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Need to Focus

Only noticed the other day that Focus has changed for the Hunter (it takes me awhile to catch up). In my defence I’ve only dabbled with Hunters before but clearly remember not being able to use certain abilities until I had more Focus and having to use some abilities to regenerate more Focus. But now it seems Focus is working more like Energy and is passively regenerating all the time and I rarely (if ever) find myself out of Focus (and now I’ve used the word Focus so much it’s lost all meaning).

Anyway this finally got me curious enough to read up on it.

A post on Blizzard Watch says:-

“Beast Mastery regenerates Focus passively at 10 per second, and every 12 seconds you cast Dire Beast which gives you an additional 3 Focus per 2 seconds, per Dire Beast”

Dire Beast every 12 seconds? Oops. I don’t ever use Dire Beast (now Dire Frenzy since I hit 30 yesterday & chose that talent). In my defence (second defence of the blog post – I am writing this as if I’m on the stand) I’m one shotting mobs as I’m over levelled for the zone (60 of 70 Ashenvale quests now completed though – Loremaster here I come. Unfortunately I am now dreaming of the zone and utterly sick of the colour purple.) But ok – this will be useful in the future no doubt. Every 12 seconds. Done.

Reading further makes me think I’m also using Cobra Shot wrong. I use it to discipline my pet. That’s correct right? I jest. Basically for any of the rare longer fights I’m involved in I spam Cobra Shot and use Kill Command at the end. But looking at the Icy Veins suggested rotation I should be doing the following:-

Kill Command

Chimaera Shot (if you have it)

One of the Dires

Barrage if you have it

Cobra Shot if over 90 Focus

So it’s Kill Command first. Ah. That explains so much (eg my pet’s perpetual look of boredom when I open with Cobra Shot, one shot the mob and never use Kill Command). That’s something I will change right away. My pet needs to start pulling his weight. Cobra Shot is used right at the end of the rotation if you have over 90 Focus. So you do need to manage your Focus after all. Not fair.I like all this passive stuff. Deep down though I knew I couldn’t ignore that orange bar forever.

Ok off to do some more levelling now – life’s about to change for Topcat my pet.


I’m off from work on holiday right now so have finally had a chance to log onto WoW. It’s been awhile. Interestingly I found I didn’t want to go on and play any of my 100s or even any of my almost 100s. The character I was itching to play was my little level 14 hunter Beanie 2.0. I’ve never done much with hunters. Started a few (Beanie 1.0 being one of them) but never got too far. I have always been too scared to play them in case I wanted to go into a dungeon and accidentally failed to control my pet (I know me – in a panic I would never be able to turn off Growl). So instead I’ve been a safe little Pally, then a brave Shaman, then an almost awesome Mage (of course my tendency to over blink led to some fairly epic fails), then a solid Druid and latterly a would-be Healer Priest. The Hunter, like Warrior, Rogue, Death Knight & Monk (have I forgotten any? .. oh yes Warlocks) was a class I had no urge to play in any serious way.

But for some reason I’m now levelling a hunter.  She’s a Beast Master – although just received a Polearm in the mail telling me I will need it if I’m ever Survival. I don’t think I want to be Survival though. I want to be as one with the beasts. That said now that I have my companion Top Cat I have no urge to tame any other animal. I’m already too attached (sigh).

Obviously there’s been a patch since I was last playing (probably several but one big one that I’m aware of). Since logging on I’ve noticed I can’t hide her cloak. This bothers me more than it should. A quick search on the internet reveals I have to go to a transmogrifier to hide it. Hmm ok.  I also notice I don’t have much in my wardrobe. I’m assuming this is because she’s my first proper hunter and only 14? I will need to log onto one of my other more established characters to see if they have more outfit options. I also think I’m missing a spell since there’s a gap on my action bar. Survival Shot was it? I now have Dire Beast and Cobra Shot (although I think I may have always had the latter but it wasn’t on my action bar  – oh it’s all so confusing).

Are you  picking up a theme here? Yes I’m pretty clueless. Clueless about my hunter and clueless about all the changes. I cannot pretend to have read a patch note (well I could pretend but not sure why I’d want to venture down that dark path).  I’m not really one for staying up to date on WoW news these days. If I can squeeze any WoW time in I just want to play. I want to pick up a quest, skim read it, go & do said quest, turn it in, see my little bar fill up & then once in a blessed while see the screen go all bright and level up. Whoohoo. That’s all I want. In fact I think that’s all I’ve ever wanted from WoW. Oh and also immersion. Total and utter immersion. I want to lose myself utterly in this world while the real one around me seems to be slowly transforming into something from The Walking Dead. I am too scared these days to have the day time news on while daughter is in the room –  I don’t want to have to explain why people are getting stabbed, why drivers are plowing into people deliberately and why there are mass shootings. But I have to explain because this is the world she lives in. It’s a scary world. But when I really think about it I know it always has been.

