It takes a Paladin

So the other day I wrote that I did not currently have much  energy for WoW. However, I seem to have discovered a way to play for slightly longer stretches, and more importantly a way to enjoy the time I play (not sit behind the keyboard feeling overwhelmed and drained before I even start) and the answer seems to be playing my paladin Terema.

Terema was my first ever WoW character so holds a special place in my heart. But somewhere around Wrath time I dropped her for a mage main, Seashell. For awhile I just had it in my head I couldn’t play melee. Actually that’s true when it comes to dungeons and raids – in the heat of battle everything is a blur and I have no idea what to target. That said  I do like Paladin healing (the little I’ve tried) and  in the past have been the healer in some lower level dungeons. Of course Bravetank the character originated as an attempt to crack the tanking nut ( his blog was meant to chart my progress). I failed to crack it (mostly because I cannot find my way around any dungeon) and poor Bravetank the pally has been abandoned in Shattrath City of all places.

Anyway Terema is currently my highest character (107 as  of today – yes I’ve not even maxed any character in Legion yet). Clearly I’d had a bit of a questing spree with her when I was last subbed. Seashell in contrast is a ghost in Stormwind. I have no idea how that happened or why I left her as a ghost but I don’t have the oomph to sort her out so there she stays. I like to think she’s haunting Innkeeper Alison and slowly driving her out of her mind.

Anyway as Terema is the highest character I thought it might be worth having a go playing her (the 110 goal being the much nearer I thought I’d feel less overwhelmed).  I’ve also realised part of my weariness when playing is to do with the fact I’m not enjoying my Shadow Priest. I just feel so bored by her. So I thought changing to Terema might help.

And so far so good. I was able to level her yesterday and complete the Val’Sharah storyline (yes I’m that far behind ). And more importantly I had moments when playing when I finally had that lovely WoW feeling I’ve been looking for – I was on my own clearing mobs, enjoying the scenery, the atmosphere, the music and basically the whole process of questing and levelling and feeling like you are actually getting somewhere. I had that moment yesterday and I remembered why I love the game and keep coming back to it. So thank you Terema. As a reward I’m going to get you to 110 and let you be my main in the  Battle for Azeroth – I think you’ve earned it.

4 thoughts on “It takes a Paladin

  1. Fussypants November 12, 2017 / 5:18 pm

    Hooray! I’m glad to hear that you’ve got the spark back! And I totally agree, Holy Paladins are the best! (She says, totally unbiased by the fact that she’s mained a Holy Paladin for the past three expansions) How many of the zones have you quested through thus far?

    • TeriSeashell November 13, 2017 / 2:42 pm

      I seem to have done bits and pieces of Stormheim and Highmountain before I unsubbed. Now completed Val’sharah and started on Azsuna. Going to go back to Highmountain at some stage as I have some skinning quests to do there. Did you level as Holy Paladin? I’ve been levelling as Ret even though if I ever do any LFR again it will be as Holy. I tried doing some Holy Paladin levelling yesterday and it was ok but slower to kill the mobs.

      • Fussypants November 13, 2017 / 5:50 pm

        I really enjoyed the Highmountain story, that’s definitely a good one to go through! And yup, I did level as a holy paladin (it’s been said that I’m crazy). Personally, I just can’t get into Ret but I love creative builds so I went for as much of a shockadin build as I could in Holy to try and copy the DPS output. I couldn’t get stuff down as quickly, but what I did notice was that I could pull nearly a dozen mobs and not die, which ended up being faster than individually killing things.

  2. TeriSeashell November 14, 2017 / 6:58 am

    I might give it another go then. It definitely appeals and feels more truly Paladin if you know what I mean!

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