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Content Rich Time Poor

I’m feeling so embarrassed. I’m still only 104. I’ve played at most 2 hours this week. The main reason for this is that I’m using the “magic hour” (first thing in the morning – 5-6am- before I go off to work) to continue working through the Udacity Beginner Android Developer course. Long time readers know I’m really interested in learning game/app/web development things so I’m always doing some course or another. If I’m not on Udacity I’m over at CodeAcademy working through the Java tutorial. If I’m not doing that I’m working on my Choose Your Own Adventure story for Geeks and Geeklets. And if I’m not doing that I’m updating my Going Vegan blog. And if I’m not doing that I’m on the sofa, a gibbering exhausted wreck, giving myself a hard time for only going to the gym once that week, not reading enough fiction, not writing another poem, not uploading another YouTube video, not starting the podcast I’ve always wanted to do, not using the painting tutorial book I borrowed from the library with lots of good intentions, not learning the guitar, not taking singing lessons, not climbing a mountain, not finishing all those half written books I’ve written, and Hearthstone, where art thee Hearthstone?

This all means (a)I feel overwhelmed with all the things I want to do (b)I feel like I’m back to neglecting this blog (c)I find that my WoW time is significantly limited.

When I am playing I’m working my way through Stormheim. I’m on stage 7/8 of the storyline and enjoying it very much indeed. Still playing my Ret Pally Terema and enjoying that too. So it’s all good fun. I’m content rich but time poor.

I know I have to decide what to prioritise in life and I guess right now for me that’s still the IT development side of things. But I really am enjoying Legion and I want to find a way to set aside some protected time for that. I probably need a “magic hour ” before bed as well as one in the morning. The problem is by about 9pm after a full day’s work and a 5am start I’m usually too exhausted to do much of anything. This means if I do play WoW I’m half asleep – click click loot loot, skim text, move to new area, check xp bar and yay gone up a segment, time for bed. That’s not what this game deserves. I need to find the time and energy to give it my full attention when I play, eyes wide open, fully present. Even if it’s just for a 10 minute stretch.  Otherwise I’m going to zombie click through all the good stuff.

At this rate though I’ll still be levelling when the next expansion rolls round. I guess if I’ve achieved lots of other goals in the meantime that’s no bad thing. But if everything else progresses at an equally slow pace then I’m going to wonder if I am perhaps spreading myself just a tad too thin.

Not so noble

Thank goodness for these comments here. I have been so lost trying to find the Lost Legion in Stormheim (and yes I appreciate the irony). I tried and failed yesterday morning. Then I took a break to do my Holy Artifact quest (confidence in healing now zero) and came back and got lost again. I’ve had to hearthstone back to Dalaran twice after getting myself so trapped it was the only way of escape. I have really really tried to find this npc.

For some reason though I thought he would have stayed on the wrecked ship, keeping himself warm, waiting for rescue. Or if mobile he would have climbed out of wrecked ship and made his way back to camp.  I did not think he’d have hidden himself in a cave filled with electric dragons and pools of water. Who does that? He’s given me some story of being trapped in a static field but it sounds lame, very lame. I honestly think he’s either a deserter, a spy or an idiot. Maybe all three. It;s possible the the rest of the quest line will reveal what’s really going on but right now if it was up to me I’d leave him in the cave. But I have to rescue him if I want experience – which I do.

Sometimes I wish we could delve deeper into the motives and actions of these npcs because honestly, they’re a frustrating bunch, and usually ungrateful to boot. But I want the experience (or the gold or loot) so off I go to do the quest giver’s bidding without murmur or complaint. I’m not a noble hero at all when you think about it. I’m a mercenary who’s on to a good thing in Azeroth. No wonder I get so excited when yet another catastrophe hits the land. I profit from it, pure and simple.

Yes it seems I’m a sociopathic warmonger with cut throat mercenary tendencies. Goodness. Who’d have thought.



I totally meant to do that

Don’t read this if you don’t want to be spoiled about the Retribution Paladin artifact quest. Please don’t. I beg you.

Ok let’s give it another inch (cue inappropriate innuendo … nope I’ve restrained myself).

Helloooo. Is anyone still here?


Ok good – I’ll start.


