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Ah the Shame

Since returning to Hearthstone I’ve had to do quite a bit of catch up reading on Heathpwn to find out what’s been happening and what’s hot in the meta. It turns out it’s Aggro Shaman (although all I seem to see are Druids filling the board with increasingly powerful Jade Golems). I’ve always had a love/hate relationship with Shaman. When I started it was my favourite deck to play but then I went crazy one day and disenchanted a Doomhammer to then find the class unplayable. But the new Shaman decks appear to be Doomhammer-less and all aggro and in your face. At least I think so. Aggro is another thing I’ve always had problems with. Do you always go face with aggro or do you sometimes trade? After X many years playing Hearthstone I should know this. I know where I am with decks where you’re fighting for board control and tempo but with decks where you need to make choices and even go face even when everything inside you is insisting you trade – well that’s hard.

I had to craft a couple of cards to play this deck – and I still don’t have Patches. Also realised I hadn’t done the Karazhan Shaman adventure so was missing Maelstrom Portal. All sorted now although I’m ashamed to say it took me two attempts to beat the Mirror.

I’ve been disenchanting quite a bit recently to get what I need for other decks too. So it’s been bye bye Rhonin and Rend and hello Yogg and lots of other rares and epics that I need to fill out my ranks and allow me to be somewhat competitive (if rank 19 can ever be called competitive…!).

Anyway  back to my aggro shaman – just played one game (getting a deck ready to play seems to take longer than the game itself). It was some sort of Freeze Mage – possibly a Reno one that never drew Reno or Flamestrike – thank heavens. I won by the skin of my teeth with a Lava Burst top deck right to the face boosted with double spellpower. It was not easy despite all the forum chat that says Aggro Shaman is just too easy to play, too strong, beats everything etc. It’s not going to be that way for me. I think I’m the only person who made Zoo Warlock and Aggro Hunter look really hard to play. In my heart I remain a control/tempo player so these quicker decks really push me out of my comfort zone.

And I also feel some shame – shame at jumping on the “easy win” bandwagon. Although for me I don’t think this deck will mean easy wins. So not even sure why I’m playing it. I suppose it’s the deep down desire to find a deck that will help me move up the ranks and maybe one day hit Legend.

Hope really does spring eternal.

It’s Been a Lifetime Baby

Oh it’s been so so long since I wrote on here. So much has happened. Oh not much at all really. Depending on how you look at it.

First WoW – my computer started crashing whenever I tried to play it. This started before Xmas. Maybe Oct or November. I forget. A long long time ago (bye bye Miss American Pie). So I unsubbed. I’m sad about this (started pining for WoW the other day when watching Kung Fu Panda 3 – not sure why) but I tried everything I could think of. It’s a Windows 10 laptop. WoW gets to the loading screen then the sound goes funny, everything freezes and I have to do a hard reboot. So no WoW.

But maybe it’s for the best. I have been so busy doing lots of Udemy and Udacity courses (mobile apps, web apps, Unity games etc). I don’t know how I would fit WoW in. Still don’t know where all this IT stuff will take me but I’m enjoying learning new things and creating stuff and that’s important right?

Being a parent, working full time and dabbling in IT development doesn’t leave me with much time for anything else (apart from binge watching Gilmore Girls – I missed out on this first time round so in mega catch up mode). I don’t even play Minecraft anymore (all three YouTube subscribers are devastated by this). Daughter &  I do enjoy the odd game of HoTS. I love playing LiLi – she heals without having to focus or aim (my kind of healer). Can still get rather frazzled (you know what I’m like in high pressured gaming environments – and it doesn’t come much more high pressured than HoTS easy AI setting….).

And more recently, home from work ill with an awful cold, I’ve returned to Hearthstone. I can’t do much – I’m too tired (and not just from the cold – visit my site if you want to read my tales of woe about my other issue) but I have completed the Mean Streets of Gadgetzan quests & finally completed the middle pre-built Mage deck  (I forget the name – Mayhem & Madness or is that just my life this afternoon?).  Still only Level 20 but it feels nice to be back playing. Even without the computer issue I just don’t have the time for WoW but I do have the time to play the odd Hearthstone game and I had forgotten how much I love it.

