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Getting Famous

I’m taking a little break from WoW this weekend to try out the new Sims 4 expansion Get Famous. It’s a lot of fun if you like the Sims. In this expansion I’m controlling (or trying to control) the life of Shelly, a wannabe actress who is currently losing her followers on social media because she is selling out by doing adverts. I’m doing this because I desperately need the money – I’m tired of washing dishes in the bathroom and selling the trees on the lot to pay my bills. Financially the life of a struggling actress is hard going.

And there’s a lot to do. My daily routine involves levelling up the skills needed before an acting audition and then doing the required  preparatory tasks before the acting gig itself. I find all this takes so much time that I’m neglecting everything else. In fact my Sim aged up without me doing anything for her – not even a cake. This put her in a furious mood (she has the self absorbed trait and so could not believe no one remembered her birthday). She went off to her acting gig in a rage and I thought she was going to blow it. When she’s not in a temper at not having enough attention she’s tense because she has gone too long without looking at her phone. Apparently that’s just the start of a series of  quirks that she’ll develop as her fame grows.

Going forward I’m thinking of taking her more in the direction of vlogger (I recently sold off nearly all her possessions to buy a video station to record and upload videos).  As she’s now being seen as an influencer she’s being asked to upload videos for a small fee. Seems like easy money – it all helps – but I think her reputation as a sell out is growing.

That said she does have a few fans. She went out to a club the other day and was asked to sign some autographs. However, she wasn’t in a great mood as she needed to use the toilet (I wonder how often that happens to real celebs?). When she tried to use the one in the club she wasn’t allowed in as she wasn’t famous enough. The shame. Thankfully she managed to get home before she peed herself in front of her three adoring fans. That said if she’d thought to take a selfie it might have gone viral.