Levelling as I Write

It’s so wrong isn’t it? As I type this blog post my pally is on her way to Azshara to observe the fighting from a safe distance and then will fly down to Tanaris where she will actually do some fighting and then over to Eastern Kingdoms to observe some more and so on and so forth. Yes while at the start I was fighting hard in every single invasion I’m now flying to the area and waiting in a safe space if I have to do other things at the same time so that I don’t miss out on all this easy experience for characters I’ve long neglected and want to boost to 100. And yes I know if everyone did that in every invasion then an invasion would never end and no one would get any experience. So in my defence when I do sit down to play I go and fight toe to toe and give it my all. So I am doing my bit – sort of. And I’ve fought in many invasions while noticing lots of people standing round doing nothing. You give a bit, you take a bit right? Maybe. I can role play in  my head that my character is learning vital things about the Legion as she watches from a distance and I make tea. And then it’s my turn to fight and in I go letting other people take on the recon role. Oh how we try to justify the things we know are wrong. How will I feel getting from 88 to 100 through a mix of fighting and watching invasions? Um ok I think. I’ve done the content I’m skipping on my mage and druid so it’s not as if it means I’m totally missing large chunks of the game. I’ve boosted two other characters through WoD and Legion so I’m not averse to the quick route. Any my pally has more than earned her time at 100. I started playing in BC so she had to walk until she was 40! I mean c’mon, the hardship she has endured. And if I was 100% fighting every invasion  – well I’m still grinding the same thing over and over again just to get her to 100. Its a grindy boost rather than a paid one but still a fast track of sorts. And when she gets to 100 – oh how I’ll play her. She’ll probably become my main again. It’ll be her time to shine. She just needs to gain more vital intelligence by watching a few more invasions (a lot more now that they’ve reduced the experience gain) and join in when she (I) can. The road to 100 has never been so clear.


2 thoughts on “Levelling as I Write

  1. Personally I don’t mind a few AFKers in any given invasion.The enemies’ HP don’t scale until tagged and the amount of XP and shards you get is higher the more you help. I think that’s fair enough to get along with. I just wish I had more time to actually level alts with these invasion. So far I’ve spent most of my time getting catch-up gear on my capped toons.

    1. I wish I had a bit more time too. Suddenly realised I have about 6 alts I would really love at max level to give me maximum flexibility in what I play. But I’ll never get that done by the end of August.

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