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A Wordsworthian Profession Dilemma

I wandered lonely as a Cloud
(Serpent), scared of facing PVP grief,
When all at once I saw a crowd,
A host of waving Green Tea Leaf,
Beside the lakes in Pandaria,
As I fought the Hozen and resisted Sha.

Continuous as the stars that shine
In Pandaland but high above,
They stretched before me, oh so fine,
A herbalist would fall in love:
As a skinning alchemist what to do?
To Sha Touched Leather say toodle-oo?

The bears and cats made “skin me” motions,
But the herbs promised more
In alchemy potions,
But as I gazed—and gazed—I very much thought
Of the gold and wealth old skinning had brought:

For when before the screen I sit
And watch my character I must admit,
My eyes seek out the icon of mail,
My skinning auctions never fail.

This is the bliss of the skinning profession;
And so then my heart is pleasure fed,
With thoughts of animals all quite dead.



The road to madness – levelling professions

I was going to write my third (and last – until I do something awful again- chances are it won’t be long) Regrets post today but not even I can cope with so much confessional outpouring. So instead I’ve gone down the rant route – I need to rant this morning – and I need to rant specifically about the professions.

I’ve never really levelled professions apart from skinning – and that’s probably the easiest one of all. And only Terema (my level 84-yes still 84 – she hasn’t been out to play since last November and is currently holidaying in Uldum) has full skinning. Everyone else tends to reply, “My profession is life” when quizzed about their professions. But I wanted a different life for Seashell, my new human mage. I wanted her to be able to survive in the wild with a campfire, some fish and a handy packet of spices (ignoring the fact that she could of course teleport back to any major city for a feast at any inn with just the click of her fingers). So I decided that as I levelled her through a combination of soloing and  dungeons she would also at the same time level skinning, tailoring, archaeology, cooking and fishing and be the ultimate all-rounder.

And I’ve sort of enjoyed it (quick sanity check here….yes still hate Jack Black and think Ricky Gervais isn’t half as clever as he thinks he is- ok I’m still sane). Skinning has been fine as I knew it would be – there’s very little I can’t do with a carcass and a knife – ask anyone. And the others. It has definitely been satisfying seeing the levels creep up (albeit slowly). But like all things  there have been frustrating moments, very frustrating moments indeed, moments when my husband has had to help by gently unclenching my fists to release my clumps of hair. And yet ironically he has been the cause of at least one moment of such despair….

1. Cooking – every night I go down on my knees and pray for Pilgrims bounty to come around again quickly. Why or why didn’t I create Seashell last year and take advantage of that manna from heaven? Instead I have run around Hillbrad searching for clams (no turtle has dropped one for me yet- selfish buggers), lion meat (but can barely catch the lions as they gambol around madly with the deer & every two seconds I have a psychopathic yeti on my heels) and boar ribs (well you know how I feel about that after Gary’s interview in the last Bugle- they’re a no go). So after a few hours weeping I decided to do it with fish alone if possible. Seemed sensible.  But….

2 Fishing – at the start all I caught was brilliant smallfish and longjaw mudsnappers (are these real fish – I’m no fish expert- surprisingly for someone who is being forced to share space with two tropical fishtanks with a third on the way). “You can cook them,” said husband helpfully. “How?” I asked, “They aren’t in my cooking list.” By then though he’d wandered off so I HAD NO ANSWER to that question. This is important for the argument that soon followd. Slowly painfully I got my fishing up higher to where I was catching Bristle whisker catfish – got that recipe from nice Catherine Leland for whom I do daily tasks (I like to be helpful). So finally I started levelling up cooking with fishing. I was vendoring all my smallfish and longjaw snappers. Husband found out (I have to do daily reports of my vendoring habits because he knows I am prone to major mishaps – vendoring some rare purple or something just because the selling npc seemed nice). “You could have used them for cooking earlier on,” he announced. “I told you I couldn’t, I asked you about them,” I exclaimed. “You can get the recipe in Goldshire, I …”, but he couldn’t continue, my hands were around his throat and there was definitely a murderous glint in my eye (or so it says on the statement he gave the police). No I jest. I just sighed heavily. Sometimes that’s just as effective (and keeps me out of jail). Anyway by then I’d found an excellent fishing/cooking guide on the internet so I no longer had to speak to my husband about such matters and was off to Booty Bay to get a recipe for Mithril trout – the answer to all my prayers it seemed. Except I was only in my 20s and didn’t have a flight path to Booty Bay. Oooh. Puzzler. I crinkled my brow so much in an attempt to figure this out that my family organised a Botox party. Finally I decided to land in Northern Stranglethorn and  try to run all the way down. Big mistake. The inhabitants of that part of the word took an instant dislike to little Seashell for some reason and she can only blink herself out of trouble so many times. But then I had a brainwave – worth a thousand crevasses in my forehead. I would teleport to Darnassus (I love being a mage), fly to Ratchet, get the boat over to Booty Bay and get the Mithril Trout recipe. “225 cooking here I come!” I cried out, scaring the dog.

Took me ages – as you can imagine. The flight from Darnassus to Ratchet alone – wish there were WoW air miles. But I did it. Full of pride I wandered into the Old Port Authority to buy the recipe to meet DISASTER! Turns out you have to be 175 to buy that recipe and I was 165. Down on my knees I fell again this time with a clenched fist raised to the heavens. God looked away and sniggered. I couldn’t face Hillsbrad again to try and get the 10 lion steaks I needed. I just couldn’t. The Horde have ruined the vibe in that place totally. Can’t even hold my regular Womens Group session in the Southshore county hall as I used to. So I decided to carry on with the Bristle fish even though cooking wise they were green to me. Meant it took 40 zillion or something to get me to level the last remaining 10 cooking points. Did it in the Hinterlands if you’re interested (don’t know why- by then I was in a daze and catching gryphons to god knows where). Caught about 50 mithril trout as I did it though so knew I was in for a cooking fest once I had the recipe. This helped lighten my mood. Indeed I was practically giddy with happiness when I finally cooked up the last Bristle fish to get to 175. Triumphantly I returned to Booty Bay, got the recipe, cooked up enough Mithril Trout to cause a WoW world shortage of the fish (no more Mithril Trout & chips in your local chippy I’m afraid) & found in a blink of an eye even these had turned green for me. So where to now is my question? The only thing that is brown to me to cook right now is some spider sausage thingimijig that needs white spider meat which has yet to drop for me anywhere. Plus I’m scared of spiders. I’m in a total quandary.

3. But nowhere near as bad as tailoring. I never thought I’d struggle for wool. Normally when I’m not levelling tailoring I carry the equivalent of 10 sheep around with me at all times (we like to sing Baa Baa Black sheep when we’re flying). But now I really need the stuff….. well sod’s law isn’t it? In a moment of madness I bought 7 pieces from the auction house yesterday for about 10 gold, which enabled me to make something like one set of shoulders which I then tried to sell for 2 gold (haven’t logged on yet to see if I was “successful”!). Total madness. At this point last night husband again intervened, came over and gently turned the computer. off. Sometimes family have to save you from yourself.

4. And finally Archaeology. Hmmm. I have collected enough fossils to fill the Natural History Museum twice over and  I am level 5. Nuff said.

But it will be worth it won’t it? One day I’ll have a flying carpet, I’ll be able to cook something up that makes me super awesome in any raid & I’ll discover some rare purple item that will bring me at least one gold at the nice vendors. Magic 🙂