First BfA Dungeon

So this evening I plucked up the courage and queued up for a random BfA dungeon. Don’t know what got into me. I feel so nervous and anxious before dungeons and have had so many bad experiences (either doing something stupid or being yelled at for poor DPS) that I have vowed time after time not to do any more dungeons.. But curiosity got the better of me. Ended up going into Waycrest Manor and loved every minute of it.

There were a couple of reasons why this was so:-

  1. While I queued randomly I ended up going in with 2 guildmates. I say guildmates but I don’t know them. I’m trying out a new guild and silently lurking there observing what is said in chat to decide if it will stick. But it still felt strangely comforting seeing the guild name in the dungeon.
  2. I turned pet growl off instantly, neurotically, terrified of pulling threat. It’s my first hunter at this sort of level but I’ve seen in other dungeon runs what happens when hunters pull threat. It ain’t pretty.
  3. The group was really good and actually turned around to go get someone who’d got stuck with adds. I thought that was nice.
  4. I was very careful to attack only what everyone else was attacking & I calmly(ish) obeyed everything DBM told me to do – moving away from the group when I had some weird effect on me, switching targets on command etc
  5. I never used multishot for fearing of pulling something by accident. This probably was a disaster for my dps but I thought I’d best play it safe. From looking at Icy Veins I now understand this might not have been the wisest course of action.
  6. I do not currently have a dps meter installed so I do not know how poor my dps was. This was somewhat liberating but I will install one and start reading up on the best rotation as I genuinely want to do a good job when I go in.
  7. There was no greed/need angst (some long time readers may remember this blog post from a zillion years ago – still my most read post). In fact I looted no gear just gold and Azerite
  8. There were no quests at the start so I wasn’t lagging behind everyone from the off as I picked them up (I always seem to be the slowest person in the group doing this).
  9. The place is a maze but someone in the group knew where we were going so yay for them
  10. Everyone said a nice hello and goodbye.

In short a very pleasant dungeon run – although I did forget how to exit a dungeon so hung around for ages after everyone left wondering how to get out (short of using my hearthstone). Husband then reminded me about right clicking my picture & finding the Leave Instance Group command. That worked and I escaped! But other than that it was event free. Now that’s a nice thing to type.


4 thoughts on “First BfA Dungeon

  1. I’m glad you had a good first BfA dungeon! I just did Waycrest Manor for the first time last night and loved it. Very spooky. It might be one of my favorites for the expansion but I’m afraid I will never be able to navigate it without getting lost.

    1. Yes definitely really spooky, great atmosphere. I do not know how the person leading us knew the way round but it worked. I could never do it!

  2. I used to lurk and read your blog for a long time, and never took your blog off my feed. I check my feed every so often, and was pleasantly surprised to see you blogging about being back in WoW.

    Nice to see you back! The personal loot only system was a change long due and it’s such a good thing to no longer have to worry about trying to outroll people for the same loot.

    I really like the flavor of the different dungeons this expansion, and Waycrest Manor has such a fun haunted house feel to it.

    1. Hi Ellie 🙂 It’s lovely to know there are still people reading the blog who used to read it before, if you know what I mean. Your comment couldn’t have come at a better time – I haven’t really played for the last week or so and it’s a good prompt to get me back in there enjoying the game. I have really enjoyed the expansion so far. I agree about the fun haunted house feel of Waycrest Manor though I’ve still only been in there once.

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