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Rediscovering Guild Wars 2

For the past 10 years or so I have been a WoW player and blogger – it’s all been on and and off for the past few years (and more off than on if I’m honest). I’ve dipped my toes in a couple of other MMOs along the way – LOTRO, Elder Scrolls, Secret World, Rift, Eve Online and the subject of this post, Guild Wars 2, but never stayed anywhere other than Azeroth for long. But this has definitely changed over the past fortnight – I’ve rediscovered GW2 and I don’t think I’ll be going anywhere else anytime soon (although that said I do have an urge to try out Star Trek Online and FFXIV but I’m restraining it as I want to continue to focus on and immerse myself in GW2).

And immerse is a good word for what I’m finding in GW2. I’m only level 32 so this is still early days levelling. I have a boost to level 80 but I don’t want to use it yet as I want to level at least one character from 1-80 and get to know the world.

And I definitely need to do a lot more research on the various professions (and as an aside that’s something I’m having to get used to, calling classes professions. It’s one of many things that are different in GW2 – I’ve gone into the game with a WoW mindset but I’m now having to shift that mindset.)

I decided to start with an Elementalist but I’m not sure if I’ve made the right decision. I have a level 13 ranger from one of my earlier attempts to get into GW2 but wanted to start from scratch. I thought the Elementalist would be pretty much akin to a WoW mage and that the Fire, Water and Air attunements would roughly correspond to Fire, Frost and Arcane. I now realise I have this wrong. I’ve only used the Fire Attunement up until now but tonight, after doing a little reading around the subject, I realise I should be using the other attunements as well, although until I log back in to see what that looks like all I can imagine is a raft of buttons that I’m going to find totally confusing to navigate during combat. I’ve already used glyphs but now realise that in not using the lesser Elemental glyph I’m missing out on a pet taking the aggro off me, which is why, occasionally, I’m a tad squishy.

So there’s still a lot to learn. But that’s to be expected. There was a lot to learn in WoW too I’m sure, it’s just that I started doing it so long ago I’ve forgotten most of what that was like. And all that learning will come. But right now what I’m focused on and enjoying is exploring the world and opening up different areas on the map. There is something about the way GW2 does this that really works for me. As soon as I discover a waypoint I’m off looking for the next one. Along the way I help out whatever local I come across and take part in whatever events spring up in a way that feels very organic. No running to exclamation points or question marks, just naturally discovering things to do as I explore the world.

I’m also really enjoying trying to see all the vistas. Some are extremely tricky without a flying mount but I’m assuming all can be viewed on foot so I’m enjoying the challenge of figuring these out. And I’m loving the personal story. I’ve just completed chapter 3. I enjoy the dialogue, my character’s growing involvement, the fact it’s explored some of her back story, the element of choice and the visual background in the dialogue scenes – it’s simply beautiful.

So in short I’m back playing an MMO but it is GW2 not WoW. It’s early days, I have a lot to learn but so far it’s drawing me in and making me excited to play in a way I’ve not felt since I started WoW. I guess this is because it’s all new, it’s all there to be discovered and it’s a beautiful world to discover in a way that feels very natural and spontaneous. I’m really enjoying my time in Tyria.

It’s a Love Hate thing

Well New Year, new game, but before I launch into all that I mustn’t forget my manners … Happy New Year to everyone still reading this oh so sporadic blog. Hope it’s a fantastic 2016 for you all. As some of you know I had a fairly life changing 2015 and I’m just about getting my head around it all. I’m hoping for a 2016 that’s somewhat less life changing & more “Lets all settle down now and enjoy the little life we are creating.” Fingers crossed.

But what about the new game? I decided to buy Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns yesterday out of my Xmas money (I feel like a teenager saying this – my parents still give me money for Xmas & it seems I’m still too much of a child at heart to spend it on sensible things).  I’ve only played about two hours  so far but I think I like it. I have a Human Elementalist called Iris Seachild. I’m mainly fireballing things at present & now and again setting the ground on fire (then panicking and running out of it like a deranged Sim). Good points – I enjoyed the character customisation bit & the options to create a basic backstory. I hope the latter comes into play as her personal story unfolds (she’s only level 6 at present so that bit hasn’t started yet). I enjoyed changing the colour of my armour – yes who knew I could be into such frivolities? Gameplay-wise I like the fact you only have to speak to one person to be told about a number of different quests in the area rather than having to pick up several quests from different people (returning to each one for reward etc.). The GW2 way feels more natural (if anything in an MMO can ever be “natural”) – the relevant quest just pops up at the top right of your screen when you’re in the right area – there are no exclamation marks or question marks dotted around the landscape (although there are gold hearts!). I very much like the event system – I’ve got sidetracked several times already helping other players complete an event – the unpredictability is fun. Bad points – nothing major really but I don’t like the way you loot bodies – sometimes my click just doesn’t seem to work – might be my mouse, my lax positioning or my feeble fingers. Also the event system means I’m forever wandering off the beaten track & having to teleport back to a waypoint to get my bearings again. The crafting system looks a little overwhelming right now – a massive list of things I don’t have the ingredients to create. I’ve picked tailoring & artificer(…ing?) – I’ve no idea whether they are good ones or not. So far I’ve just made some jute bolts & lining for some jute breeches. I don’t know where to begin as an artificer so I’m ignoring it for the moment.

In summary – Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns – so far so good but early days yet. Unfortunately I have a dreadful cold at the moment so don’t really have the energy to get stuck into it. But I will – once my fingers are less feeble.

In other gaming news – I officially hate the aggressive Mill Rogue decks I’m encountering in Hearthstone Casual mode. I go Casual to escape the stress of the ladder not to end playing interminably long and frustrating games against some opponent having way too much fun milling my deck with Grimscale Oracles and healing himself to timbuctoo with multiple Antique Healbots (thanks to Gang Up). All’s fair in love, war & Hearthstone I know but it is such an irritating deck to play against & you feel quite ashamed when you lose against what feels like a gimmicky one trick pony deck (although it’s probably really hard to play well – if I did it I’d probably over mill my own deck while somehow ensuring my opponent had a perfect hand). Yes I lost against it & I didn’t like it. I’m now playing my own “opponent joy sucker” – a Reno Priest deck. Played 6 and won 4. Could almost taste my opponent’s tears  when I won. They tasted quite like my own against the Mill Rogue deck – salty with a hint of anger and a light seasoning of bitter revenge. Oh Hearthstone – you give me such highs and lows. Every day I both hate and love you. While I might end up enjoying Guild Wars 2 I don’t think it will ever quite inspire the emotions I can feel in a Hearthstone game nor topple it from my personal gaming league.  But then again it’s early days – the story of Iris Seaschild may yet draw me in provided she learns to stop running away from her own circles of fire and figures out how to tailor herself a nice dress (one that covers a bit more of her cleavage than her current attire – she’s not a girl that dresses for the weather it seems).