The Great Escape

I think without gaming I’m not quite myself and not quite living the life I want  to be living. That  all sounds rather grandiose and over the top I know  (what me, over the top, never!) but I honestly think it’s true. The realisation came to me today after finally getting a chance to do some gaming yesterday after […]

Ah the Shame

Since returning to Hearthstone I’ve had to do quite a bit of catch up reading on Heathpwn to find out what’s been happening and what’s hot in the meta. It turns out it’s Aggro Shaman (although all I seem to see are Druids filling the board with increasingly powerful Jade Golems). I’ve always had a […]

It’s Been a Lifetime Baby

Oh it’s been so so long since I wrote on here. So much has happened. Oh not much at all really. Depending on how you look at it. First WoW – my computer started crashing whenever I tried to play it. This started before Xmas. Maybe Oct or November. I forget. A long long time […]

Content Rich Time Poor

I’m feeling so embarrassed. I’m still only 104. I’ve played at most 2 hours this week. The main reason for this is that I’m using the “magic hour” (first thing in the morning – 5-6am- before I go off to work) to continue working through the Udacity Beginner Android Developer course. Long time readers know I’m […]

Not so noble

Thank goodness for these comments here. I have been so lost trying to find the Lost Legion in Stormheim (and yes I appreciate the irony). I tried and failed yesterday morning. Then I took a break to do my Holy Artifact quest (confidence in healing now zero) and came back and got lost again. I’ve had to […]

Pocket WoW

So as you’ll all have heard by now at Pax West it was announced that:- A Wow Companion Phone app is coming out on Tuesday; This will be for order hall missions; We will be able to use it to upgrade our order halls,  manage recruit gear and send our loyal followers off on missions; Oh and see what World […]

Keep Azeroth Tidy

Just a quick post this morning to let you know I have recently re released Keep Azeroth Tidy on Smashwords. Totally free. It used to be on Amazon but you can’t go 100% free there, lowest is 99p I think. I took it down some time ago partly due to that and partly due to […]

I totally meant to do that

Don’t read this if you don’t want to be spoiled about the Retribution Paladin artifact quest. Please don’t. I beg you. … Ok let’s give it another inch (cue inappropriate innuendo … nope I’ve restrained myself). … Helloooo. Is anyone still here?   Ok good – I’ll start.   As you know Terema my Retribution […]

Mum can I fly please?

Ok so what’s the plan for flying? I’m running into rocks and falling off cliffs far too much for someone of my delicate disposition. Something needs to be done. There’s a post on Blizzard Watch  (re-post actually as it was previously published  back in April) that gives some information. BW starts by saying, “You may […]

Bye Bye Blaugust

Well I did it. 31 posts. Blaugust 2016 (my first ever Blaugust) all done and dusted. It’s been a fun month. At times it’s been hard getting on here to write a post (ok I lie – at times it’s been hard breaking away from WoW to write a post) but it has been worth […]