Healed the Underbog today. Another straightforward dungeon. Starting to get to grips with my monk healing spells & knowing which ones to use in which situation. Also now using Chi Torpedo with abandon. This means I’m likely to roll right off a ledge at some point but sometimes you have to live dangerously. I need to download the add on that shows me in which direction someone is hiding when they are out of range. I always panic when the frame goes grey and I’m not sure where they are (particularly if I can see their health disappearing). It’s amazing how responsible you feel as a healer. I get stressed out at the thought of anyone dying. But really what does it matter? You should be able to just laugh about the mishap, regroup and start again. But that is only true if everyone is friendly, mature and polite. No blame culture etc. But WoW, life, the universe is unfortunately not like that in most cases – a depressing thought for a Saturday morning.

Samsara is now 68. There’s no way she’s going to be 100 before Legion. I just haven’t got it in me to do what I need to do i.e. the invasions. I am officially invasioned out. The Burning Legion can take all six towns for all I care. It seems like a fool’s errand anyway. We clear them out and they come again. Over and over and over. They can’t be reasoned with. They hate order, fairness and justice and want only for hatred and chaos to reign. WoW and the real world = both perfect for them.  They would enjoy the chaos of the pug and LFR and could have a blast on forums & Twitter. No wonder the invasions are so relentless. They are excited to be home.




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