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Bravehealer needed

Tried doing a bit of healing during an invasion on my monk Samsara. I know this isn’t exactly preparation for healing in say LFR at 110. Samsara is only 45 so obviously hasn’t got the fill range of spells available to her. And healing in an invasion is different from healing in a raid. You don’t have the nice raid frames to be able to see at a glance who needs healing – at least not the way my UI is set up (straight out of the box). I tried using Tidy Plates Simple but I can’t seem to configure it right. So instead I ended up using key bindings to set C to target friendly players. This means standing in a crowd I could keep tapping C to “see” (geddit?) who needs healing. Seems to be working well enough although am I right in thinking I can’t heal people from a different realm – the ones with the asterisk by their name? Have spammed a great deal of heals in their direction but nothing seems to be happening?

In terms of rotation Icy Veins says:-

  1. Since Soothing Mist is automatically channeled onto the last target of Effuse, Enveloping Mist, Vivify, or Life Cocoon (until another spell is cast or action performed) I should try not to move too much after casting those spells. Check.
  2. I should use Renewing Mist on cooldown, and maintain maximum Enveloping Mist up time on the target – in a proper group this is usually the tank; in an invasion it’s whoever I see needs healing when tapping C I guess (remembering not to waste stuff on those strangers from another realm)?
  3. Higher damage – use Effuse to supplement the healing.
  4. Higher damage still -use Vivify instead of Effuse to supplement the healing.
  5. Save Chi Burst for when more than two targets are taking damage.

Ok seems straightforward. I’m really tempted to try a 5 man. But first I need to get over the fear of zoning into a dungeon and suddenly forgetting everything I’ve read, in the process losing control over my fingers and thumbs, mouse and mind, everything. It’s that image that stops me just getting in there and having a go. I hate the fact that even now, when so much has changed in my life, I’m still scared to try out some of the stuff I want to do in WoW. I really thought I’d be past that by now.


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