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Lost in Redridge

A few quick things to update today. Where do I start?

1. Hair colour! Of course I have to start there – I spent my youth dying my hair. My mother didn’t like it- particularly when I did silly things like only covering half my hair (by accident – it would have been cooler had it been on purpose) and so looked crazily two toned. One boy from school told me it looked like I’d sacrificed a chicken on my head. And no- in case you’re wondering – we don’t do that kind of thing in Wales. We use an altar like normal people. Things came to a head (won’t ask you to pardon the pun- just enjoy it) when I dyed it jet black – my mother told me to tell people I’d done it to raise money for charity….

Anyway… Bravetank has gone auburn. A very different look. It’s taken years off her to be honest. She looks like a tank you can trust now. Takes pride in her appearance, shines her shield…that sort of thing. She also got a new pair of earrings. Yes Bravetank is now a girly girl.

2. Mounts -huge drama yesterday when it seemed (to me) the game had glitched and I hadn’t ever been offered the 2nd Paladin mount. I searched all through my abilities and spells, every single one of my bags, then illogically my talents, the dungeon finder,  anything & everything I could click on no matter how mad it was. Nothing. I couldn’t figure it out. So I went to Eastvale and bought a swift brown steed instead. It was not the same. I rode around on her rather morosely. Not even my hair made it look cool. So on a bit of a whim – having remembered I was exalted with Ironforge (they love me there)- I went and bought a gorgeous ram instead. Bravetank looks great on that! And it’s really made her much more in tune with her dwarven heritage (see I am working on her roleplaying backstory). Then I came across a paladin trainer and clicked on him out of curiosity (I click on everything – it’s the best way to make friends) – there were about 5 things I hadn’t trained in. Nothing major but…yes you guessed it – summon charger was one of them. Stupid stupid error. Thank god I hadn’t finished my angry letter to Blizzard. Anyway I still prefer my ram so that’s definitely my current mount of choice (in honour of my Grandma Helga Dwarfy – see the story is getting more depth already and I clearly have a way with names).

3. Redridge horror – the third thing that happened was that I had an adventure in Redridge. Now at 51 I don’t expect to have adventures in Redridge. In fact I don’t expect to have to go there. I left that behind me when I levelled in the same way as I left Northshire Abbey (apart from worship on Sundays), mail (apart from the stuff that comes through the post) and walking (apart from in dungeons & even that makes my leg crampy). I’ve hardly ever levelled a character there. I find it too …well…red. That’s the only word for it. And ridgy. Red and Ridgy. Now what is that area called again? I forget. In actual fact I think there are too many red dusty firey zones in WoW. They are bad on our poor mounts’ feet and they make my T zone shiney. My favourite zones are the wintry autumal looking zones (don’t fear- I won’t launch into another poem about Autumn) like  Terokkar Forest and Dustwallow Marsh and before Cataclysm the Wetlands. I get snow blindness in Winterspring, hot and bothered in Stranglethorn Vale (plus I don’t like the gorillas tickling me – they are buggers for that), scared witless in any of the Plagueland areas and filled with total and utter nihilistic despair in Hellfire Peninsula (that only many frequent upgrade green armor items can overcome -WoW shopping therapy). Anyway Redridge (oh yes that’s what it’s called) is one of the red dusty places I like to avoid. But yesterday I needed to get to Swamp of Sorrows – I’m a hero and the board had posted my instructions. Looking at the map it looked like there was a way to it via a new area in Redridge. I called over to my husband, “Can I get to Swamp of Sorrows through here?” He looked at the map and replied, “Yes.” Now this is important for later. He looked and confirmed yes. So off I merrily, innocently and trustingly went- looking forward to some levelling time in a swamp (a wartorn area is Azeroth- there’s not much for any of us to look forward to really – swamps are as good as it gets). Anyway I get to Redridge and immediately see a group of elites. I quickly start walking backwards with my hands held up in a gesture of surrender but then realised they were level 19 elites. Not sure what that converts to in real money but it shouldn’t be anything a level 51 should fear – not even Bravetank. So up I rode to them brazen as you like. They turned a bit nasty but my ram put a spurt on (my panicked yelps as good as any tug on the rein) and we were away.  Off I went in what looked like the right direction – how wrong I was. My fingers saw the danger before my eyes (not sure how- it’s never happened before) and I halted the ram in time to stop us hurtling to our deaths off a cliff. There was another way down but that was filled with murlocs. Low level murlocs admittedly but still too much trouble for what was clearly not the way to the swamp. So I tried to find another way through- but all I could find were mountains. I tried another way- back to those elites (they offered me a coffee this time- even they couldn’t be bothered to fight). Another way- the murlocs – quietly going about their murloc business.  Another way- mountains. I was going round and round in circles. My fingers were exhausted. My ram was begging me to take him back to Dun Morogh or at least let him jump off the cliff. Eventually my husband noticed my despair (my head was buried in my keyboard at the time) and he came over. “What are you trying to do?” he asked. “Get to Swamp of Sorrows, I told you,” I said, articulating every single letter and breath in between letters through gritted teeth with audible sighs (quite an impressive combination – try it!).

“You need to go to Duskwood for that, I told you.”

“I know you used to have to go to Duskwood,” I said, “But I thought I’d found a new way and you confirmed it.”

“When did I confirm it?”

“When you looked at the map, I pointed out where I was going and you said yes.”

“Oh right- well I wasn’t really listening, I was distracted. You should have known that.”

Words fail me! No they don’t. Here they come. How??!! How can I tell when he’s really listening and talking to me and when he’s not. He seemed to be listening. He was looking at the map, answering, generally responsive. How on earth am I meant to know when that means proper listening and when it means he’s effectively unconscious as far as my conversation and presence goes. But of course if his beloved football team scored at that point he would be amazingly conscious, alert and able to write expertly about all aspects of the goal on Twitter. Grrrrr (words really have failed me now – I’ve gone feral instead).

Anyway the whole thing made me very very fed up! I hearthstoned back to Stormwind a defeated woman and ended up hanging around the dwarven district getting back to my roots.

Very frustrating. I can only hope Bravetank’s auburn hair has not made her lose all sense of direction. I was bad enough in dungeons before. But if I can’t find my way out of Redridge what hope is there for me!

On a more positive note – I’ve been meaning to link to this for ages. Danslate – fellow blogger whose great blog can be found here recorded my script The Case of the Bloody Five a few weeks ago & it is now on You Tube. You can find it here. Please go along and have a listen. I’m amazed at the voices he can do and how he brought it all to life. It’s really great, I loved listening to it & I’m honoured he did it.

Right- I’m off to study a map of Azeroth. Those complex zones will not defeat me again!