No one Died

After yesterday’s post I plucked up the courage to go into a 5 man as a healer. Went for Hellfire Ramparts – a straightforward dungeon with less risk of me getting lost. Completed it twice and both times no one died. Yay. Main challenge was keeping up with the group. My Chi Torpedo is on the left hand side of my 2nd bottom action bar. You would think it was lost at sea the way my mouse hand struggles to find it. I also had no time to loot – a problem I remember from earlier days trying to heal. Luckily everyone left the dungeon at the end so I could run around in peace, loot most of what I needed and actually complete some quests. But one of the mobs with a severed hand I needed (nice) must have despawned. So I went in and did it all again. If someone wants me to get them a severed hand I get them a severed hand. Both times the groups were fine – quiet, business like, just the way I like it. Both times I pulled a group of mobs right at the start by running too enthusiastically towards the quest giver. So I probably didn’t make the best of first impressions. But I kept them alive. Overhealed like crazy of course. Panic does that to me. But it all made a nice change from invasions which I am heartily sick of (even though I love the experience and so can’t stop doing them, or at least flying to the invasion spot and tabbing out to write this blog post).

But going back to the dungeon – one thing I noticed is that the default UI and what I’ve done with my raid frames is a mess. I need to sort things out. Every time a loot roll came up it blocked my raid frame which I had placed too close to my action bar. What is the best add on to sort out your UI and make it exactly as you want including moving action bars around? And can you sort out raid frames when you’re not actually in a raid? I find I only see what it all looks like when I’m actually in there and already feeling the pressure. Finding out that this or that doesn’t work does not help with the situation. I really want to be able to customise my UI when not in battle & get it all laid out exactly as I want it. What does everyone else use?


2 thoughts on “No one Died

  1. I’m glad you got to give healing a try and it wasn’t so bad! There’s an addon called “Move Anything” that lets you, well, move anything wherever you like on your screen. It’s great for moving things like the loot pop-up to a more convenient spot. I grabbed it so I could move the talking heads of the invasion leaders far away from my action bars and raid frames. For healing I use VuhDo instead of the standard raid frames. It is one of those fancy complicated addons that lets you use different click combinations on the raid frames to heal. Pain in the butt to learn but incredibly useful if you find yourself healing often!

    1. Thanks Gracie. I tried Move Anything this morning & moved things round which was great but now weirdly I can’t display class colours in raid frames – it says an add on is interfering with the interface. Also I have done bronze proving grounds healer three times this morning but it won’t move me onto silver. This might be nothing to do with the add on of course! I’ll put Vuhdo on as well I think & see if that works. I’ve used that one before but I struggled to remember the mouse click combos I set up, although when I did remember it was awesome!

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