Invasions with Benefits

I was told yesterday that invasions can really boost lower level characters. So I jumped on my mage Seashell (95) and yes having completed an invasion found that she had a decent sized boost to her experience bar. Daughter tried with level 14 hunter and after I think about 7 invasions managed to get up to 25. She’s pleased with that. She finally has riding so no more walking (having to walk anywhere in the worth- real or Azerothian – is an experience akin to visiting the pits of hell apparently …wasn’t like that in my day of course).

So anyway this got me revisiting all my alts to see which ones I’d like to do some quick levelling on and it was interesting. I could see from the level/zone they had been abandoned in which areas of WoW I’m bored with and which class I am confused by. So Terema my Pally, first ever WoW character, had been left as an 87 in Pandaria. This was the result of extreme boredom with Pandaria as a place after thoroughly experiencing it with Seashell, and confusion with the Ret Pally rotation (too much Holy Power watching – it was never like that when I first started with Terema on WoW and I just never got to grips with the changes).

Luxmii my Shaman is stuck in early Draenor as is Seashell my mage. Having done Draenor with my Druid Frip, and not being someone who likes re-running areas too soon after completing them, I struggled getting going with those two.  Plus around that time I stopped playing WoW due to real life things.

Then there’s Salno my Horde Warlock. Stuck in Northrend unable to find her way around Warsong Hold. Every time I go on Salno I just feel weary with it all. The act of being in that Hold brings on an existential crisis of some sort. It’s remarkable really. I have to log off, leaving her and demon companion weeping in the corner. However, husband has now set up his own Horde guild – The Slapdash Squad (perfectly named for my play style) so Salno might finally have a chance soon (if he organises a rescue mission to get her out of there).

There’s the original Pally Bravetank on Defias Brotherhood. I shan’t be levelling her. It’s a PvP realm and I couldn’t face doing invasions in a PvP realm. And there’s Beanie of course. Level 35 Hunter. Beanie with whom I was having so much fun last week but who hasn’t seen the light of day since the pre-Legion stuff. Beanie is a good case for the invasion boost but I was actually enjoying exploring the world with her. I want to keep Beanie as my Explorer/Loremaster character. Plus with my problems figuring out maps, boats and portals it would take me an eternity to get her anywhere.

The obvious ones for me then are Terema – my first ever character who deserves her shot at 100 and beyond, and Seashell – my main for so long who has the added advantage of portals.  Since doing two invasions with Terema this morning I’m slowly figuring out the newly redesigned (again) Ret Pally rotation & looking forward to trying out Holy, so I think she’s going to be the first priority. I’m assuming invasions end when Legion arrives properly. Shame.  For alt levelling alone it would be great for invasions to be around forever – or something like them. But with far less travel of course. Some things remain beyond me and efficiently travelling around the Azeroth world remains one of them – as the comments on yesterday’s post will show!


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