Too Much

Yesterday I tried too hard to fast track Samsara and I made myself sick. Or I might have a virus that has nothing to do with WoW of course. Either way I did not feel well yesterday evening and the thought of all those Legion mobs, red health bars, swarms of players etc made me feel exhausted and queasy. So what do I do this morning – I logged on to do another invasion. On a positive note I do feel a bit better this morning (although my back is in agony from the way I slept and my teeth are aching from grinding them throughout the night – oh for a restful night’s sleep).

But anyway due to yesterday’s WoW collapse Samsara is only level 40. I read Belghast’s post yesterday which says it took 49 invasions to go from level 53 to 100 in full heirlooms. I am only level 40 & only have 3 heirlooms (although can get the Zen Pilgrimmage buff). I’m probably looking at about 60 odd invasions right? I don’t think I have it in me. It’s just too repetitive now. And I know invasions are not designed for fast tracking  alts – they are for gearing your max characters ready for Legion. And with one of my max characters that’s exactly what I’ve not done – I haven’t brought Frip the Druid out to play once. I haven’t tested out how her class plays with all the changes. She’s still blissfully unaware of the invasions and pottering around in her garrison. I forget her item level but it’s not great so if I do play her in Legion she’s going to have a tough time starting out. But I just don’t want to do invasions for the boxes. If I can face them I want to use them to level alts. Samsara specifically now. I only rolled her a few days & now my only objective is to get her to 100. My head aches. And as for poor Beanie the hunter …who’s she again? My priorities have changed so much within the month of August alone. I’m like a child in a sweet shop. And I’ve made myself sick.


4 thoughts on “Too Much

  1. IN the past two days I have taken an Alt with full rest, full heirlooms from 45 to 53, with 6 invasions. Last night I also did the zen pilgramige prior to going out. I also realized I had no flight plan to Tanaris, or way to get to Westfall. So rather than find someone to help me, I just rode. It was nice to be out riding around, skirting past mobs a little lower than me. Eventually I got to both places, picked up 3 levels, and went back to town. I don’t think I will get him to 100. It’s just an alt I made as a banker. It was just something to do to pass the time. And just doing it as a distraction, took the pressure off.

    I hope you can get to your goal. Just remember it’s not a job, but a ways to enjoy yourself playing and having fun

    1. Yes you’re absolutely right. Should just be having fun with the character. I did start riding down to Tanaris yesterday but took a short cut by throwing myself off a cliff in Thousand Needles, took forever swimming to shore and somehow ended up in Feralas. So almost there! Nice to see areas I’ve not seen in a while.

  2. I was doing okay until I read about the XP. I had a level 20 Mage who probably had no hope of ever reaching 100 since I can’t Mage. I tried one invasion with her and it became like a drug. More, need more levels! Sadly if she does reach 100 I’ll still not know how to Mage!

    1. Yes I know exactly what you mean! Once you know about the exp you want to get as much of it as you can. Hard to step away from it. Luckily Blizzard will cut off the supply at the end of the month then we can all go cold turkey! Good luck with your mage.

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