Breath of Fresh Air

Well it’s here and I’ve already played a good hour. Yes I’m that hard core. For the first time ever I logged on two hours ahead of time in order to be there for the launch. I surprised myself by how excited I was. I joined the crowd standing by Khadgar in Dalaran, not really knowing what was going to happen. And nothing did for awhile. So I busied myself levelling my jewelcrafting from 1 to 15 by making copper rings, trying to ignore all the Hordies yelling goodness knows what around me (probably “Why’s that idiot making copper rings?”). Then someone said, “Oh I have an XP bar”.  And yes holy moly (although I’m a shadow priest so this should be unholy moly) so did I. Then about 10 mins later my first quest appeared. It had started.

Husband’s quest took about ten minutes longer to pop. They must have figured I needed the head start. He complained and moaned of course – indeed we almost had a mini freak out as the minutes ticked by (though he’ll deny it now – watch for something in the comments).  I hmmed and tutted with about 1% of my attention, and tried not to let his howls of protest distract me too much. Eventually his quest appeared and we could all breathe a sigh of relief and enjoy it properly.

I am now the proud owner of Xal’atath blade (and I’m never trying to spell that again). I have a nice class home at Netherlight Temple and have started doing quests at Aszuna. I already love the look of Aszuna – so far reminds me a bit of Terrokar Forest with all its crunchy brown colours. Can almost feel the cool breeze on my face. Indeed the expansion so far seems like a breath of fresh air. Time will tell if this remains the case of course. All I know is right now I like it and I missed it today in work. My gaming time never seemed so precious.


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