Assistance Required

There are some quests I just can’t do. For example I have a real problem with the one in MoP where you get a chance to play as Sully and have to shoot the monkeys. I just can’t do it. I keep running out of time. Ridiculous. So if I’m ever on an alt and come to that quest I have to call in husband to do it. It’s so embarrassing.

I had to call him in a few weeks ago too when I was playing Beanie the hunter. I had to catch a wisp in Darkshore. Just one wisp. Easy peasy right? No. Not for me. It kept darting away from me. Similar to that quest in Hyjal where you have to rescue the little animals from the fire. So hard. So frustrating. You keep hoping one will realise you’re trying to help and sit still there long enough for you to press the button and catch the little blighter. But no. I’m always a fraction of a second too late. I have the worst reactions in the world.

And there’s one of the starter Death Knight quests too. Right at the end where you have to shoot some stuff down from the sky. I think you’re on a cannon? I can’t remember the details because every time I get to that bit I just get up and walk away from the computer. I cannot do it. If someone is not around to help I am stuck there forever. It’s the main reason I don’t play Death Knights.

I know these are embarrassing quest fails. And I won’t get started on the real life things I can’t do very well. Suffice to say knives, tin openers and bottle openers are usually stored out of my reach and there’s not a door in the house I’ve not walked into. Poor reactions and general clumsiness – both in and out of game. And I’m meant to be a hero in Azeroth? Somehow I suspect I’m more of a liability.





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