Nice to be back here too.

I Must Resist

Just read the following on Blizzard Watch.

“a revamped version of Karazhan coming in patch 7.1.”

Oooh.  I’m quite excited about this. I never experienced original Karazhan properly (at the right level) in a raid. Long time readers know I’m not much of a raider and before LFR never did any raids at all. I’ve gone there with husband and daughter with higher level characters to explore the place and I love its look and feel. So it will be great to go there in a 5 man group. I also understand there is a pre-expansion questline that gets you back into Karazhan this week. I knew there was a new quest this week – Khadgar’s servant  has shown his …um …face? again – but I’ve not done it yet. Hoping to get round to it today.

The 5 man will have nine bosses and an opera event featuring various stories. Old Karazhan should remain and so you can still try and get Attumen’s mount – a mount that still eludes me (probably because I’ve only tried to get it about three times – I just can’t grind for mounts, it’s too depressing).

Anyway this all ties nicely into the Hearthstone Karazhan adventure of course – but that’s something I’ve yet to play. I have so neglected Hearthstone since coming back to WoW. There simply aren’t enough hours. Plus I can’t really justify spending money on another adventure and I don’t have enough gold (because I’m not playing enough etc.) and so … not played the adventure. First adventure/expansion that I’ve not been a part of. And it looks fun too. At the back of my mind I’m concerned this means I will start to fall behind in Hearthstone – as in if I choose to play I won’t be able to go on and quickly pull together a viable deck for the meta as I won’t have played the latest expansion or adventure and I won’t have the best cards. So there is this nagging pull to get in there and do it to just remain on par even I don’t do much else with it at the moment. But it’s more money… just to remain on par in a game I’m not playing that much right now. No no no. I won’t do it. And if this means I have to remain  in the 20s forever on Heathstone so be it. There are worse places to be.

But part of me does want to go to the party.

*Edit: Just before clicking post daughter read out to me “Last chance to get special card back” which I realised was the Karazhan card back, so I’m currently logging in to see what it involves and…yes quite possibly I will now go on to do the reverse of everything I said above.*

Let’s Bake a Deck

The recent Hearthstone patch brought with it the new Deck Recipes. Basically 3 recipes per class to get you quickly underway with a particular deck type. I’ve been trying it out this morning (so excited in fact I got up at 5am – is this uber geekness or uber sadness?). I started with a Shaman Murloc deck which was a disaster as I forgot it was an aggressive deck & started playing it control style. On top of that I was also against a Murloc Paladin deck & so had to hold back from using all my murloc buffs. When it was obvious I was going to lose I politely conceded and had another go only to meet yet another Paladin Murloc deck. This time I tried to play more aggressively but it was hard when I still had to clear the little murlocs out of the way first. I lost again. In a huff I decided to give up on Shaman Murloc & instead  try a Pally deck. The options were Classic Pally, Dragon Pally and of course Murloc Pally. Seems the latter is the deck of choice for everyone playing at rank of 18 (yes I’m not doing very well this month). Never one to follow the crowd (unless they’re heading towards a chocolate fountain) I opted for Dragon Pally instead. The deck was automatically populated with all the cards I needed but I was missing one card – Chillmaw – so it offered me two replacements and I chose good old Tirion.

As soon as the match started I discovered I was against a Dragon priest (opening card a buffed Twilight Whelp) – hmm a Dragon Pally against a Dragon Priest. What’s going on? Actually it seems everyone (like me) is currently trying out Deck Recipes so we’re inevitably seeing the same decks. I’m sure it will calm down. Anyway this match had a happier outcome for me as I won. Yay.

I then tried out the Mage Deck Recipe. Three choices – Classic, Spells & Dragon. Once again the Welsh in me would not be denied and I opted for the Dragon one. Again another win. Maybe the heady heights of 17 are not too far away.

