Content Rich Time Poor

I’m feeling so embarrassed. I’m still only 104. I’ve played at most 2 hours this week. The main reason for this is that I’m using the “magic hour” (first thing in the morning – 5-6am- before I go off to work) to continue working through the Udacity Beginner Android Developer course. Long time readers know I’m really interested in learning game/app/web development things so I’m always doing some course or another. If I’m not on Udacity I’m over at CodeAcademy working through the Java tutorial. If I’m not doing that I’m working on my Choose Your Own Adventure story for Geeks and Geeklets. And if I’m not doing that I’m updating my Going Vegan blog. And if I’m not doing that I’m on the sofa, a gibbering exhausted wreck, giving myself a hard time for only going to the gym once that week, not reading enough fiction, not writing another poem, not uploading another YouTube video, not starting the podcast I’ve always wanted to do, not using the painting tutorial book I borrowed from the library with lots of good intentions, not learning the guitar, not taking singing lessons, not climbing a mountain, not finishing all those half written books I’ve written, and Hearthstone, where art thee Hearthstone?

This all means (a)I feel overwhelmed with all the things I want to do (b)I feel like I’m back to neglecting this blog (c)I find that my WoW time is significantly limited.

When I am playing I’m working my way through Stormheim. I’m on stage 7/8 of the storyline and enjoying it very much indeed. Still playing my Ret Pally Terema and enjoying that too. So it’s all good fun. I’m content rich but time poor.

I know I have to decide what to prioritise in life and I guess right now for me that’s still the IT development side of things. But I really am enjoying Legion and I want to find a way to set aside some protected time for that. I probably need a “magic hour ” before bed as well as one in the morning. The problem is by about 9pm after a full day’s work and a 5am start I’m usually too exhausted to do much of anything. This means if I do play WoW I’m half asleep – click click loot loot, skim text, move to new area, check xp bar and yay gone up a segment, time for bed. That’s not what this game deserves. I need to find the time and energy to give it my full attention when I play, eyes wide open, fully present. Even if it’s just for a 10 minute stretch.  Otherwise I’m going to zombie click through all the good stuff.

At this rate though I’ll still be levelling when the next expansion rolls round. I guess if I’ve achieved lots of other goals in the meantime that’s no bad thing. But if everything else progresses at an equally slow pace then I’m going to wonder if I am perhaps spreading myself just a tad too thin.

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