Day in the Life

I decide on the spur of the moment to leave my home in Darnassus and reach out to my real spiritual home of Stormwind but talk about pick your moments. I find my way from Darnassus to Auberdine (I forgot you needed to go to Auberdine first – thought there was a boat from Darnassus to Menethil Harbour – please no one tell me in the comments there is). Got to MH and worked out the run back but then remembered I had to go to work (this was 7am) so made my husband do the corpse run dance back to Loch Modan (he’s a good ‘un).

Eventually got to Stormwind (think tram and yucky rats) only eventually (think large candles and rather tetchy kobolds) to hit 10 to be told I need to go back to DOLANNAR to be trained in beast training!! Really?? No one out of the 3 hunter trainers in Dwarven can do this.? I mean I know this is Wow Classic but really – what were they thinking back in the day?

So anyway I traipse back to Dolannar in the wee small hours and I train 3 types of beasts to get my training hand thingymajig which means I’m finally a bit of a hunter.

I hearthstone back to Stormwind (I’m no fool) and fly to Loch Modan (I’m a bit of  a fool) to train something white that matches my hair. I end up training an Ice Claw Bear who turns out to be GREY and pretty poor at holding aggro – but we’ll revisit that again. Anyway I name him Ted for a laugh and set off back to Stormwind.

Back in Stormwind I learn people are kind  but it comes with a price.  I run past some dude in Stormwind. He opens a trade window and gives me an 8 SLOT QUIVER. I am aghast. I only have a 6 slot. I come from the streets. I have nothing to give him in return (I am unwilling to give up my stack of broken canines if truth be told). So I daringly press accept, waiting for the kicker. Nothing comes -that’s it. I have an 8 slot quiver.

Then it gets awkward.

I spent some time sorting myself out then decide to run to Old Town. I am still in the exploratory stage and want to remind myself what’s there. But I see him. Trader Dude, just ahead of me. Ooh I think. He might think I’m following looking for more loot. So I hang back a bit to be polite and then, when the coast is clear, carry on running and see the Pig and Whistle. Ooh I think -a good place to hearthstone  – it’s near my Leatherwork trainer, Hunter trainers (when it suits), and as it turns out my Cooking trainer – it has the lot. What an awesome place to call home. Cheers. But I go in there and there HE IS. Trader Dude. Chatting up the barmaid. He sees me. I see him. It’s totally awkward. He runs past me. The louse. I run after  him – I have him on follow. Christ when did that happen? Shit. Day in the life of a stalker.



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