What I like about the recipes is that it makes doing your dailies much easier. You can quickly check what your quests are and pull a suitable deck together from the recipes. Even if you don’t have all the cards it offers replacement choices. This seems easier and quicker than netdecking from sites like Hearthpwn or Icy Veins. Not sure how the recipes will fare further up the ranks but right now it’s fine for me and it at least means I will now try to do some quests that involve classes I don’t usually play eg Warrior and Rogue. But NOT Murloc Shaman. No never again. I should have remembered from my WoW days – murlocs have never been nor ever will ever be my friends. Mgrlllmgrlrrr.


Where Art Thou?

For too long now I’ve been netdecking from Hearthpwn. Sometimes I have success with a deck taken from there, sometimes I have epic failures, never do I get to Legend. So this month I’ve decided to go it alone with my own Mage Reno deck.  See here:-

Feel free to netdeck if you like to play something slow & inconsistent 🙂

Currently I’m rank 14 which is pretty bad given we are nearly at the end of the month! But I refuse to give up. I am going to stick with this deck & keep iterating & improving. It’s already changed quite a bit from when it started out – it had an Effigy & a Molten Giant but I did not get particularly good value from either (the Molten Giant was usually unplayable because I was in such good health – excellent constitution me – and I usually mistimed my Effigy).  I also had Chromaggus but again struggled to get value from it – too often my opponent destroyed it right after I played it. So I waved goodbye to the dragon & brought in the good old Archmage instead.

Explanation of choices:-

Mana Wyrm – my preferred 1 drop over Zombie Chow. I have enough spells to make it work and while I did try the Zombie I too often found myself hanging onto it late game because, like a wayward doctor, I didn’t want to give the opponent any health.

Flamecannon, Frostbolt, Fireball, Forgotten Torch   – standard Mage spells & all begin with F for those of you who like the odd alphabetical synergy in your deck.

Unstable Portal – sometimes I’m lucky enough to coin this out & get a good minion for 0 mana. It’s this sort of skill that will help me reach Legend – I just know it.

Mad Scientist – standard two drop

Harrison, Snowchugger & Water Elemental – all been useful against weapon classes. Snowchugger once did a sterling job keeping a warrior frozen for much of the game. Bless the little chugga.

Polymorph & Big Game Hunter – basic removals.

Refreshment Vendor, Antique Healbot, Ice Block, Ice Barrier – all there to keep me alive until  I’ve Reno’d. Possibly too many. Sometimes I have two heals & a Reno in hand and 30 health – too much of a good thing. On those occasions I fireball my face for the fun of it (just kidding – I’m not that cool)

Blizzard & Flamestrike – basic board clears

Deathlord & Sludge Belcher  – basic taunts

Ethereal Conjurer-  I like to have a surprise spell mid game

Azure Drake – my only real card draw. Yes I live on the edge.

Antonidas, Boom & Ysera – my three biggies. I’ve played around quite a bit with these – was running Kelthuzad for a while but found I never got round to playing him.

Spellbreaker – because sometimes you need a silence & this is stickier than the owl

Elise – because sometimes you just want a hand & deck full of legendaries for some extra fun 🙂

Loatheb & Thaurissian – just two good minions that can frustrate the opponent

Reno – the blessed heart of the deck. After posting a few weeks ago about how much I hate him I have now decided I badly misjudged the old guy. He’s my new BFF and we’re in it together.


So this is the deck. It’s the first one I’ve ever posted on Hearthpwn. I’m that committed to the deck I’ve gone public. Wish us well 🙂

You are Squelched

I’ve had a fairly good start to Hearthstone this month – well fairly good for me anyway (the Legend rank remains a mythical promised land).  I’m rank 12 (with 2 stars – let’s not forget those 2 stars). It got there using a quickish Pally deck found on Hearthpwn. It worked well from 17 to 12 but yesterday afternoon it started to fail me – or I failed it (yes I admit it’s probably the latter). I just could not budge from 12 to 11 & in fact I started to move the wrong way (yes 13 beckoned). Plus my nerves were quite shredded playing the deck. It isn’t 100% face – sometimes the better play is to clear the board. But when playing it I never knew when to make that better play! In fact I was pretty much uncertain every step of the way & clearly at rank 12 my decisions were wrong. I think the truth is I’m a midrange/tempo girl at heart. It feels quite simple. You keep clearing minions until you have a clear board & then you go face. The simplicity suits me (although given my non Legend status maybe I’m underestimating the complexity here too?)

