone to power level from 1 – 100 without invasions and with maybe just 2-3 heirlooms? But I’m going to see if I can level my new Horde monk Samsara from 1-100 before the end of August taking the invasion route. I currently have an Alliance Druid, Shaman, Priest and Paladin at 100. This means I have a good selection of range/melee damage dealers and healers to choose from across Argent Dawn EU and Darkspear EU. But my highest Horde (not including my 99 Demon Hunter- still not finished the starting zone for her yet) is a Warlock in the late 60s or 70 (can’t remember) and I would like a max Horde that I have the option of playing either as damage or as healer for our new Horde guild The Slapdash Squad. So going to try and power level Samsara via invasions.

Started her this week and after a few false starts (thought I could do an invasion as level 1 so asked husband to drive her from Sunstrider Isle to Tarren Mill  on one of his higher Horde characters. She levelled to about 5 doing this but couldn’t actually see the invasion. You have to be 10). I then went to Brill to do some quests but after 5 minutes there recklessly hearthstoned back to the Blood Elf starting area to do the quests there, but quickly get bored of that and flew back to Brill (WoW attention deficit disorder). Did some quests there until I dinged 10 and then went to Tarren Mill. After doing a ton of invasions in Tarren Mill and the Barrens I am now ….36! After one morning. Awesome.

Streamed some of this on my Twitch channel and had some help from someone in the chat room who advised me to play through the first two stages of an invasion then log out/log back on to restart the invasion. I did this a few times but of course that way you don’t fight the big boss and don’t get any boxes. And it gets boring. But until I get flight its hard travelling to some of the different areas. It’s hard riding to the easier ones too – if you’re me. I rode all the way from Northern Barrens to Azshara and stumbled across what I thought was a brand new city – turns out it Orgrimmar. Which I could have flown to. My sense of direction EVEN WHEN LOOKING AT A MAP is ridiculous.

I’m now in Tarren Mill. Just completed one invasion and went up two levels. Waiting for Northern Barrens or Azshara to restart or Tarren Mill to roll around again. Can’t think how I can get a low level Horde to Westfall, Dun Morogh or Tanaris so will have to leave those . One good thing  as a Monk is Zen Pilgrimmage which seems to be a way to get back to the Barrens while keeping my Hearthstone set to Tarren Mill. Plus the experience boost is awesome. I’m struggling with melee. I need a mod that shouts loudly at me when I’m facing the wrong way. I have the camera pulled out so far I can hardly pick myself out in the crowd but I need to do this so I can see what I’m fighting. I’ve never been comfortable meleeing in a crowd (ask anyone in work). What I really want is try out some monk healing in a 5 man but too nervous for that. Plus not sure if anyone is even running dungeons at the moment. So will just keep on the invasion track, get to 100, and then have a Horde monk healer that I can use in LFR. Oh it’s so good to have such an important goal in life.

Let’s Dress Up

Despite the list of achievements Terema received when I first logged into her after a very long time I’ve never been a fashionista (in game or in real life). Anything cool I have in my WoW wardrobe is due to accident not design, and I have nothing cool in my real life wardrobe. Or so I thought. But an encounter yesterday proved me wrong.

Despite previously thinking I wouldn’t be that interested in the new transmog in WoW it turns out I love it. The design is great. You can easily see all the item appearances you’ve gathered through the years and quickly put together a combo that doesn’t make the eyes bleed. And this is what I’ve done for Terema. But I didn’t give it much thought beyond “I like that helm and sword, those colours sort of match, ok done.” So imagine how pleased I was yesterday to get a whisper from someone who liked my Sparkmetal Coif ! She first whispered me an O type face. I thought oh no what have I done (it was possible I might have snagged a mob she was after). But she then said, “Sparkmetal Coif”.  Ah I thought, she thinks the coif is silly. I mean I love it but it does look a bit like a hairnet. But then she whispered, “I want one for my warrior but they don’t have them in game anymore.” Oh, I realised, she wants it! For a fleeting second I then feared she was about to mug me for it but then I remembered you can’t do that in WoW. And then I felt awesome. I was wearing something someone else liked. This never happens to me. I replied to her, “I love it, I want one in real life.” This is true, I need a hairnet. She replied “I’m going to post right away that they need one in Legion.” “Definitely,” I replied to my new little friend. I never saw her again.

What a nice encounter though. Did my ego no end of good. Looked up my awesome coif this morning. It seems I got it pre Cata for defeating Morbent Fel in Duskwood. Ah those were the days. I remember how much I loved doing Duskwood with Terema. I don’t remember getting the coif but I would have worn it until I got something better. But now I’m wearing it again, it’s come back in style and I am rocking hairnet coolness. I think I might be a fashionitisa after all.