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Game Over

You have three hundred words to justify the existence of your favorite person, place, or thing. Failure to convince will result in it vanishing without a trace. Go!

This was yesterday’s Word Press daily prompt.  I saw it this morning. I think I’m going to start doing these. They look like fun. But does this pre-amble count towards  my 300 words? Hope not. Ok I’d better start….

I’ve picked WoW as my thing. I have to. Despite  the fact that over the past few months I’ve only been able to play around 2 hours a week  I still really love the game &  miss the fact that I can’t spend more time on it. But me loving something is not enough to justify its  existence  – just as  me hating something doesn’t unjustify its existence (is “unjustify”  a word? – well it is now – as Shakespeare said for over 1700 words which I think is pushing it a bit). Grudgingly even I must admit spiders have a purpose. So what else can I say for WoW?

Ok –  it should exist because it relaxes me. Well that’s a little too subjective (unless Blizzard really did design it just for me- some begging letter from my husband asking them to please for the love of God create a game that will stop my wife’s insane anxiety about god knows what landed on the Blizzard doormat & WoW was the result? If that was the case  you can all thank me later – although I apologise for blood elves.) But aside from the subjectivity of that argument it’s also not actually true – PUGs  have frequently stressed the hell out of me and  I cried once when I got lost in a dungeon. Pathetic? Yes. Relaxed? No.

So ok – what about the fact it’s fun? Well yes sometimes it is – but at other times it’s too  grindy (I am not a dailies person as you know) and very repetitive when you level alts. Indeed the underlying pattern of “do this to earn more that” when stripped right back exposes (to me) a very hollow core. Too often these days I  ask myself why I am  spending so much time getting cartoon characters to do stuff that just earns them more stuff. Moving  pixels around to receive more  pixels differently arranged.

So WoW – it’s infuriating and often not fun. It  has  no consistent end goal (patches & expansions always move it) & so consists of constant striving for something that’s always going to change – that boss today, a different boss tomorrow, that gear today, different  gear tomorrow.  Indeed the only true end would be the end of the game itself – Blizzard calling it quits- game over. And what would happen then? Perhaps we’d find different games to play, or maybe even different hobbies? Perhaps we’d simply watch more TV. Anything  rather than sit alone with our thoughts- because who wants to do that? Therein lies madness. Because I think deep down we all know we’re   really playing a much  bigger game  –    often also infuriating and  lacking in the fun department and often with changeable goals and   yearnings for things we no longer want once we have them. And always with the  uncertainty of when the  plug will be pulled. Game over.

And so finally then there’s the answer- the existence of WoW is justified because it keeps us occupied – not relaxed but occupied. It stops our minds  wandering to places they really don’t want to go, places where thoughts about the purpose of life and the futility of it all lurk and fester. So WoW must exist because it stops our minds getting us into trouble …who can fret about the future when there’s a smiling npc with a golden question mark just above his head? And if he replaces that with an exclamation mark even better – we have a purpose again. The Game Over screen has been delayed once more.

Notes (ooh aren’t I posh having notes?!)

1. Yes  that took over 700 words – but I’ve decided the first 5 paragraphs are all preamble!

2. While I’ve got your attention (any of you who read to the end that is!) please consider visiting here & reading my story Choices- just 55 words- and voting for it if you like it. Writing these things is another way I use to keep my own mind out of those dark depressing corners.

Thank you 🙂