Fred and Ginger

I like the fact you no longer need tomes and dust to change your talents and specialisation. Instead you can just go off to a zzzz area to change things around. I can imagine this being more awkward in a raid though. Presumably in the past you’d carry enough mats to change whatever you needed to change whenever you needed to change it? But now you’ll have to leave the raid to get to a rest area. Presumably hearthstone out & then get summoned back. Would that work? If so that’s not too bad but obviously will take a bit more time.

In the past when selecting my talents I tended to go for the passive ones. The reason for this was not sheer laziness (although that was sometimes part of it), but more a case of wanting (needing) to keep things simple. But now that classes seem more simplified anyway I’m getting to be a bit braver with my talent choices.

There are limits though. Luxmii my shaman now has Primal Elementalist which grants her elementals Fred and Ginger (their official names) 80% increased damage and the ability to control them. Icy Veins recommends this as the best option because of its burst damage. But I’m not sure if I want to be controlling my elementals. I can barely control my main. I selected the talent the other day & brought them out to play but pretty much just left them get on with it. I’ve decided to trust them to do the right thing in any given situation. Nothing can go wrong with that approach right?

With my Pally my favourite talent is Justicar’s Vengeance which deals Holy damage to the target and heals me for the amount of damage done (double against stunned targets). But it’s been great trying out a range of talent combos, unlike previously where after picking the most passive arrangement possible I stuck with it through thick and thin. For me the new way of changing specialisations and talents has given me a flexibility I really like – although until I had the flexibility I never knew how much I wanted it.


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