As you know Terema my Retribution Paladin was my first ever WoW character back in BC days when I first started playing. I played her fairly solidly up to MoP (although did have a brief dalliance with a Shaman – another story)  but then the lure of the Mage became too strong. I was lonely. I wanted mirror image. I was lazy. I wanted portals. I was hungry. I wanted mana cakes. So Mage it was. I put Terema to one side to dance with my mirror images, teleport at will and gorge myself on cakes.

But you can’t live like that forever. It’s not the 60s. I started to miss Terema but baulked at the thought of levelling her through the rest of Pandaria and Draenor. And then by the Light’s blessing the Legion invaded and gave me a ridiculously quick way to level her to 100. “I will never abandon you again Terema,” I whispered crazily to my laptop screen one dark August night.

Then Legion properly launched last week and I immediately switched to my Priest. In fairness this was because she had actually done the Broken Shore Varian stuff whereas Terema had gone straight into invasions like the crazy Pally she is. In her world Varian was still alive and kicking. And more to the point she thought Tirion was fit and well, although his unusual silence meant he was possibly living it up in Tahiti with Agent Coulson.

But this morning I remembered my sacred vow and logged on with Terema. It’s time for her to take on the well deserved mantle of Bravetank’s WoW Main, she needs to complete the Broken Shore scenario and start her Retribution Pally Legion journey.

Having completed the opening scenario this morning I’m actually glad I delayed doing it with Terema. There were only 4 real people doing it today so I was able to properly see what was going. I also put on my gigantic headphones (size does matter … oh dear the innuendo got me in the end) and finally listened to the music and dialogue – both of which added considerably to the experience. And it was only to get better.

After Varian died (still sad) I ended up with Lord Tyrosus  in Dalaran where I was informed we needed to try to speak to Uther to find out how we could get the Ashbringer. This turned out to be a powerful and emotional experience – my companion’s feelings at seeing and talking to his beloved Uther had me weeping at the keyboard (kind of). And when we were told Tirion was still alive although fading fast – then wow – I actually felt a real sense of urgency to get to Broken Shore to save him. I mean – it’s Tirion. Off we flew, the music changing gear, this was serious, this was dangerous, but we had to do it and I knew no fear. On arriving we found him trapped  and tortured. A fight ensued with the “jailer whatshisname” – I won, thank the light for Justicar’s Vengeance. Then I ran off to fight “demon something beginning with a B”. I won again,  thank the light for Justicar’s Vengeance, Flash of Light and Lay on Hands (the fight went on forever). Then I ran back to Tirion with his Ashbringer only to watch him die after giving me his blessing to wield it. I’ll admit I had a tear in my eye.

I travelled back to Lights Dawn Chapel to see him laid to rest. As I ran in oh my goodness the floor opened and I discovered the Sanctum of Light, the wonderful cathedral-like class hall hidden beneath that small unassuming building. People knelt to me as I strode down the hall (in real life eating a slice of toast and spilling crumbs down my top) where I was advised to inscribe my name in a Libram, restart the Order of the Silver Hand and basically defeat every last demon in the name of the Light. I was also called Highlord. Highlord! And they said I’d never amount to anything. I was then ushered by my right hand man to the scouting map where after careful consideration I decided to go and help the Taurens in Highmountain.

Feeling all important – I’m now the Highlord after all – I flew to Thunder Totem posthaste and started making my way to Mayla  who was (according to my map) somewhere in the middle.  I ran round in a circle looking for the entrance and noticed an area where the floor looked “different.”  I ran onto that piece of floor with the courage only a Highlord can possess and promptly fell to my death as it was of course a lift shaft with the lift at the bottom.

An ignominious start to my career.  Hoping that neither the spirit of Uther or Tirion were looking on I quickly ressed and reclaimed my body and announced to all that I had of course intended to do it and it was a test of their faith in the Light.

I think they bought it. My Pally’s Legion journey has well and truly begun.


Mum can I fly please?

Ok so what’s the plan for flying? I’m running into rocks and falling off cliffs far too much for someone of my delicate disposition. Something needs to be done. There’s a post on Blizzard Watch  (re-post actually as it was previously published  back in April) that gives some information.

BW starts by saying, “You may have noticed Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One in your achievement panel.”

Um nope – I never open my Achievement Panel but ok I’ll take a peek.

Right seems like I’ll have to complete lots of achievements. Sigh – of course. Remember when you could just save gold and buy flying. That was hard enough for a WoW pauper like me (some of my alts still can’t afford to fly in Northrend) but so much easier than this.