So I lose myself in WoW while still feeling feel like the eternal Wow noob. In regard to Legion I know it’s coming and I’ve pre-purchased it but that’s about it – I haven’t even tried the beta and I’ve not read any spoilers. I have been in a WoW vacuum for many months. And so it was genuinely nice today to log on and do some questing while discovering some of the smaller things that have already changed  (like mail – yes my baby hunter is already in mail. Shiny but cold I imagine.)

So what did I do in my magic hour? Well I’m a human hunter helping out the night elves so I went and rescued Grimclaw.  I had to sneak up on some bears while they were busy eating fish to pluck out their hair (or is it fur? – you know, the stuff that keeps them warm, unlike my hunter’s mail).  I was then sent out to kill 50 murlocs by detonating myself – that was dark. I’ve now gone up to some ruins to …not sure …collect sparkly ornaments and kill horde? I’m skim reading remember. I’m still enjoying the hunter- the satisfying twang of my bow followed by Top Cat’s ferocious “Yes Ma’am” to my Kill Command. I’ve decided Beanie is a not going to be a dungeon girl. No – she’s going to mosey her way up to 100 and beyond by running errands and generally being helpful to all and sundry. Along the way something called Legion will descend and I suspect Azeroth will change. But I’m spoiler free so have no idea in what way nor whether I will like it.  I’m playing this game like I’m living my life –  scared about the wider world, trying to make my piece of it as nice as possible and on the whole pretty clueless most of the time.

The things you do for love

I started out with such good intentions. I was a Blood Elf but I was going to devote myself to the Tauren. I was going to be the Greatmother’s emissary in Azeroth, bringing light to a hostile and threatening world – spreading the Tauren message of love, harmony and respect for nature in a stylish Blood Elf way with a figure to die for.

It soon became clear this was going to be no easy task. Have you tried getting from the Blood Elf starting area to Mulgore as a Level 1 with no money. I got to Orgrimmar easily enough (I’m not that clueless – close though) but the next stage.. oh my! I was aggroing things from Tanaris I swear. Every mob in Kalimdor smelled blood and came out to get it. I almost gave up & then remembered my level 70 Horde Warlock on the same server. Lightbulb moment! She could send me gold so that I could fly to the Tauren starting land! I’m ashamed to say I must have died about 30 times before I thought of this. Sharpness is a quality that still alludes me.

So I got to Tauren land. Did a few quests. Wept respectfully over Greatmother Hawkwind’s funeral pyre. It was all going swimmingly even though occasionally the quest text referred to my hooves (hooves! … I’m a blood elf in designer stilettos I’ll have you know).

But then something in my hunter blood started to stir & I knew I needed to tame something cool. Did a search on Petopia & found this little mite. My heart melted & I knew he was the one for me. So I waved goodbye to my Tauren brethren, promising I’d be back soon. They looked at me quizzically – we’d never quite overcome the language barrier – and off I went.

I got to Undercity & made my way down to Silverpine Forest. And there it happened. Everything changed. To begin with I just thought I’d pick up a few quests on my way  to the spot where the Lost Gilnean Wardog hangs out  – just to keep the levelling process going you understand. Nothing too awful – killing a few enraged worgen that’s all. I told myself the Tauren would have been all for this – I mean these mobs were worgen and enraged – a combination that surely cries out for extinction.

So I did the quest and ran back to camp to get my silver coins and experience points. But that’s when it happened. I caught her eye, she caught mine, we tossed them back to each other (groan… I know  –  but the old ones are the best). There was no going back.

Sylvanas – she’s rather mesmerising isn’t she? And she seemed very impressed with me. Very. Before long we we going on long rides together, she was confiding in me, I was painting her rotting toenails, it was lovely. And before I knew it I was unquestioningly obeying her every command – no matter how vile, hateful or disturbing.

I’ve done a quick review and in my first couple of levels serving Sylvanas I have done the following:-

1. Collected countless diseased organs – I really should be quarantined.

2.  Gathered ferocious doomweed for Apothecary Witherbloom even thought I knew it was to weaponise the blight –  I even hummed a bit as I collected it – I find gardening so relaxing.

