Mum can I fly please?

Ok so what’s the plan for flying? I’m running into rocks and falling off cliffs far too much for someone of my delicate disposition. Something needs to be done. There’s a post on Blizzard Watch  (re-post actually as it was previously published  back in April) that gives some information.

BW starts by saying, “You may have noticed Broken Isles Pathfinder, Part One in your achievement panel.”

Um nope – I never open my Achievement Panel but ok I’ll take a peek.

Right seems like I’ll have to complete lots of achievements. Sigh – of course. Remember when you could just save gold and buy flying. That was hard enough for a WoW pauper like me (some of my alts still can’t afford to fly in Northrend) but so much easier than this.

Basically I’ll need to explore the Broken Isles, complete world quests, complete a class hall order campaign, complete Loremaster of Legion, and reach revered with six different Legion factions.

The reward for that is …duh duh duh … increased ground mount.

Um what? That’s no good. Just letting me move more quickly on the ground is a recipe for disaster. I’ll just run into stuff more quickly.

And what else does BW say on this? Well nothing. That’s all they know. They do go onto say that the forum posts were in arms about all this when it first appeared in the Alpha & Blizzard’s response was basically at least we are letting you know up front this time and all this will cover the lions share and yada yada yada. I suppose it’s good that at least we know some of what we need to do to eventually get flying but we don’t know the full detail and more fundamentally I just don’t get it.

Why do we need to jump through hoops to get flying? If Blizzard don’t want us to miss all the pretty ground stuff (which I rarely see this as I’m usually stuck in a crevasse) why not just withhold it until level cap? And then let us buy it with good old fashioned gold like the good consumers we are.  And I know that some of what’s required will be done naturally as part of the levelling journey and so no harm no foul, but will all the quests really get that rep raised or will I still need to bow and scrape like some feudal peasant. I refuse to do so. There’s still some communist principles in these tired old bones (ok I’m only in my 40s and I’ve never been a communist but I could have been, oh yes, I could have been).

And why have these particular requirements? If the quests were at least related to proving flying competence that would be something. I could probably do with a refresher. Perhaps you could be required to reach a certain level first (aka age) and then take some lessons, then do a few quests to show you can fly in a straight line, reverse fly around a corner and parallel park your gryphon. Could even have some serious consequences – take to the skies after too many at Brewmaster and you’re banned for two weeks. C’mon Blizz – this is the sort of creative thinking we need. But raising rep so I can get on my mount and take to the skies. The one thing has nothing to do with the other. Feels like Blizzard just wants to keep us busy (i.e. out of their hair) and withhold treats until we prove we deserve them by meeting some spurious standard autocratically set by Blizzard and … – oh god just realised something …  Blizzard is my mother.


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