So currently I’m trying out (again) a Tempo Mage. So far I’ve stabilised at 12 (& 2 stars!!) but whether this is a type of deck that can bring me more success remains to be seen. There are still decisions to be made here too and there’s a 50% chance I will make the wrong ones.  For fun I’ve also just played two games with an “almost OTK” Warrior deck. It uses Djinni to copy the charge/buff you’ve given one of your other minions – with the right buffs it can do 20+ attack on one turn. But I’m also finding this deck quite stressful to play (maybe I should just give up & go do some yoga or something?) I’ve won one game and lost the other but even the one I won didn’t quite pull off the combo as planned. You need to quickly calculate the damage you can do via your minions & buffs and work out (a)whether it’s lethal (& if so yay); (b)  not quite lethal but still worth doing (mini yay); or (c) no way lethal & for goodness sake just do something before the rope burns and …oh no too late and ooh look your opponent is sarcastically emoting like there’s no tomorrow. Great.

And this brings me to emotes and the Squelch button. All hail the blessed Squelch. I love it so much I’m making it the first thing I press at the start of every game.  I just can’t stand all the sarcastic emotes I’m seeing these days (is it just me or has there been an increase in what people are calling Hearthstone player “saltiness” recently?). It usually goes like this: (1)Your opponent destroys your well planned board & immediately follows up with a “Sorry that happened” (Are you, really?). Or (2) Your opponent has made a really great play and confounded all your plans. As you pause a moment to restrategise out comes his/her “Greetings” (What is the point of this ?). Or (3)Your Knife Juggler gets in a lucky  hit. We all know it’s lucky & that there’s a lot of RNG in this game but of course your opponent has to respond with a “Well Played” (I suspect this is the Hearthstone equivalent of a toddler tantrum).

What are these emotes all about? I get the frustration behind the last example but what about the others? They seem motivated more by boredom and the urge to troll. Do these players find the game so easy, simple and tedious to play that they have to entertain themselves with pointless emotes?  I don’t understand it. If they’re that great why are they playing at rank 12? Why aren’t they out BMing in the Legend ranks (is there a lot of BM at Legend?). It’s become so bad that I’ve even become suspicious of a “Greetings” at the start of a game. I’m pretty certain some players are doing this just to test if you can see the emotes (I find if you reply there tends to be  a lot of BM later in the game). Now I know some people will say it’s all just a bit of fun and it’s just a game & I’m overreacting and blah blah blah. And yes when I’ve seen the Pros do it in tournaments the casters seem to love it. But I don’t like it.  I don’t see the need for it and I don’t do it myself. So I’m proactively squelching now. Right at the start of the game everyone gets squelched. And I’m enjoying my games far more. But I do feel bad about all the nice players out there who are genuinely saying “Greetings” at the start of the game. I don’t mean to be ignorant honest. But I’m trying to cut back on my salt.

It’s a Love Hate thing

Well New Year, new game, but before I launch into all that I mustn’t forget my manners … Happy New Year to everyone still reading this oh so sporadic blog. Hope it’s a fantastic 2016 for you all. As some of you know I had a fairly life changing 2015 and I’m just about getting my head around it all. I’m hoping for a 2016 that’s somewhat less life changing & more “Lets all settle down now and enjoy the little life we are creating.” Fingers crossed.