3.  Helped Agatha turned numerous fleeing humans into Forsaken – and flew back to Sylvanas with undignified haste for a pat on the head.

4. Killed several Worgens in bear form, who were  inconspicuously trying out a new tanking spec – thus single handledly further reducing the number of tanks queuing in LFG

5. Rummaged around countless crocolisk innards to find Dempsey’s body parts – only to have my three deranged amigos (Walden, Godfrey and Ashbury) kill the raised guy the moment he gave them some lip.

6. Stood by while Godfrey killed the cowering troopers we were meant to be rescuing (and in fairness to Sylvanas not even she knows about that).

7. Recovered mysterious “supplies” from the murlocs on the coast in Hillsbrad – there was green goo and stuff coming out of the barrels – I’m thinking it’s not wheatgrass  (although the Undead do swear by its health benefits).

8. Brought flesh samples to someone who “wrings his hands together and laughs maniacally” when sending me on the quest. I think at this point I reached a new low.

9. Brought 12 still beating yeti hearts to Keeper Bel’varil only to find he didn’t need them anymore  –  then considered eating them when he told me they had excellent nutritional value.

10. Poisoned 30 Stormpike trainees with a barrel of water – and looked on as they gratefully ran to the water so that I could make sure EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM was poisoned.

It’s a fact – I am beyond redemption.  The Tauren and their whole respect the earth schtick is but a distant memory. I am Beanie the Plaguebringer. And I’m having so much fun! 

Filling the Stable

Well it’s been a long time. I took this blog off line back in December. Lots of stuff going on & I couldn’t seem to figure out what I wanted to do – with this blog and with WoW. But I miss it – “it” being this blog & WoW. I miss being Bravetank 🙂

It’s taken me a long time to get back into WoW though. Tried doing a bit with Seashell my mage – did LFR, defeated Garrosh once, but that was about it. Then pre-bought WoD & fast tracked a druid to 90 – a mistake, can’t seem to face playing her either. I did wonder for awhile if that was it for me & WoW.

But the last week or so has found me back in the game – slowly leveling a Horde Hunter. I need a change – a different class & a different set of quests. I‘ve never properly played Horde – I have a warlock in her 70s but got her there via dungeons alone. This time I’m questing, actually reading quest text (amazing – I finally know why I’m killing all those yetis – I thought they were just bad ‘uns), and really trying to immerse myself in the whole experience. I’ve even turned the music & ambience up high – I want to be truly present in the game. Mindfulness in WoW.

I will return to Seashell with WoD and garrisons. But right now I’m enjoying this different experience. And I’ve discovered taming hunter pets – something very new to me. So far I have tamed 5 rares (not much but I’m only level 34 & so can only have two out) – Gorefang (wolf), Lost Gilnean Wardog (dog), Krethis (spider), Weevil (beetle) & Cackle (parrot) – called respectively David (from American Werewolf in London), Eddie (after my beloved dog), Roberta (after Robert the Bruce), Lennon (after John) & Iago (parrot in Aladdin).  Roberta was tamed specifically to cure me of my spider phobia – if I come to love & trust her perhaps I will feel the same about any spiders I find in the house?  Yes WoW as cure for phobias. Could work. Scared of swimming – go for a dip in WoW (avoid the naga); scared of heights – get your flying mount out & jump off the cliff (while on the mount of course – otherwise – well you might overcome your fear of ghosts at the Spirit Healer) – the possibilities are endless.

What about my other phobia though – fear of harsh words & ridicule in 5 mans & raids? Well not done too many dungeons with my hunter so far but I excelled myself in the one dungeon I did do (Scarlet Monastery) by almost immediately causing a wipe by fleeing directly into a group of mobs. I apologised profusely. They all ignored me. Plus ca change & all that.

But actually I’m tougher now.  You see I’ve been playing Hearthstone in my hiatus from WoW & Hearthstone has taught me a few things. There are well mannered players who say Well Played & mean it and there are players that say it sarcastically when you’ve clearly  screwed up a move. There are players who, when winning, will kill you off quickly & efficiently without milking it, and there are players who will showboat to the very end. I can face them all now – good & bad. Yes the annoying ones make me swear at my computer (sorry dear neighbours)  but the good ones make me smile & feel all warm about the game.  Saracasm & ridicule – it fazes me no longer. I am braver now – I am Bravetank.