I Must Resist

Just read the following on Blizzard Watch.

“a revamped version of Karazhan coming in patch 7.1.”

Oooh.  I’m quite excited about this. I never experienced original Karazhan properly (at the right level) in a raid. Long time readers know I’m not much of a raider and before LFR never did any raids at all. I’ve gone there with husband and daughter with higher level characters to explore the place and I love its look and feel. So it will be great to go there in a 5 man group. I also understand there is a pre-expansion questline that gets you back into Karazhan this week. I knew there was a new quest this week – Khadgar’s servant  has shown his …um …face? again – but I’ve not done it yet. Hoping to get round to it today.

The 5 man will have nine bosses and an opera event featuring various stories. Old Karazhan should remain and so you can still try and get Attumen’s mount – a mount that still eludes me (probably because I’ve only tried to get it about three times – I just can’t grind for mounts, it’s too depressing).

Anyway this all ties nicely into the Hearthstone Karazhan adventure of course – but that’s something I’ve yet to play. I have so neglected Hearthstone since coming back to WoW. There simply aren’t enough hours. Plus I can’t really justify spending money on another adventure and I don’t have enough gold (because I’m not playing enough etc.) and so … not played the adventure. First adventure/expansion that I’ve not been a part of. And it looks fun too. At the back of my mind I’m concerned this means I will start to fall behind in Hearthstone – as in if I choose to play I won’t be able to go on and quickly pull together a viable deck for the meta as I won’t have played the latest expansion or adventure and I won’t have the best cards. So there is this nagging pull to get in there and do it to just remain on par even I don’t do much else with it at the moment. But it’s more money… just to remain on par in a game I’m not playing that much right now. No no no. I won’t do it. And if this means I have to remain  in the 20s forever on Heathstone so be it. There are worse places to be.

But part of me does want to go to the party.

*Edit: Just before clicking post daughter read out to me “Last chance to get special card back” which I realised was the Karazhan card back, so I’m currently logging in to see what it involves and…yes quite possibly I will now go on to do the reverse of everything I said above.*


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