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Am I floating in a tin can

I’m continuing my love affair with Eve Online although I suspect I’m doing it all wrong (although I also know there’s no right or wrong way to do it). The problem is that everything I read without exception says that I should join a Corporation, but I don’t want to. I’m really enjoying the peace and quiet of my alone time in space. I’ve completed three lots of career agent missions (decided to put Advanced Military & Exploration on hold for the moment). I’m keeping Erike Austrene (I love the name) constantly busy training. She is a space age renaissance child – adept at quick changes of subject matter- 20 minutes on social skills, little bit of time on biology, then for shield management and industry, and then some energy management, hull upgrades and mass production. And on & on it goes. (And oh my god just claimed my first certificate …I am a Basic Production Manager – whoohoo.) When the skill queue is full I enjoy quietly getting on with the level 1 distribution missions (I am ridiculously happy picking things up and dropping them off – I should have been a bus driver). I’m doing it all for the Republic University – increasing my standing with them. On the side I’m dabbling a little in the market (not successfully so far – think I created a rather silly EMP buy order in the most unvisited region of space – luckily it will expire after a day & spare my blushes).

I’ve got a longer term goal of being a researcher (I think – although I’m loving production and trade so I’ll probably try to tie the three things up in some way) but for now I’m really enjoying the distribution missions and slowly building up my skills. I don’t want to fight (I disliked the military career agent missions if I’m honest) and I don’t want to be part of some fleet.

So basically I have no interest in joining a corporation. But is that ok? Are there players who just quietly get on with it and enjoy discovering the game themselves at their own pace, however slow? I’m in no rush to get anywhere – in fact I’ve not even set myself a destination (unless it’s to drop off yet more packets of earth).

I feel as I did when I first started playing WoW. I never grouped (there was no LFD then). I just loved soloing. But I used to read comments on various forums that asked why would someone play an MMORPG if they were just going to solo? But while I wanted to solo I also liked the fact there were other people around- it was strangely comforting. I just didn’t want to talk to them!

And of course eventually this did change in WoW. Eventually I had the courage/interest/greed to go in LFD and discover dungeons. I never went back to WoW solo play. The kindness and support shown to me in those groups totally won me over ….(yes yes this blog does irony with a fair dollop of bitterness). But it was the early soloing period that established my love for the game and got me immersed in the world. My horrendous group experiences certainly gave me plenty of things to vent about on here but my WoW nostalgia and warm memories are of things I did on my own at the start of the game – like running to Eastvale Logging camp in the rain, finally killing Mor Laidim in atmospheric Duskwood and enjoying a peaceful Saturday morning questing in beautiful Menthil Harbour. I am at that stage in my Eve journey – although the New Eden world itself is a lot bleaker, darker and – well – rather spacey.

And of course I am making mistakes in Eve. I used the wrong ship initially do to the distribution missions and nearly put my fist through my monitor every time the game told me I didn’t have enough room on board to carry some boxes of seed. But that mistake led me to look properly at the stats for each ship and actually compare hold capacity to see which one I should be using. So it was valuable experience albeit nearly costly in terms of my computer. I’ve also bought the odd skill I’ve already trained (but luckily sold it again quickly) & left the station with the items needed back in my hangar. In fact just now I returned to the pick up location only to be told I had to complete the mission at the drop off location. Aaargh!! I’m also not one hundred percent sure what I’m doing with acceleration gates & deadspace and just spent a great deal of time looking for cargo holds containing raggy dolls only to realise I had deselected some container option in my overview settings so it wasn’t showing up in my overview. Grrrr. All my fault of course- but again making the mistake is getting me used to the overview settings & what I want/don’t want on display.

So I’m loving it all even though I’m doing lots wrong!! But I want to be alone. I really do. I’m the Greta Garbo of Eve Online and very happy to be so.