Random BfA Thoughts

Yesterday I posted about buying BfA and resubbing. Today I’m posting after spending the best part of the morning playing WoW. What follows is a random collection of thoughts and observations – can’t seem to think of a theme to pull the post together apart from “It’s good to be back.”

  1. I created/boosted a brand new 110 hunter – ShellyT. I’ve wanted a high level hunter for a long time now so we can tick that off the bucket list.
  2. I found myself feeling somewhat anxious in the Battle for Lordaeron though as I have lots of memories of being in groups where the hunter left beast on growl and then pulled threat from the tank and earned a stern rebuke and/or boot. I am neurotic about being singled out in a group so I dithered around for ages with my pet to make sure Wolf did nothing untoward. By the time I’d finished everyone had run off without me.
  3. My computer had a panic attack half way through the scenario and shut down. I had to coax it back to life with the promise of chocolate and by the time it acquiesced I was dead. Thankfully my tragic demise was quickly sorted and I was able to rejoin the scenario in time to see Sylvanas’s flirting technique – nose to nose  with the object of affection and then a dramatic soul destroying scream. Never failed me yet.
  4. When all that was said, screamed and done I was back in Stormwind and, with strict instructions to get to Silithus quick sharp, I decided instead to change my hair and transmog my outfit. I suspect someone in Anduin’s command is going to be having a chat with me soon about my priorities.
  5. Then I decided to look up pets on Petopia which resulted in me going off to Hillsbrad to get the Dark Prowler – renamed Michael after The Good Place (recently binge watched that show and wow – what a show).
  6. Only when all that was said and done did I deign to return to the mission. I dutifully  accompanied Elsa …I mean Jaina  … for a heartwarming reunion with her mother (and in my family that kind of chat definitely passes for heartwarming) which ended up with me in prison. I note in passing that Kul’Tiras is filled with npcs who sound like they failed the audition for Fable.
  7. After escaping prison I am faced with  a choice of important areas to visit to progress the mission to save Azeroth. I choose instead to go to the woods to chase beavers (sounds wrong) and then stoats, and I finish up partying on the Norwington Estate. I’m pretty sure I’m due some sort of court martial by now.
  8. I then try and fail to do that quest where you ride Cooper and have to use a harpoon and bolas on stuff to get 150 points in one minute. As anyone who has ever read this blog knows I CANNOT DO these sorts of things. Husband has a go for me but fails miserably and I’m uncomfortable with the way he is mashing my keyboard (not a euphemism) so I cancel the quest and go off to some harbour where I’m sent off to find seaweed. This is more like it –  I’m Welsh and laverbread is a national dish.  Now I know I’m home.

In short I’ve spent the last few hours having fun on WoW and letting all other thoughts disappear from my mind. I still feel pretty rotten and I’m burning up. But I don’t care because ShellyT is exploring Kul’Tiras and loving every minute. Yesterday’s decision might be one of the best I’ve ever made.


4 thoughts on “Random BfA Thoughts

  1. I think you have stumbled upon the “real” world of Warcraft. Where the players are just normal people trying to go about their lives, and dispatching the creature terrorizing the local village now and then.

  2. A tip for Cooper. I found the key was to do jumps to make the point buff stack really high, and then go for the zepplins. More or less ignore lancing the gnolls. The key is keeping the jump buff stacked.

    1. Thank you. I’l try that. I was doing a jump, hitting a gnoll, doing a jump, frantically searching for a zeppelin. Not much strategy! Your approach sounds far better.

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