Basically I’ll need to explore the Broken Isles, complete world quests, complete a class hall order campaign, complete Loremaster of Legion, and reach revered with six different Legion factions.

The reward for that is …duh duh duh … increased ground mount.

Um what? That’s no good. Just letting me move more quickly on the ground is a recipe for disaster. I’ll just run into stuff more quickly.

And what else does BW say on this? Well nothing. That’s all they know. They do go onto say that the forum posts were in arms about all this when it first appeared in the Alpha & Blizzard’s response was basically at least we are letting you know up front this time and all this will cover the lions share and yada yada yada. I suppose it’s good that at least we know some of what we need to do to eventually get flying but we don’t know the full detail and more fundamentally I just don’t get it.

Why do we need to jump through hoops to get flying? If Blizzard don’t want us to miss all the pretty ground stuff (which I rarely see this as I’m usually stuck in a crevasse) why not just withhold it until level cap? And then let us buy it with good old fashioned gold like the good consumers we are.  And I know that some of what’s required will be done naturally as part of the levelling journey and so no harm no foul, but will all the quests really get that rep raised or will I still need to bow and scrape like some feudal peasant. I refuse to do so. There’s still some communist principles in these tired old bones (ok I’m only in my 40s and I’ve never been a communist but I could have been, oh yes, I could have been).

And why have these particular requirements? If the quests were at least related to proving flying competence that would be something. I could probably do with a refresher. Perhaps you could be required to reach a certain level first (aka age) and then take some lessons, then do a few quests to show you can fly in a straight line, reverse fly around a corner and parallel park your gryphon. Could even have some serious consequences – take to the skies after too many at Brewmaster and you’re banned for two weeks. C’mon Blizz – this is the sort of creative thinking we need. But raising rep so I can get on my mount and take to the skies. The one thing has nothing to do with the other. Feels like Blizzard just wants to keep us busy (i.e. out of their hair) and withhold treats until we prove we deserve them by meeting some spurious standard autocratically set by Blizzard and … – oh god just realised something …  Blizzard is my mother.


Bye Bye Blaugust

Well I did it. 31 posts. Blaugust 2016 (my first ever Blaugust) all done and dusted. It’s been a fun month. At times it’s been hard getting on here to write a post (ok I lie – at times it’s been hard breaking away from WoW to write a post) but it has been worth it (for me anyway, readers may disagree of course). It’s been a wonderful way to chart the month of August on WoW – so much has happened. From starting off with Beanie my low level hunter almost resenting the fact Legion was going to get in the way of my levelling journey, to ending the month a Legion fangirl (sort of – too middle aged a woman to fully embrace this title) posting on Facebook about how excited she is (cue some lovingly sarcastic comments from some family  members but lots of positive likes too- half of my family are tattooed to an inch of their life with characters from Marvel (Dad), a rubiks cube, a dancing M&M and other random things (brother), tiny elephants, flowers and owls (sister and step mum) so none of them can really judge – we all have our passions). Anyway I’m now getting well and truly into Legion, loving the new content so far (although only seen a bit of it), and massively grateful to the expansions along the way that let me level to 100 characters I thought were doomed to live in Draenor or Pandaria forever (bless). Even Seashell the mage was able to blitz from 96 to 100 just before launch. I did feel a pang of nostalgia when I saw the invasions had ended. Felt like the end of an era (if an era counts as 2 and a half weeks in August). But excited now about the journey from 100-110 (almost 101 as we speak – yes the new transmogged snail form is working well). Continuing to explore Aszuna but keep getting sidetracked by jewelcrafting (loved cutting my gem in one of the quests- very satisfying). To summarise: been a great month for me as a blogger and a WoW player. Cheers to Blaugust, Belghast and Blizzard. It’s been fun.



Breath of Fresh Air

Well it’s here and I’ve already played a good hour. Yes I’m that hard core. For the first time ever I logged on two hours ahead of time in order to be there for the launch. I surprised myself by how excited I was. I joined the crowd standing by Khadgar in Dalaran, not really knowing what was going to happen. And nothing did for awhile. So I busied myself levelling my jewelcrafting from 1 to 15 by making copper rings, trying to ignore all the Hordies yelling goodness knows what around me (probably “Why’s that idiot making copper rings?”). Then someone said, “Oh I have an XP bar”.  And yes holy moly (although I’m a shadow priest so this should be unholy moly) so did I. Then about 10 mins later my first quest appeared. It had started.