But what about the new game? I decided to buy Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns yesterday out of my Xmas money (I feel like a teenager saying this – my parents still give me money for Xmas & it seems I’m still too much of a child at heart to spend it on sensible things).  I’ve only played about two hours  so far but I think I like it. I have a Human Elementalist called Iris Seachild. I’m mainly fireballing things at present & now and again setting the ground on fire (then panicking and running out of it like a deranged Sim). Good points – I enjoyed the character customisation bit & the options to create a basic backstory. I hope the latter comes into play as her personal story unfolds (she’s only level 6 at present so that bit hasn’t started yet). I enjoyed changing the colour of my armour – yes who knew I could be into such frivolities? Gameplay-wise I like the fact you only have to speak to one person to be told about a number of different quests in the area rather than having to pick up several quests from different people (returning to each one for reward etc.). The GW2 way feels more natural (if anything in an MMO can ever be “natural”) – the relevant quest just pops up at the top right of your screen when you’re in the right area – there are no exclamation marks or question marks dotted around the landscape (although there are gold hearts!). I very much like the event system – I’ve got sidetracked several times already helping other players complete an event – the unpredictability is fun. Bad points – nothing major really but I don’t like the way you loot bodies – sometimes my click just doesn’t seem to work – might be my mouse, my lax positioning or my feeble fingers. Also the event system means I’m forever wandering off the beaten track & having to teleport back to a waypoint to get my bearings again. The crafting system looks a little overwhelming right now – a massive list of things I don’t have the ingredients to create. I’ve picked tailoring & artificer(…ing?) – I’ve no idea whether they are good ones or not. So far I’ve just made some jute bolts & lining for some jute breeches. I don’t know where to begin as an artificer so I’m ignoring it for the moment.

In summary – Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns – so far so good but early days yet. Unfortunately I have a dreadful cold at the moment so don’t really have the energy to get stuck into it. But I will – once my fingers are less feeble.

In other gaming news – I officially hate the aggressive Mill Rogue decks I’m encountering in Hearthstone Casual mode. I go Casual to escape the stress of the ladder not to end playing interminably long and frustrating games against some opponent having way too much fun milling my deck with Grimscale Oracles and healing himself to timbuctoo with multiple Antique Healbots (thanks to Gang Up). All’s fair in love, war & Hearthstone I know but it is such an irritating deck to play against & you feel quite ashamed when you lose against what feels like a gimmicky one trick pony deck (although it’s probably really hard to play well – if I did it I’d probably over mill my own deck while somehow ensuring my opponent had a perfect hand). Yes I lost against it & I didn’t like it. I’m now playing my own “opponent joy sucker” – a Reno Priest deck. Played 6 and won 4. Could almost taste my opponent’s tears  when I won. They tasted quite like my own against the Mill Rogue deck – salty with a hint of anger and a light seasoning of bitter revenge. Oh Hearthstone – you give me such highs and lows. Every day I both hate and love you. While I might end up enjoying Guild Wars 2 I don’t think it will ever quite inspire the emotions I can feel in a Hearthstone game nor topple it from my personal gaming league.  But then again it’s early days – the story of Iris Seaschild may yet draw me in provided she learns to stop running away from her own circles of fire and figures out how to tailor herself a nice dress (one that covers a bit more of her cleavage than her current attire – she’s not a girl that dresses for the weather it seems).



Bravetank does … a Tournament!

Recently I’ve taken part in two Hearthstone tournaments. The first one was not great. Lost opening match 2-0 to someone who (a)successfully Golden Monkeyed me (not a euphemism) (b)completely bamboozled me with a Hunter secret I was not expecting (Dart Trap! – first time I’ve ever seen it played!). Last Wednesday though the story was slightly different – I made it to round 6. Amazing! It has to be said though that my journey would have ended at match 2 without the generosity of my second opponent. Basically I was losing & about to concede when they told me that they had to leave for football practice and so wanted to give me the wins so I had a chance to proceed to the next round. It was so nice of them. They also told me to remember Swipe as I’d played into it twice! So off I went into round 3 and amazingly I won that match and the following 2. Basically opponent 2’s generosity allowed me to experience more tournament play in one night than I could ever have imagined. And I was really glad I won the following 3 matches all fair and square since after beating my first opponent I got a rather mean DM from him saying I was a “luckster” and 100% guaranteed to lose the next match (which I would have done actually had my opponent not basically given it to me !) because I was so low on the ladder. And yes I am low- currently rank 14. But I still went on to win another three matches. There are of course many Legend players in these tournaments but not everyone is Legend (I played someone at rank 13) & the Legend players are not unbeatable (I beat two I think – I didn’t notice everyone’s rank). So just goes to show it’s not all about your position on the ladder.

