Third Time’s a Charm

I’ve logged on three times since committing to my WoW return and have had a few false starts. First I went in on Darllen – my 101 Priest – thinking she’d be a good one to get going with. However, I immediately felt overwhelmed by all the stuff in the class hall, the non stop chat and my quests. So I decided to have a fresh start and roll a brand new character, a Blood Elf Paladin called … Bravetank. Now there are lots of Bravetanks scattered on different realms on my account – including the original “I will be both a tank and a PvPer” Bravetank over on Defias Brotherhood (bless her little brave and deluded soul). But I no longer have a Bravetank on my main realm. So off I went- quickly rolled my new alt and started to play.

I was immediately bored by the Blood Elf starting zone though, and the thought of the 1-20 questline so I decided to orb it to Undercity and then zeppelin it to Orc land. What felt like hours later I was finally in the starter zone (having got lost along the way and nearly killed several times by uber level 6 mobs – oh how the mighty have fallen) and my allotted time to play was over. Not much of a start.

By the time the magic playtime hour rolled around the following day I had decided it was ridiculous to be starting a new alt. After all I should be experiencing Legion now (and it’s subsequent patches) not redoing stuff I’ve already done hundreds of times (no matter the comfort blanket benefit of doing so). I want to see at least some of the new stuff I’ve missed (although I’ve resigned myself to not seeing any raids or dungeons – I need to avoid the stress of other people this time round).

So anyway I logged Luxmii,  my 100 Shaman who hadn’t done any of the new content and  was all ready to answer Khadgar’s call when my computer decided to have a hissy fit and the screen went all black and I had to do several restarts and basically after all that had barely any time to play and only ended up helping Thrall at the Maelstrom, choosing an artifact and then that was that.

Today I’ve got about an hour to play (although I’m using most of that typing on here). I’ve decided I don’t want to play a shaman. There was a reason my first(ish) thought was to roll Bravetank the Pally, I want to play a Pally. And I have a 104 Pally Terema. I just need to get to grips with her Class Hall, the chat and my unfinished quests and restart her journey.

3rd time lucky.

And it’s worked (I think). It has only taken me about half an hour to get my head around the Class Hall, my quests, ignore the chat, fly to Val’sharah, ride on Malfurion’s back, capture a new pet and almost ding 105.

Happy days.

I’m getting there.


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