Let’s Dress Up

Despite the list of achievements Terema received when I first logged into her after a very long time I’ve never been a fashionista (in game or in real life). Anything cool I have in my WoW wardrobe is due to accident not design, and I have nothing cool in my real life wardrobe. Or so I thought. But an encounter yesterday proved me wrong.

Despite previously thinking I wouldn’t be that interested in the new transmog in WoW it turns out I love it. The design is great. You can easily see all the item appearances you’ve gathered through the years and quickly put together a combo that doesn’t make the eyes bleed. And this is what I’ve done for Terema. But I didn’t give it much thought beyond “I like that helm and sword, those colours sort of match, ok done.” So imagine how pleased I was yesterday to get a whisper from someone who liked my Sparkmetal Coif ! She first whispered me an O type face. I thought oh no what have I done (it was possible I might have snagged a mob she was after). But she then said, “Sparkmetal Coif”.  Ah I thought, she thinks the coif is silly. I mean I love it but it does look a bit like a hairnet. But then she whispered, “I want one for my warrior but they don’t have them in game anymore.” Oh, I realised, she wants it! For a fleeting second I then feared she was about to mug me for it but then I remembered you can’t do that in WoW. And then I felt awesome. I was wearing something someone else liked. This never happens to me. I replied to her, “I love it, I want one in real life.” This is true, I need a hairnet. She replied “I’m going to post right away that they need one in Legion.” “Definitely,” I replied to my new little friend. I never saw her again.

What a nice encounter though. Did my ego no end of good. Looked up my awesome coif this morning. It seems I got it pre Cata for defeating Morbent Fel in Duskwood. Ah those were the days. I remember how much I loved doing Duskwood with Terema. I don’t remember getting the coif but I would have worn it until I got something better. But now I’m wearing it again, it’s come back in style and I am rocking hairnet coolness. I think I might be a fashionitisa after all.


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