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Glyphs Galore

Fantastic new announcement today – have you heard? New glyph system for dungeons based on the role you play rather than your class. Completely different from anything we’ve ever seen before.

I’ve read some pre-patch notes on what the Prime glyphs are going to be like. Have a feeling we’re going to be wondering how we ever managed without them.

Tank Prime Glyphs

Glyph of Map Awareness

Fantastic addition. No longer will any tank need to look at the map (the animation just gives you away) or ask sheepishly, “Where to now?” Once you have this glyph you will instinctively know your way around the dungeon even if you’ve never ever been there before. And even if you somehow get it wrong the dungeon will now rearrange itself to fit with your perception. Since you are of course all knowing and all powerful –  always have been but at last the games mechanic has caught up. Continue reading “Glyphs Galore”