Husband’s quest took about ten minutes longer to pop. They must have figured I needed the head start. He complained and moaned of course – indeed we almost had a mini freak out as the minutes ticked by (though he’ll deny it now – watch for something in the comments).  I hmmed and tutted with about 1% of my attention, and tried not to let his howls of protest distract me too much. Eventually his quest appeared and we could all breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy it properly.

I am now the proud owner of Xal’atath blade (and I’m never trying to spell that again). I have a nice class home at Netherlight Temple and have started doing quests at Aszuna. I already love the look of Aszuna – so far reminds me a bit of Terrokar Forest with all its crunchy brown colours. Can almost feel the cool breeze on my face. Indeed the expansion so far seems like a breath of fresh air. Time will tell if this remains the case of course. All I know is right now I like it and I missed it today in work. My gaming time never seemed so precious.


Singalong Time …Legion Eve is Here …

Let’s all sing the following to the tune of Jingle Bells…

Legion Eve is here

And we say no to bed

As we pour a drink

Shake our crazy heads

Put our Twitter on

Post a thing or two

Then log into dear old WoW

And get to 102


Illidan’s back

Varian’s dead

Jaina has the huff

Sylvanas has

To lead the Horde

And she hasn’t even got a tusk


Khadgar says

We have to fight

And win another day

And all I know is

Legion’s here

And it’s better than Christmas Day!

Resisting the Thoughts

I hearthstoned back to Stormwind yesterday & left my character for five minutes alone in the inn. When I came back her task bar had completely changed. “Something’s happened,” I yelled to no one in particular. “My taskbar is shorter, the icons bigger, and my nose is tickling too.” Husband came over. “It’s your screen size, it’s wrong.” Where this came from I’ve no idea as  my screen size was exactly the same as it always is. Daughter came over. “This has happened to me before,” she said confidently, “You have to press this or this or that or those. ” At which point she started randomly attacking all the keys on my laptop. Husband saw my face and stepped in and gently escorted her away. So I googled “WoW taskbar changed” – nothing, just stuff about adding things to your taskbar and lots of things about the Windows taskbar (apparently Google thinks WoW could be a short hand for window which I guess is true). Just as I was about to restart Battlenet it suddenly occurred to me to actually check the spells in the taskbar. And then I noticed the buff in the top right of the screen. And then I realised I had fallen prey to dark thoughts. Only took me about 15 minutes to understand what was going on. A personal record.

Next came the angst. Should I use any of the abilities, out myself as a Legion supporter and face the wrath of Stormwind? What to do, what to do? I could cause hysteria amongst a group of allies (nice) and take on the appearance of a target including most NPCs. My first thought was Alison the innkeeper. This is because I have no imagination and was stood right next to her. I could also become a Dreadlord for a minute.

I toyed with the idea of doing all of the above just to see what it was like. I was curious and tempted – emotions that have led many an individual down a path of no return. And I’m no saint –  in the Wrath event I turned zombie and chased people. I think I might have eaten one or two. It was what you did back in the heady days of the scourge invasion. But it seems I’ve changed. I just couldn’t bring myself to go all Legion yesterday. It just felt too big, too bad and too wrong. Plus I was scared of being beaten up. Yes cowardice – the safe road to the moral high ground. So I clicked off the buff and flew away to afk in more invasions. I think King Varian would be proud.

Carried by the Crowd

Yesterday I completed the Broken Shore event and made a Demon Hunter. On the latter  – my Demon Hunter looks amazing. But I’ve achieved this by making her as undemonlike as possible & giving her bright yellow hair. She looks like the Canary on the Arrow rather than a DH so when I play her I feel like a darker superhero/assassin. Interesting.

I can’t say I’ve massively enjoyed the first level of the DH experience though. It’s all so dark and green. Not my favourite look (unless it’s on Mark Gruffalo). There was quite a lot of people around as you’d expect – although no lag and plenty of things to kill. My screen just looked too busy for me and I felt too caught up in the feverish rush to complete quests. This meant I didn’t really read anything. I just went round killing everything randomly  and looking for areas marked with a circle on the map and then those marked by a question mark. It was a good refresher on those basic shapes but not much else in terms of understanding the mission of the DHs. But I accept that was my fault and I need to slow down.

