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Open the Map

Yesterday I was finally able to complete two invasions. The first one was in Westfall. I went as Disc Priest with the idea of supporting the fight by healing everyone and basically saving the day. When I saw the chaos that is the invasion I realised that was impossible & so I continued to effectively tickle the mobs to death with my Disc Rotation. And yes I did kill things (even they seemed shocked) and I didn’t die so it scores 2 for 2 on my basic requirements. But the fights were long. Very long. That said going in my gear was 640 so it might get better as I gear up. And from Cymre’s comment on yesterday’s post I understand the Artifact will help too. So I guess I’m going to have to stick with it and wait and see. Or go insane (as per yesterday’s post).

The invasion itself was fun although there was a phase when everyone ran  off to do their own thing and I felt abandoned and confused. I wasn’t sure what I should do. I ended up finding the nearest Legion group and just started fighting them – hoping I didn’t pull too many.  Then another person joined me, cheered me (awww), and we started to work together (sort of). I did manage to try out atonement healing on him/her so that was good.

At the end I had some nethershards, boots and leggings and was very happy.

Second invasion was slightly different. It was in Tanaris and I wasn’t quite certain of the quickest way to get there. I hearthstoned back to Stormwind and found my hearthstone took me to Stormshield. Aargghh. Finally getting to Stormwind I flew  up and down the harbour waiting for (a) the Darnassus ship and (b)wondering if there was a second ship that went anywhere useful (I’m now thinking there’s a Northrend ship which isn’t useful but that there used to be a Menethil Harbour ship?). Then I remembered the portals. I flew over to them, took a guess that Twillight Hinterlands was in Eastern Kingdoms (because obviously it’s way too hard to open a map) and portalled there, only to then decide to check the map and realise I was just in a slightly different part of Eastern Kingdoms. So I hearthstoned back (to Stormshield because I had still not remembered to change my hearthstone to Stormwind – by this time I was feeling mightily sorry for the Alliance that they have to rely on people like me in the fight against the Legion) and repeated the whole thing but this time went to Hyjal and flew down to Tanaris while in real life I got changed for work. When I came back downstairs I was in Tanaris and already had a small loot box. I joined in some of the fighting (still Disc) but this time took on more than I could handle and ended up dying several times. In a pout I stormed off to the inn to drown my sorrows change to Shadow and by the time I meticulously sorted out my action bar and talents the invasion was over. Felt a tad guilty but less so when I saw what I had for it – more leggings and boots. Hoping I have more luck today in lots of different ways including remembering to set my hearthstone to Stormwind and now and again cracking open a map. It’s not too much to ask of myself is it?


4 thoughts on “Open the Map

  1. “but this time went to Hyjal and flew down to Tanaris ”

    Heh, it’s been so long since Cata, eh? I did the same thing as well. But Uldum is right next door to Tanaris, and the Uldum portal is beside the Hyjal portal.

    1. Ah yes, noticed that when I went on yesterday and looked at the other portals in Stormwind!! Can’t believe I flew all the way from Hyjal when Uldum was just next door! As you say Cata was a long time ago. I need refresher classes in Azeroth geography and portals!

  2. If you’re going to Darnassus, you don’t need to go to Stormwind from Stormshield to get to a ship there. There’s a portal to Darnassus in Stormshield, already. And I think the best place for a hearthstone is the Shrine of Seven Stars, which has an excellent set of portals. Plus the most convenient Auction House in the world, if you are an engineer.

    Of course, being a mage, I don’t need portals.

    1. Thank you thank you! Have just decided to use the invasions to level my pally who is in Pandaria. I know I would have gone through some huge convoluted way to get her to where she needs to go. But you’ve reminded me about Shrine of the Seven Stars. Had totally forgotten about that place 🙂

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