In the tournament I used Mid-Range Paladin, Mid-Range Druid and Dragon Priest. The Druid match always seems to depend on how quick I could get the combo out (Force of Nature & Savage Roar) & I didn’t particularly enjoy playing it. The Paladin was fine – pretty solid and consistent, but a tad boring perhaps. I was too scared to go for my more interesting Freeze Mage and Reno Lock decks as I’m still making mistakes when I play them (just lost two on the trot with my Freeze Mage & had to endure a ridiculous amount of BM from my opponents – what is it with people these days, and why do they assume they are not squelched? And more to the point – why don’t I squelch?!!) My Dragon Priest remains my favourite to play.

The mechanics of the tournament scared me at first – you have to click a button to say you are ready within 10 mins of your opponent saying they are ready (otherwise they get a “defwin”), you have to pick your three classes & not change them mid match, you have to remember to change class if you win (it was Conquest mode) & to take screenshots in case of dispute. You also have to add your opponent to your friend list & send them a challenge. This is all straight forward stuff on paper but not when your hands are trembling with nerves. But I did it!

The entire thing took three hours! I honestly thought it would be another defeat in the first round. But I kept winning. At the end it was a Secret Paladin that proved my undoing. I still am not clear on what I need to do once Mysterious Challenger comes into play. I know the order the secrets pop but I still get my own order of attack all wrong.

I was worried about adding people to my friends list and the first message I received from the bitter defeated opponent did shake me up a little, but mostly people sent nice messages (before the match  it was “GL HF” – Good Luck Have Fun I assume), and one wished me good luck after I beat him/her too. And of course opponent 2 was really nice to let me have the wins & therefore give me the chance to proceed further. But will I do more of these tournaments? Well at potentially 3+ hours each tournament the answer has to be a no. I just can’t give up all that time to Hearthstone! But would I recommend anyone considering a tournament to try it out (even if like me they are most definitely not a Legend player) –  yes absolutely, give it a go. You might be surprised at how far you go. I was!

To Legend and Beyond?

Well I ended my November Hearthstone series at rank 13. At one point I hit rank 10 – I’m so disappointed to have slipped back to 13. My Dragon/Vol’Jin Priest deck let me down (how could you Vol’Jin after I disenchanted so many cards to craft you!) & I spent too much time doing daily quests with classes I’m not that keen on just to get enough gold to buy LoE wings. It’s a hard life isn’t it?! I think the LoE cards were worth it in the end though. Not so much Reno – I did try him (yes despite the fact I recently wrote about my Reno Jackson woes I did end up trying out a few Reno decks) but I did not have much success. I tried a Warlock Reno combo thinking I could life tap my way to Reno victory – I ended up life tapping my way to death;  I then tried a Mage one which I had one win without even drawing Reno and several losses where the Reno health gain proved totally irrelevant.

No the card I’m enjoying most is the Hunter Tomb Spider card. I’ve been playing quite a bit of this deck & doing quite well with it. This isn’t a Face Hunter deck – something I’m glad of as I hate playing Face Hunter (I always feel slightly ashamed as if I’m taking some low road to victory, even though I am really poor at playing Face Hunter and rarely achieve any victories!). Generally I’m a “control the board” gal & this new Hunter deck allows me to do this while making the most of all the lovely beast synergies the deck has on offer (& I have now randomly drawn King Krush so many times I can finally come to terms with disenchanting him so many moons ago).

