Well finally my first ever WoW character, my Pally Terema, is max level. She is my third level 100 (I know – only 3 – I need to work much harder) and definitely the one that means the most. I remember creating her, logging on and being introduced to the world of Azeroth through her eyes and experiences. I levelled her through three expansions but then, for some reason, abandoned her at 85. By then Seashell my mage was my main, I was enjoying blasting things at range (coward that I am), and I never looked back.  Until now.

I’ve been enjoying getting to play Terema again. Not tried healing with her yet. That’s something I’m very interested in doing so will need to go into the Proving Grounds and see how it all works. I’ve done a little bit of healing previously on another Paladin (Androse – I was meant to be levelling her with husband’s alt The Doctor so …The Doctor Androse … a little nod to my favourite Dr Who pair). I remember doing some healing by casting judgement and putting something on one character which meant when you healed someone else that character also got healed. The rest is a blur. Clearly more research needed.

But I also need to find out how I get to Proving Grounds. I used to go from the garrison but Terema has bypassed WoD apart from doing enough quests to get the basic garrison. Not sure if she has a way to the Proving Grounds from there. I recall first going to Proving Grounds in MoP so assume there’s a way to do it from there too. It turns out the dawn of Legion has meant rediscovering old characters and learning how to play them and this has turned into a rediscovery of Azeroth itself. I need to find out where to go to do this and that and then visiting areas I’ve not been to in some time. The expansion already feels like the reinvigoration of the WoW we already have, and that’s without any of the new content we’re going to get and the journey to 110. So far I’m impressed and excited – not bad for a rainy Saturday morning.


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