Day in the Life

Training as an immigrant hunter is no fun. I decide on the spur of the moment to leave my home in Darnassus and reach out to my real spiritual home of Stormwind (first ever character Human Paladin)  but talk about pick your moments…. I find my way from Darnassus to Auberdine (I forgot you needed to go to Auberdine first – thought there was a boat from Darnassus to Menethil Harbour – please no one tell me in the comments there is). Got to MH and worked out the run back but then remembered I had to go to work (this was 7am) so made my husband do the corpse run dance back to Loch Modan (he’s a good ‘un).

Eventually got to Stormwind (think tram and yucky rats) only eventually (think large candles and rather tetchy kobolds) to hit 10 to be told I need to go back to DOLANNAR to be trained in beast training!! Really?? No one out of the 3 hunter trainers in Dwarven can do this.? I mean I know this is Wow Classic but really – what were they thinking back in the day?

So anyway I traipse back to Dolannar in the wee small hours (I’m Welsh but I usurp the Scottish dialect like there’s no tomorrow mun) and I train 3 types of beasts to get my training hand thingymajig which means I’m finally a bit of a hunter.

I hearthstone back to Stormwind (I’m no fool) and fly to Loch Modan (I’m a bit of  a fool) to train something white that matches my hair. I end up training an Ice Claw Bear who turns out to be GREY and pretty poor at holding aggro – but we’ll revisit that again. Anyway I name him Ted for a laugh and set off back to Stormwind.

Back in Stormwind I learn people are kind  but it comes with a price .  I run past some dude in Stormwind. He opens a trade window and gives me an 8 SLOT QUIVER. I am aghast. I only have an 6 slot. I come from the streets. I have nothing to give him in return (I am unwilling to give up my stack of broken canines if truth be told). So I daringly press accept, waiting for the kicker. Nothing comes -that’s it. I have an 8 slot quiver.

Then it gets awkward.

I spent some time sorting myself out then decide to run to Old Town. I am still in the exploratory Paul Simon  (still lost in Stormwind after all these years) stage and want to remind myself what’s there. But I see him. Trader Dude, just ahead of me. Ooh I think. He might think I’m following looking for more loot. So I hang back a bit to be polite and then, when the coast is clear, carry on running and see the Pig and Whistle. Ooh I think (totally Carry On style). A good place to hearthstone  – it’s near my Leatherwork trainers, Hunter trainers (when it suits), and as it turns out my Cooking trainer – it has the lot. What an awesome place to call home. Cheers in Boston be damned. But I go in there and there HE IS. Trader Dude. Chatting up the barmaid. He sees me. I see him. It’s totally awkward. He runs past me. The louse. I run after  him – I have him on follow. Christ when did that happen? Shit. Day in the life of a stalker.



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