I also now have the new Shaman one drop Tunnel Trogg so I thought about trying the Shaman deck everyone is excited about where the Tunnel Trogg allows you to turn the overload mechanic to your advantage. However, I disenchanted my only Doomhammer two weeks or so ago to craft Vol’jin for my Dragon Priest deck and … well you know where this is going.  So right now the Shaman deck is not for me.

Finally there’s also a new Pally card that seems quite good (Keeper of Uldaman) and I have added it to my Pally deck. However, I don’t have Justicar so I’m not that hopeful – this deck seems to be the standard. Nevertheless, I have played two games with it – one narrow victory over a Rogue (I had one health & Tirion on the board, he had  already played his two Saps so yay- cue Valeera huffily giving up); then a loss with a Warlock who outplayed me with a well timed Sylvanas (no yay – cue Uther standing shamefaced in the corner – bad old Uther – you should know how to handle Sylvanas by now).

So what am I playing today  – well actually I’m playing a new Dragon Priest deck! Yes life comes full circle and of course I’m Welsh so I find it hard to keep away from the dragons. So far one loss and one win. The story of my Hearthstone life it seems. At this rate I’ll end the month in exactly the same position as I’ve started it.

But no! That’s not good enough! I have a lot to do this month. I want to get further up the ladder than I’ve ever been before – in fact to Legend & beyond, because from this month on if you achieve Legend you get World Championship points. Yes WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP points! You all know I want to be the first ever middle aged female Welsh winner of Blizzcon. Unlikely – yes. A worthy dream – perhaps. So here goes- another month on my journey to Legend and beyond. This could be history in the making 🙂


It’s not me it’s you (okay it might be me)

I’ve been playing Kolento’s Dragon Priest deck recently with everything bar Voljin (which I don’t have – I’ve replaced with Sylvanas) and it had been working out quite well up until now. But while I managed to go from rank 17 to 13 with this deck, yesterday morning was a total disaster darling (yes I’m channelling Craig Revel Horwood now – it’s that bad).

Game 1

I started against a Mage (never a favourite – too many unexpected fiery things coming right at my face). I had Power Word Shield, Azure Drake and Twilight Whelp in my starting hand. I kept all three so that I could play a buffed Twilight Whelp on turn 1 and give it some extra heath on turn 2. Yes – naive little me. It was only as I gently placed my baby whelp on the board that I remembered Frost Bolt (it’s not just the fiery stuff you have to be afraid of). The Mage had it hand (of course he did) & coined it out. Bye bye little whelp – I miss you dearly.

I had no turn 2 move & drew Velen’s Choice. Great.

The Mage had the perfect hand. He/She played Sorcerer’s Apprentice (spell costs reduced by 1) & a cheap as chips Mirror Image. I had a Holy Nova in hand. I’d show these Mirror Images what they were up against on turn 5 – yes turn 5!! – a lifetime away.  Biding my time (frustratingly) I played a Dark Cultist that was promptly dispatched by a cost reduced Flame Cannon. Cheapskate Mage then cast another reduced price spell (Arcane Intellect) & drew 2 cards. I drew Cabal Shadow Priest which (a)can’t do anything until turn 6 (b)can’t do anything much unless your opponent has an under 3 attack minion. Terrific. I could only sit there & heal myself – always the mark of the defeated on turn 4. By now the Mage had a Mana Wyrm down, a Knife Juggler & had played Unstable Portal (making the 1:3 Mana Wyrm a 2:3).  I Holy Nova’d on turn 5 (finally) but of course could not kill the Wyrm. This turned out to be a real shame (for me) as the Mage then brought out an unexpected Windspeaker (damn you Unstable Portal) & both windfuried the Mana Wyrm and cast some spell so they now had a 3/1 Mana Wyrm who could hit me for 6. I was too stunned to do much on my turn 6 apart from play Azure Drake & Power Word: Shield while giving my Cabal Shadow Priest a rather disappointed look.

