A Vanilla Moment

Well Blizzcon has got me all fired up again. In a good way. Actually Blizzcon always gets me fired up in a good way. I’ve never been one to rant and rave about why they did this/that and not that/this. I don’t have that type of obsession with the game that would make my soul burn at every perceived wrong turn. Sometimes my soul might twitch. On occasion it might tickle. But never burn.

Yes today I’m fired up in a good way. The main cause of this is the Vanilla server announcement. That got me really excited. The video they showed of everything rolling back in time was amazing. I’ll need to rewatch it so I catch everything. All I could think throughout was Menethil Harbor and the Wetlands. I’ll see them again just like they used to be.

Menethil Harbor and the Wetlands are my goto thoughts whenever I get all nostalgic about everything WoW used to mean to me. I loved the area so much. I remember spending a lazy Saturday morning questing there and one moment noticing the way the light hit the ground and just how beautiful it was. We live near some wetlands and when I go there I’m always transported back to that moment in WoW. I love it when real places do this to me. In fact I often find myself deciding whether I like a real place/landscape by how much it reminds me of WoW and how well it evokes my WoW feelings.

But  Cataclysm came and flooded the harbor and the whole area never looked the same. I know you can still go there but it’s changed, things feel different (for one thing I keep tripping over all the sandbags) and I don’t like it.  But now there’s hope. On a Vanilla Server I could go back and see it all again just as it was and maybe, just maybe, recapture that moment when all seemed right with the world.

I’m less excited about the Horde v Alliance Battle for Azeroth – haven’t we been there like a thousand times before? The change to PvP/PvE servers sounds ok and I really like the idea of the return of 3 man scenario type things – I used to love scenarios, they were a way to get that group feel without having to go full hog and endure a 5 man pug. I’m also excited about the new playable races.

But all this yesterday gave me a conundrum. You see the other day, although I’d resubbed to WoW, I  had to delete it from my laptop because I’d run out of space. I had decided I would play on my daughter’s computer as and when I had time. This was a solution but not a great one because in reality it would take a lot to get me off my own laptop. I am always busy doing this/that and if WoW isn’t just a simple click away I won’t play it (I mean the thought I might actually have to put my computer down and walk over to another one is unthinkable – yes an unthinkable thought – how Zen is that?).  So I started questioning the logic of resubbing.

But yesterday’s Blizzcon got me all fired up to to get back into WoW properly before all this new stuff happens (I need to clear the old new stuff before I can enjoy the new new stuff if you follow). So here I am at crazy o’clock ruthlessly deleting things my computer probably needs to survive just so I can free some space for WoW so that I can pay again.

On that basis I’d say Day 1 of Blizzcon was a success,


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