Crazy Girl

Have you ever done something you know is crazy, that you’ll probably regret, that you know is foolhardy even as you do it? I’m in the process of doing this. Last week I wrote about missing gaming and about giving Neverwinter a go (as it’s free) and perhaps trying to find time to play it. Well I’ve had very little time so that didn’t work so instead I’ve just resubbed to WoW & I’m currently downloading the latest patch!

Madness. Crazy girl. I’m still in the middle of a lot of work related stuff which is taking up massive amounts of time. I’m also rejoining the gym because I absolutely have to get fit again. So where is the WoW time going to come from?

Why am I resubbing?

Well the other day I had to take part in an icebreaker in work, one of those things where you have to say something interesting about yourself, something not many people know about. My go to interesting thing was the fact I play WoW – or used to play WoW – and the fact I blog about my experiences playing WoW, or at least that  I used to. Now for anybody reading this none of that is particularly interesting as you are all probably WoW players and some of you are WoW bloggers. But in work it is interesting – or at least if not interesting it’s different. And so it was my go to thing.


But this made me realise that a certain part of me is still tied up with being a WoW player. And that this is important to me. My last post talked about the importance of being a gamer. But I think it’s more than that.

I turned to WoW about 6 years ago when things were tough in work. WoW was an escape. Then I started writing about playing WoW and through that WoW became therapy. Then things settled in work and WoW became just fun, then at times not so much fun.

Things are not too great in work right now but I’m working hard to change that. And at the same time here comes the call of WoW. I don’t think the two are unrelated. I think right now I need WoW  back in my life.

So I’m resubbing.

Maybe not so crazy after all.



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