I then glanced away from my computer for barely a second & when I looked back there seemed to be another Windspeaker on the board (what? how?)  and two Mirror Images. My health was down to 7. I still can’t figure out what happened. Since I didn’t have a dragon worth talking about (apart from the Welsh dragon that is forever in my heart) I could not usefully play my Blackwing Corruptor so I instead played something rubbish – I forget what – and on the next turn the Mage windfuried me to death. Thank you sir.

My rank – down from 13 to 14 just like that.

Game 2

Undeterred (but down at mouth) I went  in again. Paladin this time – and a Secrets Pally at that who coined a secret on turn 1. I had Shadow Word Pain, Azure Drake & Velen’s Choice in hand (not my choice – in a fit of pique I had thrown the initial offering back into the pot). I had nothing to play on turn 1 or turn 2. He played Muster for Battle on turn 3.  I refused to Shadow Word Pain a paltry 1:1 and instead healed myself  (take that Pally chops). He played Warhorse Trainer, turning all his 1:1s into 2:1s – awesome. Meekly I Shadow Word Pained one of them but of course he had the Avenge secret up anyway and the 3/2 buff kicked in. In return I kicked myself. By now shockingly I was 18 health (when did that happen?). I played Azure Drake (nothing else in hand but in playing this card I then lost the dragon that could have helped the Wyrmrest Agent I drew from Azure Drake – oh the irony  – Alanis quick add this to your song). More shockingly I was now 8 health and he had 8 on the board & a 1 damage weapon. Yikes. I healed myself to 10, he hit me silly for 9 and then played a cheeky Loatheb (I was too beaten to even think of playing a spell). I eventually got the right combo to play a 4 health taunt but that was all rather pointless and he despatched it & me quickly. Game over.

Game 3

Last one of the morning – a Hunter. He opened with Webspinner. I had Wyrmrest Agent but no dragon. I played it anyway just to do something. He played a secret (ah another secret deck) & I killed the Webspinner. The secret didn’t trigger so I assumed  (wrongly as it turns out) that he had Explosive Trap. He played a stealthy Jungle Panther. I hit face with my dragon & discovered his secret was Bear Trap leaving me facing a 3/3 taunted bear. I dealt with it via a quick Shadow Word Pain. The bear howled but was quickly replaced by a tricky Piloted Shredder. I put Velen’s Choice on the Wyrmrest Agent & killed the Piloted Shredder to reveal a Mad Bomber. He then played a Ram Wrangler  – a new card to me but before I had time to ooh and aah the wrangler has summoned another beast and oh no a bloody Tundra Rhino which enabled his minions to clear mine & several points of my health. I used Blackwing Corruptor for three damage on the Ram Wrangler (an Azure Drake in hand). My cunning plan was to Holy Nova his 2 health minions once I got the mana. He Kill Commanded my Blackwing Corruptor and then his minions hit me for 6 & his Eaglehorn Bow for another 3 and in a blink of an eye I had only 12 health. I finally got a chance to use my Holy Nova which raised me back to 14 but it was all too late in the day. He whispered a secret, I played Wyrmrest Agent and Azure Drake (in that order thankfully – I have done it the wrong way round before now thereby losing my chance at a taunt. Doh). He mercilessly used his hero power on my face bringing me down to 10.  I shrank one of his minions (thank you Shrinkmeister dude) to ensure that it didn’t kill my minion when I killed it (clever huh), but when I then went face I triggered explosive trap (ah there you are my old friend) & there was total and utter carnage (again with the Craig Revel Horwood) on my side of the board. I played Dark Cultist but he had his bow,  his hero power, a Quick Shot & a silence. Say no more.  Goodnight & thank you.


No more Dragon priest. I can’t win anything at this level with this deck. It’s the deck’s fault though. And a bit of bad RNG too. And maybe the phases of the moon.


This morning in a fit of “if you can’t beat them join them” I pulled together a Secrets Paladin deck and amazingly won – 2 matches out of 5 that is. And 2 of my losses were to … you guessed it – a Dragon Priest deck. Aaargh. I have to admit it – I think it might be me after all.