I like my DH when she is hitting stuff. The rush thing she does though (the one which is supposed to burn everything in her path) – well this often results in me badly overshooting and then having to spin around to hit the mob. Not sure if I’m doing it right – am I doing a cool move or a slapstick one? Can’t tell.

In regard to Broken Shore – again lots of people, movement, red mobs, fighting, transitioning from phase to phase without much of a clue as to which way is up and…trying to heal. Quite possibly it was pointless trying to heal in this scenario but my boosted level 100 is a Priest & I want to try out Discipline Healing. I found it confusing & I didn’t seem to have enough heals to click. I need to read up on it more. But I think I helped some people last a bit longer and I got to try stuff out so it was worth doing from that perspective.

And the ending. Oh my goodness. While I’d seen it on daughter’s screen it was very different experiencing it and I did find it incredibly emotional. It was a fantastic piece of work by Blizzard. My feelings for Sylvanas became all conflicted until I later watched some cut scenes on the Horde side of things and I was able to love her again.

So in conclusion on yesterday – I enjoyed most of it and I’m finally starting to get excited for when Legion properly arrives. But I still love my level 31 Beanie. I will not abandon her for long. She will not be like all the others. I hope…



An Unexpected Moment

Warning – Legion Spoilers coming up. Can anyone still be spoiled about Legion & the storyline we are going to see unfold? Possibly. Hence I repeat spoilers, spoilers, spoilers (and I first mistyped that as “soilers, soilers, soilers” which is a completely different warning.


Ok that done I just had to write about what I saw yesterday, As you know I’m in the EU – or more precisely I play on EU servers. I am assuming Brexit won’t impact this arrangement and I won’t have to arrange a new trade deal or something. So yesterday in the EU we did not have the preinvasion event. We have it now (as husband has just informed me) and I will be logging on when this post is complete to see what it’s all about.

But anyway yesterday was the calm before the storm. I was out in Stonetalon Mountains with Beanie (beautiful place but far too many mountains for someone who can’t yet fly and constantly likes to take the shortcut) when daughter said, “What’s going on in the throne room, everyone is acting weird around King Varian?”). Now I do know what’s going to happen to the King. While I’ve not done much reading about Legion & never used the beta invite myself (shame, shame), daughter did use it for about half an hour and I watched some of the events over her shoulder. So I know what’s coming. And when I looked at daughter’s screen I saw that other people know too as there was about 10 or so people all kneeling before the King. It unexpectedly brought a lump to my throat. Husband brought his rogue on & went to have a look himself and when he got there and saw what was going on he promptly kneeled. Then daughter kneeled too and at that point I was close to tears.

I did not expect to feel that way yesterday but suddenly the imminent death of our leader became very real and very sad and it felt important to show him respect. So I brought on Luxmii (who I never play and who still hasn’t readjusted to all the new patch changes and was way too excited to be selected ) and she also knelt before him.

But then the madness started. Daughter decided to commemorate the moment by taking a selfie. It was a tad inappropriate (I rarely see selfies being taken with people at death’s door or selfies before the coffin at the funeral – although given everything else people post on Facebook I suspect it’s a matter of time), The end result was inappropriately hilarious – Varian all grim, serious and frowning at the camera; daughter’s warrior smiling broadly, delighted to be having a photo with the King. After she’d taken about three I instructed her to move away from him – I was worried players would call her out for being disrespectful. But then another player walked up to the King, turned around and faced us all and shouted, “You’re all lapdogs”. Harsh. I’m no royalist but I don’t see anything wrong in showing deep respect for and crying over a computer game leader. It’s completely normal.

Then someone popped out Lil’ Bling. Ooh. Now “respect at imminent death protocol anxiety” kicked in. Was it wrong to click him? I finally decided to creep up and click from maximum distance so no one would know. I still feel the shame.

Then another Lil Bling appeared and the two started scrapping in front of the King. It was all now too surreal for words and I left at this point. I have put a screenshot below.

The whole thing felt really powerful until it descended into Monty Pythonesque scenes. It is the end of an era in WoW. So go gently King Varian – or rather go in the heat of battle fighting for all you love and hold dear. I salute you.