Out and About

So I’m not one to rest on my laurels. After writing yesterday about wanting to return to Azeroth I went ahead and resubbed. It was a nightmare reinstalling WoW as my computer seems to be eating its own memory (Gbs have been disappearing by the second). But I seem to have sorted that out now and WoW is installed and I’ve been back on. I firstly went to a brand new realm and started a human warlock but that was a mistake. I don’t want to go back to the beginning. I need to stop doing that. So this morning I went on Darllen (Welsh for “reading”, which seemed funny at the time but now annoys me). She is a priest who has spent the last few months stuck in the Priest class hall doing absolutely nothing. Turns out some troops have completed a mission I’ve long forgotten about and she has a mission from Khadgar to go to Suramar and find out what fell from the sky and “cut a swath” through the felstorm. So far so good. I took a flight from Krasus Landing to Suramar and proceeded to swim my way out to the circle on my map. And then I swam underwater to look for the thing I was meant to find. And I looked. And looked. And I still haven’t found it. I’ve had a few underwater tussles, I’ve nearly drowned several times (I probably should have got a potion), I’ve rued the day I never got a sea horse from Vashj’ir, I’ve gone in a cave and fought something I shouldn’t have fought yet, and still apparently I’ve not adequately searched the crash site. In the end I went to Wowhead and discovered I need to find a black swirly area. Can’t recall running into one. I would have thought I’d have noticed that. Hey ho. Currently logged out (my battery on the laptop was nearly dead). Darllen has been left treading water in the middle of the sea. I suspect she’s happy enough.  It makes a nice change from Netherlight Temple.


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