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Syntax Error

Feeling all nostalgic today. Been tempted to log back into Realms of Despair and see if it can still hold the old magic for me. Not sure if any of you ever played it (or still do)? RoD is a text based mud that I stumbled across years ago and got very addicted to for a long time (I get addicted to everything – currently black magic chocolates and Haagen Dazs if anyone’s interested). At the time I joined it was number one on this list Top Mud Sites .It now appears to be no 10 which is still good. I’m not surprised though – it still regularly demands votes – clearly nostalgic itself for its good old days. Sometimes I wander over to the website just to check its existence (sort of like calling in on your gran just to make sure she’s alive). I’ve also checked on Twitter and it has a page/feed (whatever you call what we have on Twitter)- got to be a good sign? So there is still a world of text muds out there going strong even while we have the colourful visual feast of games such as WoW and Rift to enjoy. Continue reading “Syntax Error”