Bye Bye Blaugust

Well I did it. 31 posts. Blaugust 2016 (my first ever Blaugust) all done and dusted. It’s been a fun month. At times it’s been hard getting on here to write a post (ok I lie – at times it’s been hard breaking away from WoW to write a post) but it has been worth it (for me anyway, readers may disagree of course). It’s been a wonderful way to chart the month of August on WoW – so much has happened. From starting off with Beanie my low level hunter almost resenting the fact Legion was going to get in the way of my levelling journey, to ending the month a Legion fangirl (sort of – too middle aged a woman to fully embrace this title) posting on Facebook about how excited she is (cue some lovingly sarcastic comments from some family  members but lots of positive likes too- half of my family are tattooed to an inch of their life with characters from Marvel (Dad), a rubiks cube, a dancing M&M and other random things (brother), tiny elephants, flowers and owls (sister and step mum) so none of them can really judge – we all have our passions). Anyway I’m now getting well and truly into Legion, loving the new content so far (although only seen a bit of it), and massively grateful to the expansions along the way that let me level to 100 characters I thought were doomed to live in Draenor or Pandaria forever (bless). Even Seashell the mage was able to blitz from 96 to 100 just before launch. I did feel a pang of nostalgia when I saw the invasions had ended. Felt like the end of an era (if an era counts as 2 and a half weeks in August). But excited now about the journey from 100-110 (almost 101 as we speak – yes the new transmogged snail form is working well). Continuing to explore Aszuna but keep getting sidetracked by jewelcrafting (loved cutting my gem in one of the quests- very satisfying). To summarise: been a great month for me as a blogger and a WoW player. Cheers to Blaugust, Belghast and Blizzard. It’s been fun.



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