Out with the New?

I’m enjoying WoW right now. We’ve just come back from a lovely holiday during which I spent a lot of time lying by a pool listening to my favourite WoW podcast (The Instance) which always gives me the WoW bug. Since coming home I’ve been focusing on levelling up my Paladin Terema on EU Argent Dawn (say hi if you see me – I’ll be the one looking fancy in an expensive plate dress I’ve just bought now that I’ve also caught the transmog bug) and getting excited for WoW Classic. I’m looking forward to strange things in WoW Classic like having to pay to learn skills, the old talent tree system and feeding pets to keep them happy.  Not having LFG or LFR won’t bother me as I rarely do group content and if I do I’ll try it with husband and daughter and enjoy wiping as a family. And of course I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the old landscape – in particular Auberdine, the Wetlands and Thousand Needles. But I’m not still sure how much I’ll end up playing WoW Classic once the initial, “Oh my goodness remember this” moment is over. I’m still enjoying BfA and still have a lot of stuff left to do as I’ve been on/off with my subscription since last year. But more than that – and less specific to BfA –  I like all the quality of life stuff WoW has introduced over the years. I like sparkling loot, quest info on the map and Pet Battles. I like what the game has become even while loving what it once was and here’s only so many hours in the day. But having recently watched last year’s Blizzcon session to see what it’s taken to create WoW Classic I’m definitely in awe of the effort, dedication and love shown by the devs. I really hope WoW Classic ends up being worth it rather than being a museum piece that people just visit the once and then forget about,  choosing instead to play the latest shiniest expansion.

3 thoughts on “Out with the New?

  1. I don’t think people will forget about Classic. I’m sure there will be a huge initial surge of nostalgia players that stick around for about a month and then go. After that there will be a core that just loves Classic and sticks around doing everything, with a bigger chunk of folks that come and go in proportion to the ebbs and flows of the retail content.

    What will be interesting to see is if Blizzard releases new Classic servers to satisfy those folks that want the new-retro-server smell again. Everquest has that situation with their retro progression servers. There’s a group that just loves being in the main wave of leveling/endgame content progression on a new retro server. I don’t think Wow will have that as much given the retail game is still quite successful, but I’m curious to see if Blizzard tries to appeal to this group at all.

    1. Yes you are probably right about the core group that will stick with Classic and do everything in it, and the wider ebb and flow depending on what’s happening with the retail game. Will be interesting to see if we do get new retro servers – presumably Blizzard are waiting to see what the response to Classic is. Personally not sure how I’d handle that much choice! I struggle to find enough time to play as it is. But I guess Blizzard want to draw in as many people as possible and this might be the way to go – particularly if they continue to require a subscription to get access to Classic servers.

  2. I suspect we’ll see a Burning Crusade and a Wrath of the Lich King server before we see additional Classic progression servers. That would give Blizzard a much longer range of time they could keep a ‘golden age of Wow’ progression server going than just Classic alone. It will be fun to see just what happens and just what pull nostalgia will have long term with Classic.

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