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Vanessa Van Cleef does Cyndi Lauper

Yes I’m still doing Ironman & still levelling very very slowly!! Runn is now 19 and has just arrived in Duskwood. Of course I entered Duskwood the wrong way as a result of the usual Bravetank directional mishap & narrowly escaped being killed by a spider. (It was in the middle of the road! I always thought you were safe if you ran directly in the middle of the road & didn’t veer too far to either side – but that spider was like a heat seeking missile.) Luckily I psychic screamed (and in real life of course properly screamed) & Runn lived up to his name by scarpering the hell out of there.

I enjoyed my slow painstaking levelling in Westfall. One thing that struck me though after spending some time with our favourite shadowy female figure is that Vanessa Van Cleef truly lives her life in the spirit of Cyndi Lauper’s most famous song – Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – although Vanessa’s lyrics would be a little different:-

Girls Just Wanna Have Fun – Vanessa style

I come home in the Westfall light,

And old Mother Saldean says I gotta live my life right,

Oh Mother Saldean

The Fulbrows are unfortunate ones,

And Blanchy

Has been fed to the dogs,

Cos psycho girls,

Just wanna have fun.

Yes psycho girls

Just wanna have fun

My mind breaks in the middle of the night,

I see my dead dad saying I gotta live my life right.

Oh daddy dear
 you’re still Defias number one,

For you,
 all murder is done,

Cos psycho girls,

Just wanna have fun,

Yes psycho girls

Just wanna have fun.

That’s all we really want,

Just funnnnnnnnnnnnnn,

Plus some plotting and murder too,

And poisons, you need quite a few,

For fun,

For psychopath fun.

Some fathers take a beautiful girl,

And hide her away from the rest of the world.

But I wanted to be the one to walk in the sun,

But the Fulbrows, they stood in my way

So I killed them

Then played in the hay,

Cos its all fun

Just psychopath fun,

And I’m a psycho

Who likes to have fun!

(Repeat as many times as you like …in fact you have no choice – this song is probably now stuck in your head. Sorry. Blame Vanessa.)