Guilty Your Honour

So I wasn’t able to play for a bit as I had an operation. I was in more pain after the op than I thought I would be (still in quite a bit of pain to be honest but the pain killers are helping). But yesterday and today I’ve been back on and I’m almost, almost, 109. This is the slowest journey to 110 ever. I’m being my usual inept self – I’m meant to be in Highmountain but keep getting lost and ending up in Stormheim and  I’ve thrown myself off more cliffs than I care to remember. More positively I’ve rediscovered an interest in pet battles and put a ton of stuff for sale on the auction house – 9 levels worth of mining & skinning. I might actually be a millionaire if I sell everything (or I might not be – I’m really bad at maths). It’s been lovely coming back to Azeroth. It’s been very peaceful- the guild I’m in is not one of those “in your face” guilds. I always think of it as like Cheers. It’s a place where you feel at home and always welcome but are left alone unless you don’t want to be. I love the guild and I’m very grateful for the fact they let me stay even when I’m unsubbed.

Not much else to say. I keep feeling guilty about killing & skinning animals in WoW but this is ridiculous given yesterday in real life I ate a turkey and stuffing roll (it was disgusting though and I threw half of it away). I’ve also been feeling guilty about neglecting my blog. And while I play WoW I feel guilty for not focusing on my studies. Yes guilt is still an ever present thread in my life. I’m now going to make myself some breakfast even though I was going to try a fast today. So I will feel guilty about that too. I thought battling cancer would free my mind from petty concerns but actually my mind is tied up in the worse knots ever. But that’s not really WoW related so I’ll stop there. It’s hard unravelling my head but I will try my best to at least keep my WoW & personal blogs separate. This blog is for Azeroth only. Suffice to say I just want to enjoy my time in Azeroth guilt free and that’s something I am still struggling with.

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