Discovered a city …no my mistake

I have no idea how long it would take someone to power level from 1 – 100 without invasions and with maybe just 2-3 heirlooms? But I’m going to see if I can level my new Horde monk Samsara from 1-100 before the end of August taking the invasion route. I currently have an Alliance Druid, Shaman, Priest and Paladin at 100. This means I have a good selection of range/melee damage dealers and healers to choose from across Argent Dawn EU and Darkspear EU. But my highest Horde (not including my 99 Demon Hunter- still not finished the starting zone for her yet) is a Warlock in the late 60s or 70 (can’t remember) and I would like a max Horde that I have the option of playing either as damage or as healer for our new Horde guild The Slapdash Squad. So going to try and power level Samsara via invasions.

Started her this week and after a few false starts (thought I could do an invasion as level 1 so asked husband to drive her from Sunstrider Isle to Tarren Mill  on one of his higher Horde characters. She levelled to about 5 doing this but couldn’t actually see the invasion. You have to be 10). I then went to Brill to do some quests but after 5 minutes there recklessly hearthstoned back to the Blood Elf starting area to do the quests there, but quickly get bored of that and flew back to Brill (WoW attention deficit disorder). Did some quests there until I dinged 10 and then went to Tarren Mill. After doing a ton of invasions in Tarren Mill and the Barrens I am now ….36! After one morning. Awesome.

Streamed some of this on my Twitch channel and had some help from someone in the chat room who advised me to play through the first two stages of an invasion then log out/log back on to restart the invasion. I did this a few times but of course that way you don’t fight the big boss and don’t get any boxes. And it gets boring. But until I get flight its hard travelling to some of the different areas. It’s hard riding to the easier ones too – if you’re me. I rode all the way from Northern Barrens to Azshara and stumbled across what I thought was a brand new city – turns out it Orgrimmar. Which I could have flown to. My sense of direction EVEN WHEN LOOKING AT A MAP is ridiculous.

I’m now in Tarren Mill. Just completed one invasion and went up two levels. Waiting for Northern Barrens or Azshara to restart or Tarren Mill to roll around again. Can’t think how I can get a low level Horde to Westfall, Dun Morogh or Tanaris so will have to leave those . One good thing  as a Monk is Zen Pilgrimmage which seems to be a way to get back to the Barrens while keeping my Hearthstone set to Tarren Mill. Plus the experience boost is awesome. I’m struggling with melee. I need a mod that shouts loudly at me when I’m facing the wrong way. I have the camera pulled out so far I can hardly pick myself out in the crowd but I need to do this so I can see what I’m fighting. I’ve never been comfortable meleeing in a crowd (ask anyone in work). What I really want is try out some monk healing in a 5 man but too nervous for that. Plus not sure if anyone is even running dungeons at the moment. So will just keep on the invasion track, get to 100, and then have a Horde monk healer that I can use in LFR. Oh it’s so good to have such an important goal in life.


2 thoughts on “Discovered a city …no my mistake

    1. Brilliant. Thank you. I hadn’t thought of that. Don’t have Strider though (the shame) but I’m not averse to a swim 🙂

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